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If you are thinking of givinggift cardsfor your loved ones, then you need to find the best UK gift cards. Gift cards are available in different brands and ranges. You can spend your gift card amount from time to time, so you don't have to spend it all in one transaction. So you can use the value of your gift card anytime, anywhere. In this article, we'll be highlighting a list of the best UK gift cards and where you can get them.


  • 1 Are gift cards available in the UK? Does England have gift cards?
  • 2 Where can I get a gift card in England?
  • 3 What gift card is available in England?
  • Roundup of the 4 best UK gift cards

Are gift cards available in the UK? Does England have gift cards?

Gift cards come in a variety of brands and ranges in the UK. You can get gift cards for all ages, interests, and denominations. There are plenty of retailers across the UK where you can get gift cards. A gift voucher is known in the UK as a gift certificate or gift certificate. Gift cards are usually prepaid cards with stored value. Gift cards can be given to employees and distributed by distributors or retailers to promote their products. Gift cards are generally not redeemable, but can be redeemed for purchases.

UK travel vouchers. You can get UK travel gift cards for your loved ones.GiftCard4Travelis an online platform that offers travel vouchers. UK Travel Gift Cards can be redeemed at hotels, attractions, taxi transfers or car hire anywhere in the world.

Where can I get a gift card in England?

There are several places where you can get an England gift voucher. Below are the platforms that can help you buy or sell a UK gift card.

  • gift card factoryThis is the UK's leading online specialist retailer of gift cards, greeting cards and party supplies. You can buy UK gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, special ages, etc.
  • card holder. Card Shack offers gift cards of various types such as housewarming gifts, art prints, mugs, message chocolate bars, bridal shower, Bristol souvenirs, glitter tumblers, etc.

  • yard of cards.Cardyard is the UK's leading gift card exchange platform. Cardyard is an online websiteelectronic commercePlatform that allows people to unlock the value of their gift cards. The platform allows you to sell or buy gift cards at discounted prices. You can also redeem your gift card through Cardyard.

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  • express coupon.Voucher Express is a platform where you can redeem your gift card. There are gift cards of different brands and ranges. You can spend just a portion of your gift card where and how you want and use the rest of the amount later.

  • delete.Zapper is a great platform where you can sell or buy unwanted items like books and CDs and even gift cards. To sell your gift card on Zapper, you can enter your gift card barcode and click Get Value. It will then give you the best price for the gift card. You can also exchange your gift card for cash by handing it over to Zapper.

  • RegaloOff.GiftOff is also another platform where you can get UK gift cards. You can earn and spend loyalty points when you use GiftOff to redeem a gift card. The platform helps you buy digital gift cards from retailers and brands like Amazon.

British Crypto Gift Card

  • Today it is possible to buy bitcoin gift cards in the UK. A crypto gift card or coupon is similar to retail gift cards and can be sent to the recipient's email address.
  • Some cryptocurrency exchanges may require your recipient to sign up for an account in order to access itbilletera bitcoinwho will receive the Bitcoin gift card.
  • you can also buyBitcoinand UK Bitcoin hardware wallet, such assafemiReasonand send the hardware wallet containing bitcoin to your recipient.
  • You can also give a seed phrase (like a password) of the bitcoin wallet as a gift. The seed is the key that the recipient uses to access the bitcoin in that wallet.
  • You can buy UK crypto gift cards from companies likecurrency basis,Binance,money gift coupon.

There are many types of cryptocurrencies. We recommend that you opt for the bitcoin gift card insteadAltcoins o Scamcoins.

What gift card is available in England?

There is a wide range of gift cards to choose from in the UK these days. You can get UK prepaid gift cards from various merchants and retailers in the UK. Below are some of the best UK gift cards.

Disney Plus UK Gift Card (Disney plus UK Tesco Gift Card)

Disney Plus UK Gift VoucherIt is a great gift card for your friends and loved ones. You can receive the gift card by email immediately. You'll save around £16 compared to a regular monthly subscription. Your recipient must not have a Disney Plus gift card in order to renew the gift card you sent.

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Amazon Gift Voucher Except UK

oAmazon Gift CardIt is one of the best UK prepaid gift cards. You can pay with UK or EU credit or debit cards or cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can redeem an Amazon UK Gift Card and earn points. The Amazon Gift Card can be emailed to you at the email address of your choice. Gift cards come in a variety of designs and denominations up to £1,000.

UK Visa Gift Card (Tesco UK Visa Gift Card)

Tesco Visa Gift Cardsyou can now qualify for 150 Club Bonus points every time you spend £50 on in-store gift cards. Tesco offers a range of major brands and Visa is one of them.

UK iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Card UKRedeemable on iTunes UK and App Store. You can receive your iTunes Gift Card through your customer account or chosen email address. It is delivered very quickly between 30 to 60 seconds. The iTunes Gift Card does not expire and you can send the code to a friend. It is available in four denominations: £10, £15, £25 and £50. You can use the gift card to get music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and Apple Music.

Vanilla UK Gift Voucher

Vanilla UK Gift VoucherIt is one of the best UK prepaid gift cards. The gift card can be sent via email or mailed to a plastic gift card. You can use the gift card to shop online and at stores that accept Visa. You can also use it to make contactless payments with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. A vanilla gift card allows you to create a personalized gift card.

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Under Armor UK Gift Card

Under Armor UK Gift CardsIt can be purchased at Under Armor retail stores or at They are physical cards and come with a card number and scratch-off PIN pads. You can also get the Under Armor UK gift card. They can be emailed to recipients within two hours. You can also specify a later date that you would like to receive the gift card by email. Please note that the gift card cannot be canceled or returned after purchase. However, lost gift cards can be replaced with proof of purchase.

Gift voucher Steam Spain

steam gift cardyou can play new games, get updates and get special editions. You can buy the gift voucher online. You will receive the Steam Gift Card by email in a few seconds. You can redeem the card immediately.

UK Discovery Plus Gift Card

You can gift it to your loved ones.Bono regalo Discovery Plusfor transmission. Discovery+ gift cards, coupons or promotional codes can be redeemed if you do not have an active subscription. To redeem the value of the code online. Gift subscription includes over 55,000 episodes of HGTV and Food Network.

UK MasterCard Gift Voucher

you can get oneUK MasterCard Gift Voucherand use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. It is one of the best UK prepaid gift cards. You can use MasterCard gift cards for shopping, dining, entertainment, and online shopping. However, the benefits of your MasterCard gift card may vary depending on the type of card and the issuing financial institution. You can check with the issuing financial institution about the benefits you can enjoy with your MasterCard gift card. You can purchase the gift card online or at a participating store.

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Gift voucher for meals outside the UK

If you want to offer your loved one a good meal and drink, think twiceGift voucher for meals outside the UK. It has a wide variety of quality bars, pubs and restaurants. You can get almost anything for any occasion. You can purchase the gift cards online and redeem them at any of their locations. You can get classic city favorites like Browns, Miller$Carter and All Bar One. You can get gift cards in different denominations like £20, £30, £40, £50, £75 and £100.

Playstation Plus UK Gift Voucher

you can get oneVoucher-present makes PlayStation Plusfrom online retailers and you can get it by email. You must redeem the code sent to you using your PlayStation console or you can use any web browser. You get to enjoy thousands of games, season passes, movies and in-game credits. You can also enjoy monthly games, exclusive discounts and online multiplayer.

Paramount Plus UK Gift Card

you can get oneParamount Plus Gift Cardand use it to pay for your Paramount subscription. This gives you access to streaming services, tons of TV episodes, live sports, and cult movies. You can buy a £25, £50 and £100 subscription to Paramount. You can redeem the gift card for Essential or Premium plans. You can buy the gift card at stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and the Game Store.

Roundup of the best UK gift cards

The names above are some of the UK gift card names. You can get some of these gift cards online or in stores. Gift vouchers can be sent to you by email or postal mail. Gift cards give you access to premium services and other benefits. When gifting a gift certificate, you should be aware of the expiration date.


What gift cards are available in England? ›

Best gift cards in the UK – most popular present ideas 2023
  • Amazon gift cards. £10 Amazon gift card. ...
  • Netflix gift card. Netflix gift card. ...
  • In-game credits gift cards. Price: £3.99 + ...
  • John Lewis. Price: £10 – £500. ...
  • Apple App Store and iTunes gift card. Price: £15 – £500. ...
  • B&Q. ...
  • Marks and Spencer. ...
  • National Trust e gift card.
Jan 1, 2023

Are they gift cards in England? ›

A gift card also known as gift certificate in North America, or gift voucher or gift token in the UK is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses.

Where can you get one for all vouchers? ›

Simply call into your local post office, decide how much you want to give, and choose from a range of Gift Card designs to suit all occasions.

Which gift card has the highest rate in UK? ›

The gift card that has the highest rate currently is STEAM GIFT CARD. This Steam card is also the top-selling gift card on GiftCardsToNaira Platform. Below are the categories of Steam gift cards with the highest rates, they include; Steam UK [£10 – £500]

Can I buy a UK gift card in the US? ›

It is possible to buy a gift card for a recipient overseas. You just need to choose a gift card that is accepted in the region where that person lives.

Can I buy a gift card from us and use in UK? ›

As we've mentioned earlier, it's only possible to use Visa gift cards at sellers that are based in which the country you've bought your gift card. This means that if you've bought your Visa gift card in the US, then it can only be used there.

Is there Amazon gift card in England? › gift cards are available from participating retailers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Does UK have Amazon gift cards? ›

Available in multiple designs. Choose any denomination up to £1,000. Gift Cards can only be redeemed on To redeem on other Amazon websites, you can purchase gift cards on the respective sites.

What is the difference between gift card and gift voucher? ›

A gift card, sometimes known as a gift voucher, is usually loaded with an amount of money. The person who receives the gift card can exchange it for goods or services to the value of the amount on the card. A gift card may be in physical or electronic form.

Can you use one for all vouchers in England? ›

The retailer portfolio has expanded to over 60,000 leading stores across retail, services and online in Ireland, the UK, ensuring that with a One4all Gift Card, customers have the ultimate choice.

Can you buy all for one voucher online? ›

You can buy a One4all Digital Gift Card on your desktop or mobile device, and checkout takes just a few quick taps!

How much does a one for all voucher cost? ›

In Post Office outlets, there is a fee of €2 for the first card and €0.50 per additional card.

How much is Google Play Card $200 in Naira? ›

The United States ($200) Google Play E-code is currently worth 68,000 Naira, while the physical form is 78,000 Naira. The Australian and Canadian Google Play gift cards are also in ($), both currencies can be traded on our platform.

What is the best card to use in UK? ›

  • American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card.
  • Sainsbury's Bank 26 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card Mastercard.
  • Barclaycard Platinum All-Rounder Visa.
  • American Express® Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card.
  • Barclaycard Rewards Visa.
  • Tesco Bank Foundation Card.
  • British Airways American Express® Credit Card.

How much is $100 Apple gift card in Naira? ›

It is equivalent to 27,000 naira. This exchange rate is according to the gift card rate calculator on Prestmit, the top online marketplace for trading any iTunes gift cards. Prestmit is one of the most successful gifts card trading platforms in Nigeria.

What UK cards can I use in USA? ›

As the USA is such a popular destination among Brits, it's worth knowing how to use your British credit card across the pond. Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are all widely accepted in the USA, though you should be aware that payment methods differ slightly from those in the UK.

Can I use my US bank card in UK? ›

Yes. Cards issued by U.S. Bank can be used in most foreign countries for transactions.

Can I send gifts from Amazon UK to us? ›

USA & Canada

Amazon UK can ship some of its products to all 50 states of America and across all of Canada.

Are there any Visa gift cards that can be used internationally? ›

People can use virtual Visa gift cards internationally in most countries across the globe. In fact, there are more than 150 countries where recipients can use a virtual Visa gift card without any problems.

Are Visa gift cards usable in the UK? ›

Most Visa cards that you purchase are US-bound. However, Visa does offer some gifts cards that can be used abroad through banks, such as the PNC Bank Visa Gift card. You can find a variety of prepaid cards online that can be used internationally. Be sure to check the fine print to be aware of any transaction fees.

Can I send a gift from UK to USA? ›

Gifts You Mail

Gifts worth up to $100 may be sent, free of duty and tax, to friends and relatives in the United States, as long as the same person does not receive more than $100 worth of gifts in a single day.

Is there steam card in UK? ›

You can buy your Steam Wallet Gift Card in the store, but it's much easier and faster to buy it online via On the website you can choose a game card worth £5, £10, £20 or £25. Select the desired Steam Wallet amount and enter your details.

Can you use Amazon us in the UK? ›

As a global company, Amazon ships to more than 100 countries worldwide. So, buying from Amazon in a different country can be a solution if your local one doesn't have what you're after, or if you're buying a gift for someone living abroad.

Does the post office sell vouchers? ›

Whoever it's for and whatever the occasion, we've a gift card to suit your needs. Choose from our range of One4all and other gift cards, to buy online or in branch*.

Can you use US dollar Amazon gift card in UK? ›

Unfortunately the Amazon gift cards can not be used on a different unit than it was intended for. Here unit is country. A gift card bought from Amazon Us cannot be used on any other country's Amazon.

Why Gift Vouchers are the best? ›

A Gift Card enables the person to buy whatever they like from the particular store. This freedom allows them to buy what they truly need, and it gives you the satisfaction of having gifted well.

What are Gift Vouchers? ›

A gift voucher is a card or piece of paper that you buy at a shop and give to someone, which entitles the person to exchange it for goods worth the same amount.

How does a gift voucher work? ›

How Gift Cards Work. A gift card is a form of payment that can be used to make purchases at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations. You load money onto the card, which you or the gift card's recipient can then spend at accepted locations. Some prepaid gift cards charge a fee to purchase them.

Do one for all vouchers work abroad? ›

9.1 The Card can be used for Card Transactions in Ireland only. The Card may not be used abroad.

Can you exchange one for all vouchers for cash? ›

Tax-Free One4all Gift Cards

Please note, it is not possible to return a One4all Gift Card bought under the Small Benefit Exemption in exchange for a cash sum, as your employer may become liable to pay tax on the gift.

Can you use One4all in USA? ›

Where can I use the Card? The Card can only be used at merchants referenced on the website that accept Discover cards in the U.S.

What is the maximum one for all voucher? ›

Our standard One4all gift cards can be purchased from €15-€150. Our gold Chip and Pin cards can be purchased from €150-€500 and require ID verification to activate.

Can I use my 100 voucher online? ›

You can use the card to order and pay over the phone to purchase services from local businesses however you will not be able to purchase online service or products, to pay for financial services or to purchase legal services.

How do I set up a one for all voucher? ›

Go to, create an account, or log in, select card activation from the drop-down menu, this appears under your name in the top right-hand corner. Click on “Verify New Card” and fill in the last 8 digits of your card details in the relevant fields provided.

How long do 1 for all vouchers last? ›

How long is the One4all Gift Card valid for? One4all Gift Cards can be spent with no charges for 18 months following the purchase date (i.e. when the card was bought from a Post Office branch or online).

Who Owns One for all vouchers? ›

One4all is part of Blackhawk Network. With strategic partnerships in place, GVS has an unmatched distribution network of over 13,500 outlets.

What happens if you lose your one for all voucher? ›

To report a lost or stolen One4all Gift Card please call the customer service Helpline immediately on 01 870 8100 or email your purchase receipt or a receipt from a purchase made using your card to ASAP. We need the card number or original proof of purchase for us to void the card and replace it.

How much is $200 Apple iTunes card in Naira? ›

If you have been wondering how much is $200 iTunes e-codes in naira, we have the answer for you. A $200 iTunes e-codes costs #48,000.

How much is $500 iTunes card in Naira? ›

The current price of a $500 Canadian iTunes gift card on Cardvest is N90,000. You can use our gift card rate calculator to get the current rate for different gift cards in Nigeria.

How much is $200 Amazon card in Naira? ›

$200=138 points≈98,455 Naira

We have been providing the best trade experiences for our customers. Sell Amazon Gift Card on Tbay is so simple! More information about selling gift cards and withdraw Naira you can refer to our help center.

Which prepaid card is the best in UK? ›

A list of prepaid debit cards featured on Choose Wisely.
  • CardOneMoney. Card fee: Free. Monthly fee: £12.50. ...
  • FairFX | Sterling Everywhere Prepaid Card. Card fee: Free. ...
  • Revolut Card. Card fee: Free. ...
  • Suits Me Card | Essential. Card fee: Free. ...
  • Suits Me Card | Premium. Card fee: Free. ...
  • Suits Me Card | Premium Plus. Card fee: Free.

What is the most accepted card in the world? ›

Visa and Mastercard are by far the most widely accepted cards, with Discover slightly behind those brands and American Express in a distant fourth place. Any retailer that accepts card payments likely takes Visa and Mastercard. In terms of the number of countries serviced, Discover lags behind the other three cards.

What is a black card in England? ›

Black cards are marketed to those with high incomes, as they have high annual fees and luxury features. Typically, users of these cards pay off their balances every month. Minimum income requirements can often be extremely high, with some cards requiring you to earn more than £1 million per year to be eligible.

How much is Amazon $100 in Naira? ›

This means you would get up to 66,000 Naira if you try to convert $100 amazon gift card to naira on Cardtonic today. To get the current rate of your gift card, you can use the gift card rate calculator.

How much is Google Play Card $100 in Naira? ›

The current estimated value of a $100 Google play gift card in Nigeria is about 40,000 – 48,000 Naira. The selling rate of this gift card on Cardtonic is currently 475/$1. Meaning you would get 47,500 Naira.

How much is $100 Amazon card in Naira? ›

A $100 Amazon gift card is currently available at an estimated price of $740. This means you can get ₦74,000 when converting your $100 Amazon gift card to Naira using Snappy Exchange Platform. To find the current rate on your gift card, you can use the Snappy Exchange rate calculator for gift card rates.

Does England use Amazon gift card? ›

Tip: Double-check the country settings for your Amazon Card

An (United States) Gift Card, for example, will not be accepted on (United Kingdom). So make sure you know which web shop you want to buy from.

Can I get steam card in UK? ›

You can buy your Steam Wallet Gift Card in the store, but it's much easier and faster to buy it online via On the website you can choose a game card worth £5, £10, £20 or £25. Select the desired Steam Wallet amount and enter your details.

Can I transfer a US Amazon gift card to UK? ›

How can it be refunded or transferred to my account as I don't even have an account on or wish to buy anything from it in dollars? Amazon gift cards are non-transferable and can only be used on the site they were bought on.

Can I send an Amazon gift card from USA to UK? ›

For example, if you are sending the gift card to a recipient in the United Kingdom while you are in the United States, you must change the country to UK before purchasing the gift card. There are a few things to note before attempting to send a gift card to someone outside your country.

Do UK Amazon cards work in the US? ›

According to the gift card terms and conditions, an gift card is only redeemable toward the purchase of products on Similarly, an gift card is only redeemable on the website. The same is true for,, and so forth.

Can Amazon gift cards be used internationally? ›

While digital rewards can be delivered instantly via email, not all can be used internationally. Most gift cards are restricted to domestic use. For example, Amazon has a different site for each country it serves. This means that you can only use an Amazon gift card in the country where it was purchased.

Where are they selling Steam gift card in UK? ›

Buy a Steam wallet gift card in major electronic or retail stores such as Tesco, Argos, and Curry's and choose how much value you want to put on the card.

Can I send Steam card from UK to USA? ›

If you mean the Steam Digital Gift cards, yes, those work worldwide and the money will get automatically converted into the currency of the receiving users store.

How much is Steam card in UK? ›

Buy STEAM Wallet Card - £20 | Currys.


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