How to Add Image Credits in WordPress (Step by Step) (2023)

Recently, some of our readers asked us how to properly add image credits in WordPress.

Image credits are a way of letting users know the original creator of the image you are using on your website. This shows good faith and also protects you from legal problems.

In this article, we will show you how to properly add image credits in WordPress. We'll also talk more about why it's important and the consequences of not doing it.

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When and Why to Add Image Credits in WordPress?

The images are very attractive and make your blog posts visually appealing. However, you cannot just copy any image from the web and add it to your blog posts.

All images on the Internet are protected by copyright. They may only be used with the permission of the copyright holder.

Some photographers and artists occasionally release their work under licenses that allow others to use their images. However, these licenses typically require you to give credit to the original creator.

Why is it important to add photo credits?

All images on the Internet are copyrighted, even those where you may not see a copyright notice. This means you cannot use them on your website without permission.

If the image creator expressly states that their photos may be reused under such Creative Commons licenses, they must include a photo credit and give proper attribution to the original work.

It is very important to give the image proper attribution to comply with copyright laws and avoid infringing on the rights of others.

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It is a sign of respect for other people's work and creativity. It also protects you from legal troubles and liabilities caused by violating intellectual property rights and copyright laws.

What are the consequences of not mentioning the picture?

Many beginners believe that the internet is too big and nobody would notice that they used an image without permission.

That used to be the case when you could steal pictures, but things are changing fast.

Today, an entire industry of lawyers is focused on recovering image copyrights. They use reverse image search tools to send mass cease and desist emails along with court settlement letters.

We know of several bloggers and business owners who have paid hundreds of dollars in damages for just one image.

if you are serious about itgrow your business online, so you need to take copyright laws seriously from day one.

Copyright laws apply worldwide. This means that they apply regardless of where you or the original creator live.

As mentioned above, the first and most serious consequence is that you can be sued for violating copyright laws. These legal problems can cost you a lot of money and even destroy your website and reputation.

Copyright laws also apply to search engines like Google andWeb-Hostingcompanies.

The original copyright owner can file a DMCA complaint against your site with search engines, forcing them to remove that content from search results.

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You can also ask the hosting provider to remove the content; In this case, they are legally obliged to ask you to remove the image. Some companies can simply suspend your hosting account and notify you later.

How to properly add image credits in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to add photo credits under an image. How to properly add image credits in WordPress without using additional plugins.

First you need to upload the image to your WordPress post or page. Just add an image block to the content editor and click the upload button to select an image from your computer.

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You can also choose a previously uploaded image by clicking the button in the media library.

Once you've selected an image, it will automatically appear in the post editor. Below the image you will see a prompt to write a caption.

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Captions can be used to describe an image or photo. They can also be used to give credit to the image and properly attribute the original copyright holder.

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You can add photo credit text in the title field. Some copyright owners may require that you also link to the original source.

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In this case, just click the Paste Link button and add the link to the original file.

When you're done, you can go ahead and save your changes.

For more information on using subtitles, see our article onHow to add captions in WordPress.

How to find photo credits and license information

Most of the images you find on the internet do not contain any license information. This means that you are not allowed to use these images.

Fortunately, there are many websites where you can find images to use. However, some of these image sites may require that you provide attribution or attribution for the image.

You can find this information on the image download page. For example, Flickr displays license information on the image page.

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Clicking the link will give you more details about the license. It also describes whether you need to make loans and how to do it properly.

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How to avoid providing image credits in WordPress

You must read the license carefully to understand how to provide image credits.

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Most of these licenses require you to explicitly provide a link to the original source.

Adding links to the photographer's website or photo is a bit of a hassle. In most cases, the link is not relevant to the actual content of your website. This would allow users to leave your site and not return.

For this reason, we recommend using royalty-free photo sites.

These websites curate photos, images and illustrations that do not require photo credit. You can also use these images on commercial websites.

The following are our top picks for free photo sites:

  • Unsplash- A large collection of royalty free photos divided into categories and tags.
  • pixabay– One of the largest and most popular unlicensed photos and images
  • public domain file– A collection of images and photographs available in the public domain
  • picjumbo- Another large collection of royalty-free images
  • unworn– A collection of old photographs now in the public domain

For more options, check out our full list of the best.Places where you can find free stock photos.

At LearnWP we spend a lotShutterstockThis is a premium photo and illustration site.

The problem with stock images, however, is that thousands of websites are already using these images. Finding the right image for your items can also be difficult.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to use your own original photos and graphics. The challenge is that most users are not graphic designers.

Luckily, there are websites that make it easy to create graphics to use on your website. These photo editors come with drag-and-drop tools and ready-to-use templates to give you a good starting point.

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Below are some of the best online graphic editing tools for beginners.

  • canvas- An easy-to-use graphic design tool for beginners to create custom logos, banners, images, infographics, charts and more.
  • pictogram- Easy-to-use tool to create beautiful presentations, banners, charts and graphs
  • Pablo- Allows you to create beautiful graphics for social networks and blogs.
  • PicMonkey- Another easy-to-use image editor for bloggers

We hope this article has helped you learn how to add image credits in WordPress and why it is important. You can also consult our guide on how to do thisOptimize your images for SEOand get more traffic.

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