Kylie Rogers' Beth is now 'on track to be' Kelly Reilly in 'Yellowstone' (2023)

yellow stonegives us more insight into the Duttons' past than ever this season, with a significant number of flashbacks showing younger versions of John (Josef Lukas), Beth (Kylie Rogers) und Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein).

The last time we saw flashbacks, before the midseason break (the Paramount Network show returns in the summer), Beth and Rip's relationship was obviously rocky. Oh, and Rip accidentally killed Rowdy (Kai Caster) and thereby took the mark.

Here Rogers talks about playing Beth in the flashbacks.

How much did you know about how many times we would see you again after Season 3?

Kylie Rogers:It was quite surprising how prominent the flashback story would be in Season 5 and it was really exciting to find out because Beth was a younger girl in previous seasons. Now I get to play her as the older Beth and have to portray that tougher side of Beth. It's really fun and I was really excited.

How would you describe Beth as she is now in the flashbacks from where we left her in the first half of Season 5?

I would definitely say that she is well on her way to becoming the older Beth as we see her now, a little more jaded, a little more suspicious of people, a little tougher and a little tougher. It's really exciting to see that side of her but she's still scared and she still has that innocent side I think even though we don't see her anymore. However, she is definitely on her way to becoming Beth.

We see all of that when it comes to Beth and Rip's relationship back then.

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How does she feel about him at this point in the flashbacks? Does she even know? Is it too much for her?

The most important thing about Beth, both young and the version we see now as an adult, is that she's very hurt and a little scared, but she covers a lot with her radiant confidence and tough demeanor I think. But I think right now she cares about Rip but is scared of those feelings.

One of the last things we see in the flashbacks before the break is what happened to Rowdy. The Beth she is at the time of the flashbacks, how would she react if she found out what Rip did?

I've thought about it a lot and I honestly don't know why I could see her go and I have no idea what's going to happen. I really want to see what his reaction is.

red originally

Because you never know how Beth will react to something.

I know. never know She might like it and feel euphoric for some reason, or she might freak out.

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Can you tell something about the rest of the season?

There isn't. I can say it's exciting and it's going to be a great rest of the season and a great watch.

Do you know if we're going to get the same number of flashbacks as we did in the first half?

I'm not sure about that, but there will be 100 percent flashbacks.

What do you hope to explore with Beth in the future?

The most important thing I wish for Beth is to really see her on the road to some kind of healing. But I know that won't happen until much later, until she's grown up. So I guess I just want to see her hug more right now, I guess, and see where that takes her, whatever that is.

We know how Beth and Jamie's relationship ends, but at the point in the flashback where we stopped, your version of Beth would be surprised the adult versions are like thatplan to kill each other?

On the outside I might feel that way, but on the inside it might be a thought I might have had.

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Can't fault the clinic...

Yes, you really can't.

What would young Beth think of how she was raised, who she is and what she does?

I think maybe she was 50/50 proud of herself for being a strong independent woman, but she would also be a little bit just because she's so tired now and hurt so much as a younger girl than when young maybe lost knowing that she ends up marrying Rip and falling in love.

But it would also be good for them to know that this happiness is coming their way.

Yes. I think maybe in time he would accept it, but right now he's rejecting that certain happiness that Rip wants to give him in his younger self.

there are a fewKelly ReillyDo you have Beth's portrait in mind when you play her?

Clear. Being the first Beth and playing a younger Beth reminded me that I wasn't trying to be Beth, I was a younger version of her and a more innocent version of her before she was hurt and betrayed. But as she gets older and I now represent her as a woman, I think I definitely consider how much her trauma affects her coming of age. It's not something that's given up easily. It's definitely something to remember when I play them.

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What can you share about the conversations you had with Kelly about Beth?

Kelly is great. She is the nicest person in the world. I love her. We always get together and talk a little bit about Beth when I come in for a new season. Kelly is very concerned that I make young Beth mine and she doesn't want to act out her version of Beth because although young Beth is now 18 and becoming a woman, she's kind of Beth as we see her now. , she still has that side of her that's even younger. That's what Kelly and I mostly talked about.

What was your favorite scene to film, last season or last season?

Season 5 was probably my favorite season for sure. I loved doing everything with Kyle, Kai and Josh, it's always a great time. It's very [playing] cowboys.

Which scene was the hardest to film?

I think the hardest scene to shoot in terms of depth of emotion, especially since I was probably 14 or 15 when I shot it, was when Jamie took me to the abortion clinic. This is the last time I can trust my big brother before he lies and betrays me. This scene has so many different layers as to why Beth is hurt, scared and upset. And it's painful, too, because it's the last time he feels like he can ask anything of his brother.

What is your Beth wishing for as an adult at this point in the flashbacks?

This is such a simple answer but maybe just for being happy and not running away from things that can brighten your life.

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