Sure Jell / Sure Drug Test Detox - Does it really work? (2023)

A new solution to beat any upcoming THC drug test is making the rounds on Reddit and YouTube and other weed-loving communities. It's a do-it-yourself detox using a kitchen ingredient you may already have on your pantry shelf. A Certain Detox, also known as a Sure Jell Detox, may not be the most obvious way to pass a drug test, but it's worth exploring. It is cheap, readily available and will not arouse the suspicion of an employer.

Sure (or Sure Jell) is a relatively common commercial ingredient. Whether it's as effective as other THC detox kits is up for debate, but at least it's probably a lot healthier. You may be surprised that many detox drinks fail rigorous consumer testing because they are not technically regulated.

Food safety authorities have long certified Certo and Sure Jell as safe for human consumption. It's so common and so safe, you've probably spread it on your toast in the form of jam or jelly at some point in your life.

Both Certo and Sure Jell are now popular ingredients for making sweet preserves, but they're also gaining popularity for passing drug tests. They work? Some cannabis lovers believe so, and they have the results to prove it. Others report positive results even after following the Sure Jell drug test step-by-step guide.

Here are some relative facts you should know before making the right choice over other THC detox options.

What is Jell Sure?

Sure Jell is a fruit pectin brand from the international company Kraft-Heinz. Available in liquid and powder forms, Sure Jell has long been used in kitchens around the world. You also have to choose between a regular sugary formula and a sugar-free one. It is mainly used to make jellies, compotes and other gelatinous fruit preserves. It's such a common ingredient that you've probably tried it in a jam spread long before you Googled how to use pass a drug test.

While you don't technically need additional fruit pectin to make a fruit jam paste, it does speed up the process. Your grandmother probably cooked the fruit past the peak of flavor to get it to the right consistency, but these days home cooks add Sure Jell to speed up the process.

what is correct

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Certo, another product developed by Kraft, serves the same purpose as Certa Gelatine. In fact, it's so similar that you might notice that many packages have the same picture on the box: a slice of toast with strawberry jam. What is the difference between Sure Jell and Certo? The truth is that there is no difference at all. Certo is available in liquid and crystalline form, and there is also a sugar-free option.

Since both products contain the same three ingredients (sugar, fumaric acid, and pectin), both should work for the right detox method. Whether you see Sure Jell or Certo at Walmart, grab what's cheaper, both will do the trick.

How does Sure Jell (or Certo) work?

It's best to be as honest as possible: Neither Sure Jell's nor Certo's detox methods are scientifically proven. On the other hand, detox drinks are not scientifically proven either. There are so many factors affecting how much THC shows up in your urinalysis and little regulatory oversight by the industry that it's impossible to draw any conclusions about its effectiveness.

Hard data on whether or not fruit pectin may improve your chances of passing a drug test is not available and likely won't be for the foreseeable future. The US government is unwilling to test the theory. To find out, you need to do some tests at home.

Yet despite the debate, enough people claim that Certo has successfully helped them pass a THC test; This option is worth exploring, especially if you don't have access to THC detox kits. Right is readily available, both online and in major stores like Walmart.

The basics of THC in the human body

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First, it helps to understand what happens when you use cannabis. It doesn't matter whether you smoke, eat, or vape—the THC compound travels into the bloodstream and eventually through the liver. The liver is the organ responsible for detoxifying the blood and it is also the organ responsible for converting valuable compounds into biologically available compounds. The liver converts vitamins, minerals, and THC into various beneficial metabolites.

One of the main metabolites of THC isTHC-COOH🇧🇷 Technically, a urinalysis tests for THC-COOH, not THC. On average, most people test positive for THC via an oral swab immediately after consumption. A urine, blood, or hair drug test can show evidence of THC-COOH for up to a month after use. A lot depends on how much you smoke, the strength of the product, and your overall health. THC-COOH remains in fat cells long after consumption. Your body slowly eliminates THC-COOH through urine, sweat, and feces.

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How does Sure or Sure Jell help in detoxifying your body?

Certain (or Sure Jell) can help reduce the chance of a positive drug test thanks to the product's fiber content. Fruit pectin is just a fancy way of talking about fiber. Fiber is useful for making jams as it helps thicken the fruit and hold it together.

Pectin is a highly concentrated dose of fiber, and fiber is essential for better and healthier bowel movements. That's one of the reasons your mom always told you to eat fruits and vegetables. Fiber binds to digestive juices that work through your digestive tract, helping to move them through your system as smoothly as possible.

People suspect that Certo is useful for THC-COOH drug detox because it is a fat-soluble compound. The digestive juices your body (bile) produces in your stomach and intestines break down fat to improve its digestibility. By binding to the bile fat mixture, the pectin is activated for smoother and faster elimination.

If you've researched anything about Sure Jell for drug testing, you may have read that it puts a protective layer on your stomach. That's not how pectin works. Pectin doesn't turn into a thick jelly when you eat it. All fruits and some vegetables contain pectin.

If this theory is correct, think about how much pectin would already be covering your gut. The rumor about pectin's protective gel-like coating is false. The truth is that Sure Jell helps improve bowel movements and eliminate more THC through feces. It's not pretty, but it's true.

How these two methods can help you pass a drug test

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So that we understand each other. We can't say that Certo (or Sure Jell) works 100% of the time for 100% of people. In most testimonials it seems to work in conjunction with moretraditional detox methods- also called water.

Water is the best detox there is, but it doesn't always work as fast as your drug testing schedule demands. So good, it also won't work if you have less than 12 hours to prepare. The Sure Jell Detox works best when you start a few days in advance.

If you still have the right detox idea, this is the best approach. Please note that Sure Jell and Certo are technically the same product, you can use both versions in this step-by-step drug detox tutorial.

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The best approach to a safe detox

What you need for your Certo/Sure Jell THC detox attempt:

  • 1 bottle of Gatorade (or other sports drink)
    1 pack of Right Right Jelly
    1 gallon of water
    Optional – Vitamin-B2-Tablette

Step by step instructions:

  • Step 1

As soon as you hear about an upcoming urinalysis, increase your water intake. You should drink at least the recommended daily amount of water. It is 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. Do not exaggerate. Keep it under 0.8 to 1.0 liters per hour to avoid water intoxication (a real and dangerous disease).

You should also refrain from consuming products that contain THC. That means edibles, concentrates, and flower. Even if your next drug test is a week away, it's important to postpone all smoking sessions until you pass your urine test.

  • step 2

Combine the fruit pectin packet with your favorite sports drink about three hours before the doping test. Shake vigorously until dissolved. The drink may begin to thicken into a loose gel. It's okay, although it's an interesting Gatorade. Drink the whole bottle.

  • level 3

Keep drinking water until it's time for the test. Most reviews suggest that it is best to urinate at least 2-3 times before the actual test. This helps remove accumulated urine before Certo enters your system.

  • Step 4 (Optional)

As you have been drinking a lot of water in the past few days, you will find that your urine is very clear. The more water you drink, the cleaner your urine becomes. However, this may create suspicion on the part of your employer or the testing agency. You can take a vitamin B2 supplement about an hour before the test to improve the color of your urine and reduce suspicion.

Alternatives to Sure Jell or certain drug detoxes

People's opinions on the effectiveness of a Sure Jell detox are mixed. Since there's no guaranteed way for a chronically ill person to test positive on their next drug test, you might want a few other options in your toolkit. The best way to clean is with water and abstinence. Living clean and taking a break from THC intake enhances your body's natural detoxification ability: fewer toxins, fewer toxins to remove or hide.

you have them tooDetox drink option🇧🇷 There are dozens of brands and even more opinions on the subject. Some require a week of detoxification and others only 24 hours. All kits contain some form of elixir (a drink, herbal tea, or pills). They always require you to drink water before and after.

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Some drug detox kits show fairly high returns, but again, they're not guaranteed. They are also not regulated for safety. Some people report stomach upset and nausea after consumption.

If you have the time, stick to natural detox options. Stay hydrated, eat right, and exercise every day. Avoiding fatty foods can also help. The best way to fail your next drug test is through rehab. Set the THC gum aside and drop the point. Wait until after your drug test to reduce the risk of losing your job or violating probation rules.

Where to find Certo or Sure Jell for detox

While the results are still questionable, part of the appeal of these fruit pectin solutions lies in their availability. You can find Sure Jell and Certo anywhere from grocery stores to Amazon.

While Amazon might have the best prices, Walmart's Certo is probably the quickest solution. If you know you'll face drug testing at work or it's part of your parole agreement, order Right from Amazon to have it handy. For a surprise drug test, head straight to Walmart for your Sure Jell Fix. Wherever you find them, both brands are cheap, around $5.00.

Final Thoughts on Certo for Drug Detox

When you're spending your hard-earned cash on an official THC detox kit, there's no guarantee it'll work. The same applies to the cheaper alternative from Certo. The cannabinoids in cannabis do not move through the human body like the compounds of many other testable substances. Cocaine can usually only be tried up to 4 days after consumption, while cannabis can stay for another month.

Your body takes the time it needs to metabolize THC and other cannabinoids. It places them in the fat cells for later use. This is one of the reasons why the therapeutic effects of cannabis outlast the high. But this process also makes it extremely difficult to predict how soon after consumption you will test positive. Here are some examples of what could affect your positive drug test:

  • Body Fat – The more excess body fat you have, the more spots your body can hide THC-COOH. You are more likely to test positive if you are overweight.
  • Healthy lifestyle: When you eat healthily and exercise regularly, your body is already working hard to eliminate toxins and break down fat cells. Better bowel movements mean faster elimination of THC-COOH
  • Product Potency: The higher the THC level in the product you are using, the more THC will be floating around in your system.
  • Frequency of use: The more often you consume THC, the more THC will remain in your body. If you're a chronic daily smoker, it can mean weeks of positive test results.

In a panic, it's worth at least trying. It's cheaper and healthier than alternative THC detox kits. If the testimonies are genuine, they have had negative outcomes for many people. If you suspect an exam is coming up and refuse to skip it, keep a box of Certo and some test kits at home.

Having these items on hand will take the stress out of the last minute rush that always accompanies trying to shop locally. It also reduces the guesswork. You will know in good time if you continue to test positive.


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