Vagisil vs. Monistat: Differences, Similarities and Which is Best for You (2023)

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If you have a yeast infection, you are not alone: ​​about 75% of women get a yeast infection at least once.fungal infectionsare most commonly caused by a fungus calledCandida albicansand cause unpleasant symptoms such as itching, burning and discharge. Vagisil and Monistat are two popular over-the-counter (OTC) medications that are often chosen by women to treat yeast infections.

Vagisil contains benzocaine and resorcinol, which act as external analgesics, relieving burning and itching symptoms. Monistat contains miconazole, an antifungal that stops the growth of the fungus that is causing the yeast infection. Although both drugs are used for vaginal discomfort such as itching and discomfort, they are very different drugs in terms of their ingredients and mode of action.

What are the main differences between Vagisil and Monistat?

Vagisilis an over-the-counter local anesthetic cream containing 5% benzocaine and 2% resorcinol. There is also a maximum strength Vagisil formulation containing 20% ​​benzocaine and 3% resorcinol, and a Vagisil Sensitive Anti-Itch cream containing 1% hydrocortisone, a steroid that helps with external itching. Although Vagisil is often advertised as treating yeast infections, it doesn't actually cure yeast infections.

you duplicateis an over-the-counter antifungal cream that contains the active ingredientMiconazolnitrat🇧🇷 Monistat is available in different formulations: a day course (Monistat 1), three days (Monistat 3) or seven days (Monistat 7). You can buy Monistat as an internal vaginal cream or suppository. Some types of Monistat come in a combination pack with a tube of Miconazole 2% cream, which you can use externally to relieve symptoms.

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Differences between Vagisil and Monistat
Vagisilyou duplicate
drug classLocal anestheticantifungal
Brand/Generic AvailabilityMarkebrand and generic
What is the generic name?benzocaine and resorcinolmiconazole
What form does the drug come in?External Creamsinternal creams

Vaginal suppositories (ovula)

External Creams

What is the standard dose?Adults and children 12 years and older: Apply an amount to the affected area with a fingertip (1 inch strip) 3 to 4 times dailyAdults and children 12 years and older: Insert 1 applicator (or suppository) vaginally per day at bedtime as directed on the package
How long does the typical treatment take?As needed for up to 7 days (see doctor if symptoms do not improve after 7 days)1, 3 or 7 days, depending on the chosen formulation
Who usually uses the medicine?Adults and children over 12 years oldAdults and children over 12 years old

Conditions Treated by Vagisil Vs. monist

Vagisil contains benzocaine and resorcinol, which are local anesthetics used topically to relieve itching and irritation. Vagisil does not contain an antifungal, so while it may help relieve symptoms topically, it does not treat the source of the fungal infection.

Monistat contains the antifungal miconazole and is used vaginally, internally and externallytreat fungal infections.

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Is Vagisil or Monistat more effective?

It is difficult to compare the two drugs because they work differently. Vagisil can help with external itching, but will not cure a fungal infection. So if your itching is caused by a yeast infection, Vagisil may help relieve your symptoms temporarily, but it will not cure the yeast that is causing them. If you experience itching due to a local irritation not related to a yeast infection, Vagisil may help, while Monistat would not be an effective treatment.

monist washas proven effectiveas an antifungal and helps cure a yeast infection. Applying the topical cream in the combination pack (in addition to applying the topical cream at bedtime) may help relieve symptoms while you wait for the infection to clear up.

You can always consult your doctor to see if Vagisil or Monistat is the right choice for you as he or she should be familiar with your medical condition(s) and medical history.

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Vagisil vs. Vagisil coverage and cost comparison monist

Since Vagisil and Monistat are available without a prescription, they are usually not subject to health insurance. Occasionally, an insurance plan may cover the generic form of Monistat. You can use a SingleCare card to save on Vagisil or Monistat, but you'll need a prescription from your doctor to process the SingleCare savings. Although both drugs are available without a prescription, the SingleCare card only works with a prescription.

cost comparisonVagisilyou duplicate
Normally insured?nono
Are you normally covered under Medicare Part D?nono
Typical Medicare Part D co-paymentN / DN / D
Costs for SingleCare$ 5-10per tube$ 10-17pro Package

prescription drugsPrices change often. These are the most accurate drug prices at the time of publication.

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Common side effects of Vagisil vs. monist

The most common side effects of Vagisil include local irritation or inflammation of the skin and scaling of the skin. Other less common side effects that may occur include itching or redness, hives, a burning sensation, and an allergic reaction.

The most common side effects of Monistat are headache, burning or local irritation and cramps in the lower part of the stomach. An allergic reaction is very rare, but you should seek medical attention immediately if symptoms occur. Symptoms may include swelling of the face, tongue or throat, difficulty breathing, dizziness and/or a rash.

Other side effects may occur. Consult your gynecologist for a full list of side effects.

Vagisil vs. Monistat

Both drugs have very few drug interactions since they are applied topically. Vagisil should not be used with retinoids such as adapalene or tretinoin as the combination can be severely irritating to the skin.

Monistat should not be used in combination withCoumadin(warfarin), a blood thinner also known as a blood thinner. The combination can cause increased levels of warfarin in the body, which can cause bleeding.

For more information on Vagisil or Monistat drug interactions, consult your doctor.

Vagisil and Monistat warnings

Vagisil Warnings:

  • Vagisil is for external use only and is applied to the affected area. Do not apply to large areas of the body.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Keep away from children.
  • If symptoms do not improve within 7 days, see your doctor.

Messages from the Monistate:

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  • See a doctor if you've never been diagnosed with a yeast infection. Only use Monistat if you have already been diagnosed with a yeast infection. A fungal infection can have similar symptomsVaginosis bacteriaSo if you're experiencing symptoms for the first time, it's best to get checked out by a doctor.
  • Check with your doctorBefore using Monistat:
    • Its symptoms are accompanied byPain in the lower abdomen, back, or shoulders, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, or foul-smelling vaginal discharge. These symptoms can indicate a more serious condition.
    • You often have vaginal yeast infections.
    • You have been exposed to HIV.
  • Consult your doctor before using Monistat if you are taking Coumadin (warfarin).
  • While using Monistat:
    • Avoid tampons, douches, spermicides, and other vaginal products. Monistat can damage condoms or diaphragms, which could expose you to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
    • Not having vaginal intercourse.
    • Burning, itching or local irritation may occur.
  • Contact your doctor if your symptoms don't improve.
  • Keep away from children.

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor for proper treatment of yeast infection and/or vaginal itching.

Frequently asked questions about Vagisil vs. monist

What is Vagisil®?

Vagisil is an over-the-counter cream that contains local anesthetics called benzocaine and resorcinol. It may help relieve vaginal itching and irritation, but it won't cure an underlying infection.

What is Moniste?

Monistat contains miconazole, an antifungal used to treat vaginal yeast infections. It is available without a prescription in a variety of formulations as a one-, three-, or seven-day treatment. The inner cream comes with disposable applicators and is used before bed. Some Monistat formulations also include a tube of Miconazole cream for external use.

Does Monistat burn if you don't have a yeast infection?

Monistat may cause a slight increase in vaginal burning, itching, and irritation when used, even without a yeast infection. The vaginal area is generally sensitive and prone to these side effects when any type of medication is used there. However, the burning sensation can be worse if you already have a yeast infection. This is because Monistat can make vaginal discomfort caused by a yeast infection worse. The shorter the treatment period, the moreStrongerthe medicine is Therefore, if you are generally prone to vaginal irritation from vaginal products, it may be better to try the three or seven day treatment instead of the one day treatment.

Can Monistat cause burns?: How to stop Monistat from burning?

One way to reduce the risk of irritation with Monistat is to use the combination pack that comes with the external itch relief cream. To reduce the risk of side effects, use the egg insert as directed, apply the external cream to the outside of the vagina only, and dry the genital area thoroughly after showering, bathing, or swimming. Another important thing to remember is not to scratch the area, tempting as it may be. Scratching can injure the skin, which can worsen the irritation and increase the risk of infection. In general, it is normal to experience a slight burning sensation while taking Monistat, but if it worsens or becomes unbearable it is important to stop taking it and see a doctor.

Are Vagisil and Monistat the same?

Do not do it. Vagisil helps with itching, but does not cure infections. Monistat contains an antifungal, so it can help cure a fungal infection.

What is the best cream for vaginal itching?: Vagisil vs. monist

If you have local itching that is not related to a fungal infection, Vagisil may be enough to relieve symptoms. However, if your symptoms are due to a yeast infection, you will need treatment with an antifungal like Monistat to clear the infection.

Can I use Vagisil with Monistat?

Although Vagisil and Monistat do not interact, it may be best not to use them together.Monistat Product Brochuresays it should not be used with other vaginal products as it may interfere with their effectiveness. Another thing to note is that using Vagisil with Monistat can make it difficult to tell if Monistat is working to treat a yeast infection. Vagisil can mask the side effects of a yeast infection. When Monistat is ineffective and it's hard to tell, it can delay finding a doctor. However, it is best to consult a doctor to see if it is okay to use these two products together based on individual circumstances.

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Can I use Vagisil or Monistat during pregnancy?

Yeast infections can be common during pregnancy. In accordance withAmerican Pregnancy Association, treatment with a vaginal suppository or cream under medical supervision is recommended. Ask your OB/GYN if it is safe for you to use Monistat. The manufacturer of Vagisil states that you should contact your doctor before using Vagisil if you are pregnant.

Can I use Vagisil or Monistat with alcohol?

The manufacturers of Vagisil and Monistat do not call contraindications for alcohol. However, alcohol can increase the risk of yeast infections, so if you have a yeast infection or are prone to recurring yeast infections, you should avoid alcohol.

Does Vagisil work for yeast infections?

Do not do it. Vagisil will help relieve the itching, but it doesn't contain an antifungal to help with the source of the infection. There is a product called Vagistat from the makers of Vagisil that contains miconazole in an inner and outer cream similar to Monistat 3. If you want to cure a yeast infection you should choose a product that contains an antifungal (e.g. Vagistat or Monistat) , but not Vagisil.

Which Monistat is more effective?

The three formulations ofyou duplicateThey are equally effective at treating fungal infections in about the same amount of time. If you don't feel better after three days or the symptoms persist for more than seven days, see your doctor.

How long does it take for Monistat to work?

Whichever product you choose, it can take up to seven days to fully heal.

What Cures a Yeast Infection Fast?

Using an antifungal medication as directed can be very helpful for quick relief. Studies have shown that oral creams and pills workmore than 90%of cases.

How to treat recurrent candidiasis?

You should speak to your doctor if this is the casefour or moreYeast infection per year as you may need to take prescription antifungal medication for a few weeks or more. This occurs in less than 5% of women. However, an immune deficiency increases the risk of recurring fungal infections. You should also see your doctor if you don't see improvement within three days or if you have symptoms longer than seven days after starting treatment. If you experience serious side effects such as skin rash, hives, abdominal pain, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, foul-smelling vaginal discharge or severe burning sensation in the vagina, stop treatment and seek medical advice.

Prevention of fungal infections

The following lifestyle tips promote vaginal health and may help prevent yeast infections:

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  • Wear cotton clothing and underwear.
  • Wash with fragrance-free hypoallergenic soap and dry thoroughly.
  • Swipe front to back.
  • Remove your bathing suit or wet clothing (e.g. gym clothes) as soon as possible.
  • Avoid showers (e.g. on New Year's Eve), feminine hygiene sprays, hygiene products with deodorant, scented soaps, bubble bath and scented toilet paper.
  • Eat yogurt with live, active cultures and/or take probiotics, especially if you take themAntibiotics.
  • Limit sugar in your diet.
  • Drink more water and stay hydrated.

Alternatives for yeast infections to Monistat and Vagisil

There are somealternativesto Monistat and Vagisil to treat and relieve symptoms of yeast infection. They should never be used internally without consulting a doctor. These alternatives include:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Drinking a tablespoon in a glass of water daily can stunt growthCandida albicans.
  • Cranberry juice or pills: These can help prevent the formation ofCandida albicansin the urine
  • Suppositories with tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It has proven effective againstCandida albicans.
  • es: Garlic has antifungal properties and its consumption may help prevent or speed up the treatment of fungal infections.
  • Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories: These have been shown to treat recurring or difficult-to-treat yeast infections due to their effectiveness. Lighter treatments should be used first. Remember that if you're having trouble treating a yeast infection, it's best to see a doctor.
  • Prescriptions: Whatever treatment you're trying, if you're not getting better after three days or the yeast infection is still there after seven days, it may be time to get a prescription. You may be given an antifungal such asfluconazole(oral tablets) orTerconazol(Vaginal Cream).


Which Monistat is best for me? ›

Which MONISTAT® product is right for you?
  1. Highest Dose MONISTAT® 1 may be the perfect solution for busy women with active lifestyles. ...
  2. Regular Strength MONISTAT® 3 is a great option for women who want a less concentrated treatment that provides consistent treatment and relief at moderate dosage levels.

Which cream is best for itching in private parts? ›

MONISTAT CARE® Instant Itch Relief Cream provides fast relief for itching and irritation around the vaginal area. Instead of just numbing the itch, like many creams do, our fragrance-free Instant Itch Relief Cream contains 1% hydrocortisone to stop the itch instantly.

Can you use Monistat after using Vagisil? ›

No interactions were found between Monistat and Vagisil. However, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider.

What is Vagisil good for? ›

Vagisil is a medicated cream, and its active ingredient is 2 percent lidocaine. Vagisil is mainly used for providing relief from the uneasiness due to minor itching and irritation of the skin just outside of the vagina. It can also be applied around the anus.

Which is more effective MONISTAT or Vagisil? ›

Which is the best vaginal itch cream?: Vagisil vs. Monistat. If you have local itching that is not associated with a yeast infection, Vagisil may be sufficient to relieve symptoms. However, if your symptoms are due to a yeast infection, you need treatment with an antifungal, such as Monistat, to cure the infection.

Which MONISTAT is safest? ›

All the Monistat products are considered equally safe and effective. They should all provide some relief from symptoms from a yeast infection within 3 days. The best option for you will depend on your preference and how your body reacts to the medications.

Why is my private area itchy and irritated? ›

Itchy genitals can be a symptom of many conditions. These may include vaginal infections in women or people assigned female at birth (AFAB) or jock itch in men or people assigned male at birth (AMAB). Regardless of sex, itching can be caused by skin irritation, sexually transmitted infections and allergies.

When should you not use Vagisil? ›

Vagisil Contraindications

Do not use this medicine if you have had an allergic reaction to any numbing medicine in the past, such as lidocaine or benzocaine. You should not take this medicine if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Does Vagisil treat a yeast infection? ›

The #1 yeast infection medicine*, for less

That's why Vagistat® by Vagisil® offers you the same proven, effective treatments as the leading brand, but at a lower cost.

When should you not use MONISTAT? ›

Stop using MONISTAT® antifungal products and consult your healthcare professional if you have abdominal pain, headache, hives, skin rash or if you have severe vaginal burning, itching, irritation or swelling.

Which is better Monistat 1 or 3 or 7? ›

The difference is in the dose. MONISTAT® 1 is the maximum-strength dose, MONISTAT® 3 is the regular-strength dose, and MONISTAT® 7 is the original prescription, low-dose. All will cure in the same amount of time and are equally effectively.

Does Monistat 1 work better? ›

All Monistat products work equally well. They all treat vaginal yeast infections in a similar amount of time even though they are taken for different lengths of time. This means that a 1-day treatment may still take a full 7 days before your infection is fully treated.

Is Monistat 3 good for yeast infection? ›

This medication is used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Miconazole reduces vaginal burning, itching, and discharge that may occur with this condition. This medication is an azole antifungal. It works by stopping the growth of yeast (fungus) that causes the infection.


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