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To start hand embroidering you only need a few things - six of them, some of which you should already have. Most of these things can be easily purchased at a hobby store in most places. Tools like a hoop, needles, and scissors can be reused and would work for years, making hand embroidery one of the most profitable and sustainable hobbies.

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Tissue:The fabric forms the basis for your embroidery. There are different types of fabrics that can be used, from silk to cotton to jute. Some fabrics are tightly woven and others, such asHelp, clearly shows the warp and weft, making it ideal for numbered embroidery such as cross stitches. The choice of thread depends on the fabric. While heavier fabrics can accommodate thicker threads, a light fabric always works better with finer threads.For a beginner, I suggest using cotton fabric. Be sure to wash (if it tends to shrink) and iron the fabric before you begin. The picture shows a washed and ironed cotton fabric.Embroidery frame:This tool can save you a lot of frustration when sewing. It keeps the fabric taut and ensures the seam sits perfectly on the fabric without being too tight or loose. I recommend this tool for beginners or not.A medium or size 6 tire would be ideal.Invest in good quality. The picture shows a medium-sized wooden hoop.
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Stickgarn:They are available in different lengths and the thread consists of six threads that can be separated. That is why it is also called twisted cotton yarn. Depending on the fabric and embroidery, you can adjust the thread count simply by pulling on the desired thread count.To work a piece of plain cotton fabric, I recommend 3 threads.
The two black paper rings on each side indicate the brand, the overall length of the cable and the color code of the cable. This color coding will help you choose the exact color next time you run out of thread or telling colors to someone else. Now remember that each brand has its own color code.
Perlenbaumwolle:Also known as pearl cotton, they come in round balls as shown. Unlike cotton threads, these threads are not made up of fragile threads and you would use them for sewing as is. Pearl cotton adds a nice texture and is particularly good for stitches that define lines or outlines. These threads are available in different sizes, so you decide which thickness you want to use. Usually, numbers 3, 5, 8, and 12 are used for embroidery, with number 3 being the thickest and number 12 being the thinnest.I would suggest a #8 pearl cotton that would be as thick as a 3 strand cotton thread.
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Pencil:A 6B pencil is great for drawing directly onto the fabric. Over time you may be able to get hold of other fabric-compatible drawing tools, but a pencil is good to start with.Scissors:A pair of scissors to trim the thread is a must!A small would do perfectly. What you see in the picture is a pair specifically designed to cut wire with just a small snip. Hold fabric scissors to cut the fabric.
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Figure 5:There are different types of needles that are used for different purposes. Don't worry if you don't have a complete set of these sharp tools because as a beginnerYou only need a medium sized embroidery needle. This needle is the same as the needles used in regular sewing, except it has a longer eye to accommodate more embroidery thread.

Basic materials for hand embroidery - watch the video

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