Living in New York: What I Learned from a Year in New York City (2023)

This week marks the first anniversary of my life in New York City. I came here in March when it was still cold (but sunny) outside. I remember my arrival, the $60 cab ride from the airport to my temporary abode (a friend's couch). emotions and fear.

After years of enjoyingeuropean cultureLiving in Berlin, I experienced many immediate shocks upon my return to the US. Before I moved to New York City I was here countless times. But life in New York is nothing more than a visit. The culture shock of returning to the United States was very real; but even more so were the things I learned about life in New York.

They say if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere. I don't know if that's really true, but New York City is like no other place. not only insideNew Yorker Culture, but in the manner of this city and the appearance of this city.

I've learned that since living in New York.

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15 things I learned living in New York for 12 months

New York is loud

SO BIG. There are sirens - constantly. Screaming, screaming, the hustle and bustle of city life I guess. But there is only that. very. Noise. You don't always know where you come from; it's just there! Manhattan is the biggest culprit, but quiet spots are hard to find no matter where you are.

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There is always something to do

Once I moved back to my Brooklyn apartment and settled into a semi-regular life, I began looking for things to see and do. not hardlyThese tourist activities in NYC; but parties, clubs, activities, events, festivals. The first thing they recommended (especially for those of us on a budget) was to sign upSkint Mailing List.

I immediately regretted it. Every day I get an email with over 50 tasks, often free or cheap. Is great. There is so much to do in New York and it never stops. That's not bad, of course, but sometimes it isMany choice paradoxit's just... too much. "Very Awesome" doesn't make finding things to do easy; makes it harder. So sometimes you just have to play and go.

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Dates suck

Speaking of bets,Going out in NYC isn't much fun. Regardless of gender or sexuality, it seems to be a common knowledge that dating in New York sucks. In a city with so many activities and so many people, how do you limit your options?

It seems like everyone in New York is looking for a partner, even if they already have a partner. Not for everyone, but theDatingspielin New York, it's largely numbers-based and is quickly becoming competitive. Of course, finding love is possible if you are willing to be open-minded and take the risk of responsibility and commitment. Fingers crossed!

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Sex is easy to find.

While dating in New York is challenging, sex is surprisingly easy to find. Hookup culture is intertwined with nightlife and much of itDating-Appsculture, so it's never really that hard to figure out if that's what you really want.

We live in a pretty sexually positive world right now (that's a good thing). So much so that sex clubs are becoming increasingly popular in New York, as many mainstream media publications have written about.

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Don't ride the subway on weekends.

I had heard everythingComplaints about the mtaBefore moving to New York and having lived in numerous cities with public transportation in the past, I was prepared for the worst. And good stuff too! because while heNew Yorker U-Bahnoperated by the MTA works well for moving people, more problems than can be counted!

In addition to the outdated system (I hope that contactless payment will come soon), subway repairs often weaken travel, especially on weekends. Between Brooklyn and Manhattan, some subway lines are idle for days, making inter-borough travel nearly impossible.

Uber is a necessary evil

Due to the many flaws in the MTA's transportation system, ride-sharing services and taxis made up for it. ANDMorando in Brooklyn, I use Uber more and more to get around; sometimes it's the only connection that doesn't last an hour or more!

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The horizon is always amazing.

Something about the New York skyline is truly impressive. No matter where you are, when a 100+ story building pops out of your perspective, it's hard to avoidlooking for. Personally, I can't resist taking photos, even though I already have a million photos.

Eating is not always necessary

Okay, that's of course an exaggeration, because actually we need food to survive. But in New York there seem to be some issues affecting our food intake. First, groceries are sometimes cheap; But not always. Grocery stores can be expensive (compared to other cities). Yes, there are a lot of $1 slices of pizza, but this will only help you get by for so long.

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Pizza na Sottocasa

Second, there just isn't enough time! With all the millions of things to do in New York, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to eat. And third, there's an innate culture of "thinness" in New York. TOrecent Reddit threadHe spoke about the pressure to stay in shape and how and why it can be an issue, especially in New York City.

Pressure to be skinny in New Yorkvonfrag nyc

I personally ate less in New York than before. Gay fitness culture certainly means I'm spending more time in the gym and more time watching what I eat. And to be honest, the time/money issue has influenced my eating habits. Sometimes there just isn't time for lunch, and from all those late-night activities you might miss dinner until you can grab a food truck taco or a slice of pizza on the way home.

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emBrooklyn, of course at Happy Hour!

Happy hours are a way of life.

Everyone in New York is always busy, and they like to use that as a professional excuse. But that's what made the daily happy hour so important. Many bars and restaurants have late night specials (sometimes daytime or late night specials) and this often marks the start of a social event.

For more information, see:

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There are few reasons to leave the neighborhood

Partly because traveling by MTA can take forever, and partly because New York City is so big that it's difficult to travel very far. The #1 dating tip I read on every blog in New York is to just avoid dating people who don't live in your neighborhood. It is very difficult to travel between neighborhoods that can be very far apart.

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Keith Haring's Atelier in New York

Roommates out of town are the best roommates

My current roommates who I like to hang out with don't have shade, but in a city where it's very hard to live alone at 20 (or 30 or 40), those brief moments are when you have an apartment to yourself can have alone, something very special. .

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autumn onecentral park, NY

There are parks and green spaces if you know where to find them

NYC is a city of steel and glass; Buildings that soar into the sky. And besides the most famous parks, there are actually green spaces everywhere in the city. Finding New York's parks isn't easy, but luckily New York is a very walkable city, so you can find and enjoy a bit of nature here and there along the way.

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New Yorkers are cooler than you think

There's a common misconception that New Yorkers are hostile; is what most city travelers immediately recognise, a myth. Because let's face it, New Yorkers are usually very nice. Of course there are jerks among the crowds, but most New Yorkers are happy to help strangers, city dwellers, tourists, and expatriates alike.

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NYC is an incredibly diverse city; more than anywhere else. And this diversity makes the people here so special, so unique, so nice and so helpful. It's a beautiful kaleidoscope of people and ideas that has made New Yorkers so open to others. New Yorkers are cooler than you think.

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The ship at Hudson Yards

Everyone wants something, always

If ever there was a city at the heart of capitalism, it is New York. Manhattan is home to almost all major corporations. Money and power feed the city and the people who live here so much that there is this strong need to always need something more.

There are plenty of creatives in New York, but in a city obsessed with money and image like this, it's hard not to fall into the trap of wanting (or needing) something from someone at some point. NYC is the center of the business world for many people.

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No place is as interesting or amazing as New York.

Listen, I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but moving to New York really was one of the best decisions of my life. It changed me in ways I didn't even expect. For better or worse, living in New York has been an amazing experience (and I don't plan on giving up any time soon). There is so much culture here, so much to experience, see, do, touch, eat and smell.

I'm addicted to it. I'm obsessed. New York is different than anywhere else, and while life in New York City may not be for everyone, honestly, it's still just as exciting and interesting. i love new york

• ••

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