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African countries and tribes have traditional names with rich meanings. Meanings are more important than the names themselves as they reflect an emotion, moment or event that may be important to parents.

The real beauty of African names lies in the diversity of languages. Below is a selection of the gorgeous South African Zulu baby names.

Zulu baby names for boys and girls and their meanings - Wiki SA (1)

Zulu Names For Boys:

1. Bonginkosi:

Thank you my Lord.'

2. Kagiso:

Kagiso is a Zulu boy name meaning peace.

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3. Nations:

Here is another chic Zulu boy name meaning ‘watch over the nations’.

4. Government:

Bhekumbuso means "to take care of the domain".

5. Shaka:

Shaka is the name of the Zulu tribal leader who is compared to Attila the Hun.

6. Search:

Funani is one of the underused Zulu names, meaning „suchen“ or „wollen“.

7. Gold:

Kgabu is an African and Zulu name meaning richly decorate.

8. Solomon:

The biblical name Solomon was used by the ancient king of the Zulu nation. In the Old Testament it was the name of the third king of Israel. It means peace.

9. Subsidiary:

If you want a nature-inspired Zulu name for your child, go for Gatsha. It derives from the Zulu word Igatsha, meaning 'branch'.

10. Language:

This is for astronomy lovers. Langa is a Zulu word meaning "sun" and is commonly used for African boys. This moniker evokes all sorts of positive meanings: lightness, brightness, renewal, and rebirth.

11. Fila:

Phila is a Zulu name meaning 'to recover' or 'to live'. This moniker isn't just limited to Zulu. Phila is also an English name derived from the Greek word phileo, meaning "to love."

12. Assistant:

This nickname comes from the Zulu word umsizi, meaning "helper".

13. Herr:

Nkosiyabo, meaning "the king", is usually given by parents who believe their child will excel. Your child is guaranteed to be unique in the kindergarten chubby class.

14. Linda:

Linda is very popular as a girl name in America and Europe. But in Zulu, this nickname is used for children and means "to wait". Even this name is also the singular imperative form of Linda.

15. Life:

This one is for people who want to move away from conventional names ending in 'o', like Milo or Marco. Mpilo means "life" in the Zulu language. Whether you pronounce Mpilo or Milo, it signals the arrival of an asterisk.

16. We increase:

Do you want a top notch name for your child? So go with Siyanda, which means "we are increasing". You just can't get a better name with a high-class vibe.

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17. Stern:

Here's another celestial object name to use with your baby. Nkanyezi is a Zulu name meaning star.

18. Bafana:

Bafana is one of the most commonly used Zulu names. It derives from the word abana, meaning "child". What would Baffie sound like as a nickname for Bafana?

19th March:

If you are tired of the old and common names like Oceanus or Ocean, go for Lwandle. This name, meaning "ocean," will subtly allude to your favorite body of water.

20. Wish:

Sfiso is a striking Zulu name, meaning 'desire'. This name would work just as well as a middle name.

21. Calf to Mouth:

Interested in a nickname with a traditional flair? Then you should check out Thulani, a traditional Zulu name meaning ‘shut up or be comforted’.

22. Love:

This unisex name means love and would be a lovely name for your child. This name might be unisex, but its sound makes it more suitable for boys than girls.

23. Sufficient:

Sanele is a Zulu boy name meaning 'we are satisfied' or 'we have enough'. Joy is written on this name. We suggest you name your last child Sanele. IYNWIM.

24. Suitable:

Anele is a Zulu name meaning 'sufficient or adequate'. We believe this unisex name is a variation of Sanele. You can use the names Anele and Sanele for your twins.

25. Right:

Lungelo, meaning 'right', is a lot more flexible than you might think. It would sound great as a first name, middle name, and last name too!

26. Congratulate each other:

Dumisani, meaning praise, has a strong sense of competence and competence.

27. Listen to me:

If you want something daring for your child, choose Bangizwe, which means 'fight for the country'.

28. States:

Fanyana, meaning "little boy", manages to be friendly and cute at the same time. It also comes with the Fannie nickname option. But that would be a bit girly, wouldn't it?

29. Marry:

Bhekimuzi is a traditional name meaning 'household'. This specific name is entirely restricted to the Zulu population from a religious and cultural point of view.

30. Mandala:

Mandla, meaning power or energy, is one of the least used names in Zulu. So use it on your child before they get too familiar.

31. Access:

Maphikelela means "conserved". It may be inspired by a traditional Zulu name but plays to the beat of its own drum.

32. Success:

Mpumelelo is bang on trend and has been doing the rounds as one of the most popular Zulu names for years. It means "success".

33. Sombra:

This Zulu name, meaning 'shadow', had moderate success with other Xhosa tribes. We suggest you consider a playful nickname for this rather serious name.

34. Live:

Philani is beautiful, majestic and truly unforgettable. And with such a beautiful meaning (to be alive), Philani is sure to be a top ten Zulu baby name for years to come.

35. Don't give up:

Do you fancy international flair? Then choose Musawenkosi for your child. Besides, who doesn't like a name that means "grace of God"?

36. Also:

This classic Zulu name never goes out of style. He is kind, intelligent, and caring, traits parents want their children to grow up with. Nkosenye means "a king or another king".

37. Herr:

Nkosinhle is really versatile. When your child is in preschool, they can use the name Nikko, and when they grow up, they will be faithful Nkosinhle. Nkosinhle means "the king is good".

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38. Your gift:

Phiwokwakhe is one of the best choices for Zulu parents as it straddles the line of strength and sensitivity. It means "one who has been given what is rightfully his".

39. Wish:

Sifiso is a serious and strong name for a boy who is destined to achieve great things in life and is only a few wishes away. This name means desire.

40. Yummy:

The meaning might be a bit strange, but the name is definitely a winner. And names starting with the letter “z” sound good anyway.

41. Promise:

Sithembiso is one of the most beautiful Zulu baby names. Pronunciation and spelling can be a bit tricky, but once your friends get the hang of it, they might consider it for their kids. It means "promise".

42. Present:

This nickname might be small, but it's full of life. Sipho means "gift".

43. We are given:

Siphiwe is one of the coolest and trendiest Zulu names for your little boy. It means "given to us".

44. Blessings:

This moniker, meaning 'blessing', would go well with a surname of any size and ethnicity.

45. Wo:

Here is another cute Zulu name. It means "from where". Yes, we know the meaning is weird, but the sound makes up for it.

46. ​​Happy:

This old Zulu name has a clean, simple elegance that explains its increasing popularity. The name Thamsanqa means "happiness".

47. Vusumuzi:

This classic Zulu baby name doesn't need any fancy flourishes to maintain its appeal. It means "lift the house".

48. Confidence:

Themba was one of the leading Zulu names for boys. This moniker means ‘hope’ and conveys a sense of rebirth.

49. Do it yourself:

This nickname has been climbing the baby name list in recent years. Zenzele means "to do for oneself".

50. How:

Ndleleni is a long-winged Zulu name with the possibility of a friendly nickname (Nest). It means "on the way".

Zulu Names For Girls:

1st increase:

Ayanda is a Zulu baby name meaning ‘they gain weight’. This name sounds catchy, especially when you think you've added a new member to your family.

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2. You are love:

This unisex name means 'he is love' for boys and 'she is love' for girls. Any boy with this name is sure to be loved by everyone.

3. No photo:

Nofoto is a Zulu baby name, meaning 'like your grandmother'. You would make one of the best gifts to your mother or mother-in-law by naming your daughter this.

4. Get involved:

Yibanathi is a Xhosa and Zulu name meaning 'to be with us'. There's a wild coolness to this name, but we're sure it will age very well to become "Dear Yibanathi".

5. Thadie:

Movie about Sadie and Maggie. It's time for Thadie, a female Zulu name meaning 'beloved'. This cute name is also popping up across national borders.

6. Information:

Here is another Zulu word name meaning "knowledge". This cute name would be a great choice for parents who want a sensible name for their daughter.

7. Love:

Is there a better feeling than love? NO! So welcome the little one into your life with this simple and beautiful name Lerato, meaning ‘love’.

8th birth:

Amahle is a rhythmic Zulu name meaning ‘beautiful’. It is highly unlikely that you will find this name outside of the Zulu community. So get it now for your daughter!


9. Ora:

Meaning ‘greeting’, this unique name has touched hundreds of Zulu fathers. In fact, it has grown significantly over the past decade.

10. Felix:

The meaning of this Zulu name is to be cheerful, to be happy. cute, right? But it might be a little too exotic for the average English parent's liking.

11. Excess:

Mthunzi is a classic name with a modern twist. We doubt it will ever go out of style. This name means shadow.

12. Salve:

Sindisiwe is a modern cute name, meaning ‘saved’. And the vowel ending makes it look and sound even better.

13. Vogel:

Inyoni is an all-female name meaning ‘bird’. This name has shown remarkable growth on the baby name charts lately.

14. Single:

Ntombizodwa is a peculiar three-syllable name derived from the Zulu word Ntombi. It means "lady".

15. Beauty:

Zobuhle might be humble and reserved, but he's definitely a popular name. It means "lady of beauty".

16. Welcome:

We have to say that this name has one of the coolest meanings we've come across lately. Samukelisiwe means "We were welcome".

17. Good Luck:

This Zulu name means happiness. The fact that more and more parents are using Nonhlanhla as a real name has given it an edgy edge.

18. Wisdom:

This female Zulu name derives from the word Inhlakanipho, meaning wisdom. The pronunciation of the name can be tedious. But if you get over it, you're good to go.

19. Liane:

This name Liyana comes directly from the Zulu language and means "it rains". We thought it would be a new alternative to the Liana name.

20. And luck:

This name derives from the element Jabula, meaning happiness. This fresh and vibrant name is an understated beauty in the truest sense.

21. Happiness:

Here is another Zulu name meaning luck or joy. This humble name returns to its former glory, but only on moderately moderate levels. There is still a long way to go to get this name.

22. And Peace:

This one is for parents looking for a quiet, exotic name for their child. Nokuthula means "peace and tranquility". You can use Thula as a nickname.

23. Beauty:

Buhle is a female name derived from the word Ubuhle, meaning beauty and goodness. Pet names (Bibbie or Bobby) further amplify the popularity of this name.

24. Charity:

Isisa, meaning tenderness, is a name of cultural significance and charming old lady style. It's not used much now, but you can always come back.

25. Be humble:

Thobeka, meaning humble, is a refreshing choice for modern parents. A spelling variant of this name is Thoebeka. But it won't make much of a difference!

26. Enjoy:

This beautiful Zulu name, meaning ‘pleasure’ has been in use ever since, and its popularity is growing with each passing year.

27. Suitable:

Zanele, meaning "they are enough," is much rarer and perfectly legitimate. It may not be very popular, but it is expected to stay around.

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28. Help each other:

Sizani, meaning "to be beneficial," started very slowly. But after ten years this name was used sparingly. And your unit is definitely worth mentioning.

29. God bless me:

That's such a thoughtful name. This scholarly and dignified name means ‘Lord, I am in good health’.

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30. Traveler:

Mhambi is a Zulu female given name and means traveler. Mhambi would also be a good choice for a gypsy name.

31. And rain:

Rain, Raina and Rainey are out of fashion. It's time to embrace something exotic, something offbeat that beckons the monsoons. So choose Nomvula for your daughter, which means after the rain.

32. Silence:

Thulisile is a pretty and feminine choice for a girl. It means ‘the one who calmed things down’.

33. Full:

This name means it is available.

34. Miscellaneous:

If you want a unique floral name for your child, then go for Mbalienhle. It is actually a combination of Mbali and Enfle, meaning "a beautiful flower". You can use Mbali as a nickname.

35. We suffer:

This name clearly sounds different. It consists of four syllables, sounds rhythmic and is less harsh than most of the names on the list. The meaning of Sizakele is to help.

36. Selected:

This charming name would sound exotically great for English names. Due to the small Zulu population, it is difficult for this name to rank high in the naming tables. Hence, it will be a unique choice for your daughter. The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘the chosen one’.

37. Information:

Do you want your child to be smart and smart like Einstein? Then he chooses Nolwazi, which means knowledgeable. African Americans in particular use this gem of a name to celebrate their roots.

38. We are lucky:

This name is composed of the elements sinus, which means "we are lucky", and "inhlanla", which means "luck". This ancient Zulu name has given rise to a remarkable number of variants. But so many syllables in a single name could make it the subject of some jokes.

39. In vain:

Ayize is probably a variation of the Arabic name Aiza and means let it happen. This name is so accepted by Europeans and Americans that it has started to sound familiar. The spelling variant gives it a touch of originality.

40. Comfort:

If you want to stay true to your African roots, choose Duduzile for your daughter. This female name means comforted. And given its popularity, Duduzile is here to stay.

41. Business:

Busisiwe is a name of Zulu origin meaning blessed. As a 'blessed' name, it is clear why this name is used so often by Africans, especially Zulus.

42. Redeemed:

Hlengiwe is a great choice for parents looking for something vintage but not too worn or trendy. Some people might find it a tongue twister, but we find Hlengiwe charming. It means redeemed.

43. Felix:

Meaning ‘to be happy’, this bubbly name has an old-fashioned charm, a strong and aggressive image, and most importantly, it sounds great.

44. Enlightened:

Khanyisile, meaning ‘bearer of light’, would appeal to parents drawn to the awesome African name.

45. Nandi:

Nandi is one of the super trendyZulu names for girlsat the moment. It sounds more elegant and sophisticated and less flashy or floral. It means cute.

46. ​​Notes:

This lavish name experienced tremendous success a year ago, but has since declined to low levels of usage. But we love this name for its gender-neutral sensibility. Ndondoloza means "cleverness".

47. Nozifo:

This name has managed to maintain its popularity longer than any of the previous names. It means "bearer of gifts".

48. Freedom:

This nickname has a beauty all of its own. Nonkululeko means "freedom", one of the best gifts you can give your child.

49. Sibongile:

Sibongile is a wellness name with a positive meaning. This name has never been overused, so it's not very common. Sibongile means "we are grateful".

50. Refuge:

Here's another rock solidzulu girlName that would appeal to parents looking for something different. The name Siphephelo means "place of peace".

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