The 5 Best Roku TVs and Players of 2023 (2023)

The glossy black Roku case has been a popular item in many homes since its debut in 2008 and continues to grow in popularity as it evolves. Roku gives you access to all your favorite channels and video streaming services without the need for an expensive cable plan. Purchasing a single Roku player gives you access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows from multiple providers.

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Major TV brands such as Samsung, LG, and TCL have different priced models to suit your entertainment needs. read now

As Roku continues to expand, we've researched its top performers to find the best Roku players for your home that can save you money and simplify home viewing.


  • The best streaming devices
  • The best video streaming services
  • The best live TV streaming services
  • Best Netflix Alternatives

for and against


  • voice commands
  • Additional remote features
  • Smart home compatible


  • mediocre voice assistant
  • Not compatible with Twitch

More details

Technical data: Remote control:Roku Voice Remote |voice commands:y |Lost Distant Seeker:y |Bluetooth transmission:y |Compatibility:Apple AirPlay, Casa da Apple, Amazon Alexa, Casa do Google

The Roku Ultra retains its traditional box design but is packed full of features. It's what Roku claims is its fastest and most powerful model. Thanks to a quad-core processor, there's a lightning-fast interface that also uses the latest Wi-Fi technology with an integrated Ethernet option. There's also Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® audio to enhance your experience.

It also has the most advanced remote, the rechargeable Roku Voice Remote Pro, which has hands-free voice control and a rechargeable build. You have the option to enjoy private listening and Bluetooth with your remote, in addition to the typical remote features like shortcuts and Find My Remote.

for and against


  • fantastic rendering
  • excellent content
  • Easy to use


  • Caro
  • Limited refresh rate of 60 Hz

Technical data: Display:65-Zoll-Quantum-ULED |Resolution:4K (2160p) |Update frequency:60 Hz |Shine:600 nits

If you need the best Roku TV, the Hisense U6GR 65-inch ULED Roku TV is our pick. Combine a 4K QLED TV with built-in Roku technology that includes popular apps like Amazon, Disney, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. Whichever you choose, there's an impressive 64.5-inch screen with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for great viewing, plus other perks like Game Mode and Filmmaker Mode with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. USB and HDMI connectivity is available for easy setup with the Roku software already built in.

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for and against


  • Easy to use
  • companion app
  • Competitive price


  • Missing ethernet port
  • slow operation

More details

Technical data: Remote control:Remote Control of the Year |voice commands:No |Lost Distant Seeker:No |Bluetooth transmission:No |Compatibility:Apple AirPlay, Casa da Apple, Amazon Alexa, Casa do Google

If you prefer a more basic Roku model or are on a budget, the Roku Express is our pick for the best cheap Roku player. You'll even get HD streaming with apps for all your favorite channels including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max and Sling.

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You also get access to exclusive original and live TV channels directly from the Roku channel. Voice assistants are supported, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home, but you can also use the free Roku mobile app to act as a second remote and enjoy private listening with headphones. It's also easy to set up and use with a simple High Speed ​​HDMI cable.

for and against


  • superior sound quality
  • compact size
  • 4K and HDR compatible


  • Lacks Dolby Vision
  • mediocre bass

More details

Technical data: Remote control:Roku Voice Remote |voice commands:y |Lost Distant Seeker:No |Built-in speakers:Dolby-Audio |Image quality:4K high definition

The Roku Streambar goes a step further by adding superior audio to the mix. Enjoy four internal speakers with Dolby Audio and built-in 4K streaming with support for HD, 4K and HDR images. Use audio settings to find the right volume profile and select your favorite channels to customize your home screen. The Roku Streambar has Netflix built-in, as well as Roku Originals and over 300 live channels.

Use the remote control to easily give voice commands so you can change channels seamlessly. There are also several connection options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and HDMI connections. For better listening, the Roku Streambar also works with Roku Wireless Subwoofer and Roku Wireless Speakers.

for and against

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  • built-in voice function
  • Dolby Vision
  • 4K-HDR


  • Lacks Dolby Atmos
  • limited live tv

More details

Technical data: Remote control:Roku Voice Remote |voice commands:y |Lost Distant Seeker:No |Bluetooth transmission:NO

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K offers 4K resolution, as the name suggests, but that's not all. You also get Dolby Vision with HDR10 picture that includes vivid colors with sharp definition. It uses long-range Wi-Fi connectivity to provide access to over 275 channels including Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime and HBO Max.

The Roku Channel also gives you access to Roku Originals that you can't find anywhere else. All you need is a simple HDMI connection. The Roku remote makes voice search easy so you can easily find the right show. It also works with all your favorite voice assistants, be it Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Who is the best Roku player?

The best Roku player is Roku's fastest model, the Roku Ultra. It's a small box with big features, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio.

To see how this stacks up, here's a comparison of the best Roku players.

player of the year


main features

Ultra anus

$ 90

Support voice, bluetooth, lost remote control finder

65-inch Hisense ULED Roku TV U6GR

$ 830

Televisor ULED 4K

of the year express

$ 25

base year model

of the transferable year

$ 130

Integrated sound bar, Dolby Audio

Roku Streaming-Stick 4K

$ 40

Language support, Wi-Fi, Dolby Vision

Which Roku player is right for you?

After a while, all Roku gamers can feel the same way, so here are our experts' recommendations to help you find the best Roku player for your needs.

Choose this Roku player...

If you like...

Ultra anus

A premium Roku worthy of your home theater system

65-inch Hisense ULED Roku TV U6GR

A TV with Roku built-in

of the year express

A cheap Roku player

of the transferable year

A powerful soundbar with Roku built-in

Roku Streaming-Stick 4K

An affordable and convenient solution for Roku streaming

How do we choose these Roku players?

There are many different Roku players out there these days, so we've taken a selective approach when researching the best Roku models. We consider the number of channels available, as well as the features each Roku offers. We've also checked prices to ensure there's an option for all types of budgets.

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What is a Roku player?

A Roku is a small streaming device that provides access to live and on-demand content across multiple streaming apps. It usually comes in the form of a small box or stick, but there are Roku players that also come in streaming sticks and TVs.

What can I watch on a Roku player?

Roku offers its own Roku Originals, as well as serving as a vehicle to access other popular streaming services you can subscribe to, like Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, and Disney+.

Are there alternative Roku players worth considering?

Our top picks aren't the only Roku players available. Here are some of the players that almost made our list of the best Roku players.


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