Final Fantasy Maxima World Guide (2023)

Chapters 20 and 21

Chapter 20 - The End of the Crimson Prophecy

last port of call


Proceed to a cutscene. This will introduce you to the game's main boss: Brandelis. During this fight, don't worry about polishing yourself, as he will throw Dispelga at you. He won't do much damage to you, so keep hitting him with the strongest attacks you have and make sure to use healing items. Winning this battle will earn you 18 Weapon Gems.

You then have a few cutscenes and end up at the League of S headquarters, Balamb Garden.

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Balamb tem

Start by approaching Quistis for another scene. When you regain control, talk to the woman with the ? usually for another Townsperson quest.

Townsperson Quest - A situation for sore eyes

  • Administer 3 x eye drops
  • Reward: 3 Remedies+

You should be able to complete it there and then.

Examine the white cat in the left wing to get it.Old personal post 5.This should be the last one you need to collect and want to unlock.Jewel Champion of Y'shtola.Go to the right of the elevator to findChest #1/1.So go down and talk to the other guy? person in another Townsperson quest.

Citizen Mission - Mission Assistant

  • Deliver 3 bomb fragments
  • Reward: Four Spellstones

Another one you should be able to complete there and then.

Once that's done, go through the gate back to Nine Wood Hills. Go to Plaza 99 for a scene. And then return to the Balamb Garden Deck for another cutscene where you complete this short chapter.

Chapter 21 - Kaos and Grymoire

You'll start with another scene on the airship and Serafie will be there. Talk to her to collect all the rumors. You then return to Nine Wood Hills. Now you can do a lot. Start by purchasing the remaining Champion Tokens available. So, if you're up for it, there's plenty to do at the Colosseum. You also have 6 Murkrifts to obtain. But to progress the story, you need to go to The Girl's Tearoom and do some interventions.

(Video) (N-Switch) World of Final Fantasy Maxima - Full Walkthrough

Start by going to the gate in Sylver Square and selectInterior of the airship.Then go to the other side of the room to reachChest #1/1.

Now that you have access to the airship, you can go to the map and select the World Map. This allows you to travel to different locations without having to use the portal system. Remember that you will travel to the beginning of the dungeon/area.

the airship

Below are the 6 Murkrifts airships. You can only access them when you're flying the airship, and they're all at level 60. They're all pretty straightforward Murkrifts, but you don't feel like you have to do them right away. Feel free to come back and complete them when you are stronger.

  1. This graffiti is found by flying into the level and heading to the lower left corner. There will be graffiti in the open space. That includes2 x Sylph, 2 x Bablizz e 2 x Grátis.
  2. Fly the airship to the left at the top and fly up. Look to the left of Balamb Garden to find a Murkrift with2 x Sandorme, 2 x Sylph e 2 x Bablizz.
  3. Go to Ice Region Island and look for Murkrift, which is located between the two highest mountains. That includes2 x Sea Serpent, 2 x Bablizz and 2 x Free.
  4. Go all the way to the right of the world, then go all the way to the bottom. The masonry is below the land where the Ponte Grande is located. This wall contains2 x Sea Serpent, 2 x Zapt e 2 x Fritt.
  5. This graffiti is further to the right and a little further down. Look to the right of the tall volcano that's here for a Murkrift with2 x Sea Serpent, 2 x Zapt e 2 x Fritt.
  6. The last Murkrift is to the left and below the big lake - and it contains 2 x Sand Worm, 2 x Sylph and 2 x Zapt.

This should mean you've completed all 19 Murkrifts. And if you have, you unlock:

  • All in the dark of a day

    Defeat all Mirage Bricks.

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De fem Cogna-herrer

So now the game changes a bit from its current form. To continue, you must complete 5 intervention tasks. There are 5 mini games. Intervention mission information is below, in spoilers.

The Five Prime Lords: Figaro

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

De fem Cogna-herrer: Cornelia, del I

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Of five cousins: Cornelia, from II

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

De fem Cogna-herrer: Nibelheim

(Video) World of Final Fantasy Early Fast level Guide

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Five Lords Cogna: Tometown, from I

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Five Lords Cognate: Tometown, του II

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Five Cogna Lords: Port Besaid

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Completing intervention missions for the five lords of Cogna will unlock:

  • the final statement

    He discovered the location of Castle Exnine.

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Completing all of these will give you the location of Brandelis.

At this point in the game I was around level 63. I went and made sure all the interventions I could do were done. Personally, I didn't bother with the Colosseum at this point, but feel free to take on some of the battles if you like. When you're ready, it's time to start the endgame.

You must go to Agathir. You should be here by now if you've been following this guide, but if not, you're on the right of Nibelheim.


Entom GuardThunder, Water, Berserkuse fire attack
Magna Roader (λίλλα)Ice, Confuse, BerserkHP reducer
Stack Magna Roader
Guarda Entom, Magna Roader (Road)
Ice, Thunder, Water, Confusion, CrazyN / D

When you get to Agathir it might be worth fighting off some of the Mirages running around to impress the Magna Roader (purple). So you don't need to wow the other two versions of this Mirage as you can use this one to level up. When ready, enter the cathedral and after a cutscene, examine the central structure. This will take you to the next area, the Chainroad.

the jail road

Bly GnomoFire, Thunder, Confusion, Sleep, Oblivion, Crazybuffet ladle
gnome stack leader
Manticore, Leader Gnome
Brand,Thunder,water, sleep,Forgetfulness,Out of controlN / D
left clawBrand,Thunder,Wind, Light,Forgetfulness,Out of controlHP reducer
Left roof with claws
Gnome Leader, Left Claw
Brand,Thunder,Lys,Confused, ohforgetfulness,Out of controlN / D
lucky frogLys,Sov, OforgetfulnessHP reducer
Magna Roader (λίλλα)
AND,Mix,Out of controlHP reducer
Stack Magna Roader
Leader Gnome, Magna Roader (lilla)
AND,Thunder,Mix,Forgetfulness,Out of controlN / D
Magna Roader Stack 2
Red Hat, Magna Roader (roxo)
cold water,Lys,poison, confusion,Out of controlN / D
manticorewater, sleep,Blind,Forgetfulness,Thisapply poison
Minotaura find,Darkness,Mixcreate confusion
The Minotaur was stabbed
Leader Gnome, Minotaur
Brand,Thunder,a find,Darkness,MixN / D
King PaleberryBrand,DarknessHire a critical hit
Red capWater,Lys,Gift,Mix,Out of controlDoes a lot of damage at once
right clawAND,Water,to the ground,Darkness,Forgetfulness,Out of controlHP reducer
Roof with right claws
Lead Gnome, Right Claw
Brand,AND,Thunder,Darkness,Mix,Forgetfulness,Out of controlN / D
security eyeThunder,WaterLet only this mirage remain
TrihydAND,to the ground,Blind,DeathDoes a lot of damage at once
Trihyde taken
Mantícora, Bly Gnome, Trihyde
Brand,AND,Thunder,Water,Sleep,Blind,Forgetfulness,Out of controlN / D

From the starting point, continue north. There's nothing to do in this section, so move on to the next one. In the second area, go up the left side of this link, then turn and drop down the right side to reachCage #1/5. Then head north for a quick cutscene that will introduce you to the teleport stations in this dungeon. You will then have a battle to win against a Minotaur Stack. When done, interact with the panel to continue your way through the area. (Touching the panel you're in front of will take you back to where you came from). Then go up and turn right to the next link. Continue north until you reach another panel. Tap on it to go to the next area.

(Video) World of Final Fantasy Maxima - How to Unlock "Champion Jewels" Transformations into FF Heroes

You start out. This is actually outside of the chain you are currently moving on. There's not much to do here, so climb up on the panel and press it to proceed. Back in the current, go up the left side and activate the panel. This will take you to the opposite side of the same link and you will have cleared the obstacle. Go left to get there.Cage No. 2/5.Then continue around the second link. When you reach the third one, activate the panel to reach the other side of the panel. Continue on, go to another panel to activate to go to the next area, which is outside again.

Before proceeding, release the chain. You'll come to a panel that will take you to a secret area.

The Secret Ascension

When you enter this area, go down to the bottom and you'll be ambushed by King Paleberry. You can defeat him using a combination of fire and darkness attacks. I personally didn't have any Mirages that could exploit these weaknesses, so I just threw bomb fragments at him. If you manage to land a critical hit, you can stun him if you have a Baby Paleberry Prism. Defeating or Impressing the Paleberry King will reward you with the Paleberry King Memento and a whopping 1,100,000(ish) XP. It's worth the fight if you ask me! Go back and hit the panel to exit again.

Climb up the chain, past the first panel you come across, and interact with the second. This will put you on the final climb. You will appear inCage No. 3/5.Continue to the next frame and interact with him to get past the barrier. Continue up the first one, then up the right side and turn left to reachCage No. 4/5.When you get to the next link, go up to the left side and interact with the panel there. From where you appear, you have to go down to get there.Cage #5/5. Then go back and interact with the left panel to get past the barrier. Then go to the last panel. Interact with him to complete this area.

The Edges of Grymoire

Proceed to the end. You'll find a portal back to Nine Wood Hills and a panel that will take you to the final dungeon.

Exnine slot machine

map 1

map 2

Map 3

card 4

Carbohydrates 2DarknessUnforgettable
death seekerthunder,Water,Gift,SleepReflect the magic back
Entom Guardthunder,Water,Out of controluse fire attack
stoveWater,Lys,Gift,Mix,Out of controlHP reducer
goblin guardWater,Lys,Gift,Mix,Out of controlgive protection
King of BahamutNoUnforgettable
Knight with the Golden MaskLysUnforgettable
he didBrand,a find,Lys,Forgetfulness,This,Deathhe did
Besta is Comingto the ground,Darkness,Out of controlCounter
Kuza Beast Stack
Corrigan, Goblin, Cut Beast
Brand,a find, EUcorrectly,Out of control,DeathN / D
Kuza Beast Stack 2
Death Stalker, Beast Kuza
Water, Dark, Poison, Sleep, CrazyN / D
Magitek Armor Athunder,WaterDoes a lot of damage at once
Magitek Armor One Stack
Goblin, Magic Armor A
Thunder, Water, Light, Poison, Confusion, Crazy, SlowN / D
Stack 2 Magitek Armor
Death Searcher, Magitek Armor A
Thunder, Water, Poison, SleepN / D
Stack 3 Magitek Armor
Squidraken, Magitek Armor A
Fire, Thunder, Blind, DeathN / D
Magna Roader (λίλλα)AND,Mix,Out of controlHP reducer
Magna Roader (small) bet
Goblin, Magna Roader (λίλλα)
AND,Water,Lys,Gift,Mix,Out of controlN / D
Magna Roader (Red)AND,Water,Mix,Out of controlHP reducer
Magna Roader stack (red).
Goblin Guard, Magna Roader (Red)
AND,Water,Lys,Gift,Mix,Out of controlN / D
Magna Roader (gul)Brand,Mix,Out of controlHP reducer
Magna Roader stack (yellow).
Goblin, Magna Roader (gul)
Brand,Lys,Gift,Mix,Out of controlN / D
Minotaura find,Darkness,Mix,Blind,Deathcreate confusion
The Minotaur was stabbed
Quidraken, Mintoauro
Brand,meet,Darkness,Blind,DeathN / D
Minotaur Stake 2
Yurugu, Minotauro
meet,Darkness,Mix,Sleep,BlindN / D
Giant Mythrilthunder,meet,Mix,Sleep,Forgetfulness,Out of controluse magic enhancements
Mythril Giant Pile
Deathseeker, Mythril Giant
thunder,Water,Mix,Sleep,Forgetfulness,Out of controlN / D
Feathered KnightWater,DarknessUnforgettable
Soormthunder,Forgetfulness,DeathHP reducer
sea ​​worm roof
Yurugug, Squidraken, Havorm
Brand,thunder,Sleep,BlindN / D
octopus dragonsBrand,Blind,DeathReflect the magic back
YuruguGift,Sleep, Blindocauses oblivion

Castle Exnine is an absolute nightmare to describe because of its layout. There's no in-game map - but luckily the Final Fantasy Wikia has some to help you get around the area (links are above). So now it's time to go through the dungeon. From where you start, you'll see a save point and a panel. This panel takes you back to the confines of Grymoire. To begin your journey in this area, enter the pipe and climb up the side of the structure. You will seeCage No. 1/27up here. Then go right and drop down to the next platform. Continue right and down, jump into the next pipe to reach the next platform. Go forward and climb up the sides of the structure on your left. At the top, go left along the pipe (you'll see it's on the side) to reach the next structure. Go down both sides until you reach a pipe that goes down. You'll come to an intersection, so go up.Cage nº 2/27.Go back to the intersection and then go down to reachBox No. 3/27(you'll have to turn a corner to keep going down). Take the pipe that leads into the darkness to reach the next area, Ordeal 2.

From the beginning of Ordeal 2, continue along the pipe, and when you reach the end, climb up the side of the structure. At the top, drop down the other side and climb a pipe. Then climb up the side of the structure to reach it.Box No. 4/27.Go back and use the pipe to go through the structure you just came out of. Go down the side of the structure on your left. Then continue down a few levels and through the pipe to the next structure. Climb up the side and continue, drop down the other side to reachCage nº 5/27.Enter the tube to reach Ordeal 3.

Go to the next structure and go up two levels to reach it.Cage nº 6/27.Drop down again and then drop down the left side of the structure, continue until you reach a pipe. When you reach the bottom, look for an overhanging branch to reach.Box No. 7/27. Then go around the pipes, going down when you can to reach them.Box No. 8/27.Go back and continue the climb. Drop down the short length of pipe and climb up the side of the structure. Start by going to the right to reachCage No. 9/27. Go back the way you came and go to the next pipe. Continue on, follow the path to the next area.

At the start of Ordeal 4, you'll see the Save Point and a purple crystal. This crystal will teleport you back to the start of Exnine Castle and now there is a purple crystal that will teleport you back to this point. You will start by leveling up wherever you are.Carbuncle #1/5win You can't impress them and they have self-reflection ability. So don't use Magic. They are quite easy to defeat with physical attacks. You have to defeat 5 of them to reveal the hidden areas here. You will also receive 4 Weapon Gems. Then drop down on the other side of the structure you're on to reach him.Case nº 10/27.Go back and turn and drop down to the purple crystal and down the pipe.

Jump to the next structure and continue down the pipe. You will seeBox No. 11/27straight to the side. Continue through the structure and touch the next structure as well. Then make a small u-turn and drop down in front of the structure you're supposed to be on. Enter the tube to reachBuoy nº 12/27,then continue on the main path and continue until you reach the next area. Ordeal 5 is a fairly straightforward area. Start by going up two levels to reachBox No. 13/27. Then turn around and continue on the path, you will only have to download the levels. This will take you to Ordeal 6.

There are no chests in this area, so just follow the path to the next area. (I hope by now you've figured out how to set up Castle Exnine.) Ordeal 7 has another Save Point, and there's a new Teleport Crystal to stand between the dungeon entrance and this point. I would recommend making sure you have Mirage in your party which you can use to stack weight at 11 and with ice resistance at 125. This will be for a puzzle swap later in the dungeon. Go along the pipe on the left and go up two levels. Climb down the pipe and follow the path to the next structure. Climb to the top where you findCarbuncle #2/5win Then go back downstairs and go to the structure on the left. Go up two levels to findBox No. 14/27.Go up two more levels, then left and up to reachBox No. 15/27.Go back down then right and follow the path to Ordeal 8. (The final test is Ordeal 11, so you're almost there!)

(Video) World of Final Fantasy Maxima [Switch] - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Prologue & Chapter 1

Ordeal 8 has 12 mandatory chests. Start by going up two levels to reachBox No. 16/27. Then go back one level and pipe to the next structure. Cross a little to the right to reach it.Box No. 17/27. Go back and up two levels, go through the pipe and reach the next structure. Now go through the pipe on the right to reachBox No. 18/27.Return to the previous structure and climb the wall to reach it.Box No. 19/27.Go down two levels and climb the wall on the left. Climb up a few levels to get there.Chest #20/27.

Go up two more levels and go through the pipe to reachChest #21/27.Go back and go left to reachBox No. 22/27.From this chest, go down three levels where you will arriveCarbuncle #3/5. Defeat him to reachBox No. 23/27that he defended. Then go back to where chest 22 was. Go through the pipe, go left to reach it.Chest #24/27.Go left, go down one level and go up two levels. You'll arrive at the previously mentioned Puzzle Switch. Use the Mirage to reach Weight 11 and Ice Resistance 125. Then drop down a few levels to reachBreasts # 25/27, # 26/27 and # 27/27.Go back and go to where chest 24 was. Follow the path to the next area.

From here it's a fairly linear route. As you go up, you'll come to a cutscene and lose Tama. This will allow the Yurugu Mirage to start spawning in Exnine Castle. Just keep following the path to the next area which is Ordeal 10. Start here, go and win.Carbuncle #4/5. This will reveal another Teleport Crystal at the start of the dungeon. I would recommend using this to ensure you can teleport between these two areas and save your game. This also means that if you need to stock up, you have the option of returning to Nine Wood Hills for supplies. Return to Ordeal 10, go through the pipe and go kill the final one.Carbuncle #5/5.Defeating this elite Carbuncle will reward you with the Carbuncle Memento. This will allow you to transform a Mu into a Carbuncle, although I personally had the Colosseum Topaz Carbuncle and it transformed that way.

The last section will appear in front of you and you can start climbing. Towards the end you should make sure you can prepare for the boss fight. It's a good idea to go in with stacks that aren't weak to Ice and Dark Magic. While this is good advice, I opted for the stacks I used for most of the game:

  • Reynn+Ponini+Sacred Dragon
  • Blade+Hold+Ramuh

I had equipped Zapt with an Abyss Seed to access Dark Magic. I then equipped multiple Mirajewels for Agility, Speed, and access to Dispel, Blizzara, and Watera. Between the two stacks, I had a full distribution of Light Magic and Thunder Magic. I also had a Behemonster in my group in case I needed it.

When you're ready, head through the door for the final test, Ordeal 11. It's time for the boss battles. After a cutscene, you are thrown into a battle against the Knight in the Golden Mask and the Feathered Knight. Start by taking down the Golden Masked Knight, then switch to the Plumed Knight. Take advantage of its weakness and you'll find it's not a very difficult fight. After dealing with them, you'll get another cutscene and be put into a battle with Brandelis. This match is pretty much the same as the last one. I used Behemonster to deal enough damage to Brandelis, attacking me a few times and then igniting Brandelis with some Revenge Blasts. This tactic will be incredibly useful going forward.

After defeating Brandelis, you will receive the following achievement:

  • Fim?

    We reached a conclusion.

    Final Fantasy Maxima World Guide (9)

    Final Fantasy Maxima World Guide (10)Final Fantasy Maxima World Guide (11)Final Fantasy Maxima World Guide (12)

And some scenes. And the credits. But the game isn't over yet, you still have a lot to do. Then save your game and reload.

9. Postscript

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How many hours of gameplay is World of Final Fantasy Maxima? ›

How long does it take to beat World of Final Fantasy Maxima? The estimated time to complete all 58 World of Final Fantasy Maxima achievements is 60-80 hours. This estimate is based on the median completion time from 52 TrueAchievements members that have completed the game.

Is World of Final Fantasy Maxima worth it? ›

World of Final Fantasy Maxima remains a rather fantastic game. Despite the story not being much to shout about, there is so much to like about the journey. The interactions between characters as well as the gameplay are incredibly well crafted.

What is the level cap in World of Final Fantasy Maxima? ›

Level. Party members level up by accumulating experience points from defeated enemies. Characters are introduced to the party at LV 1, and the maximum level that can be reached is 99.

What is the difference between World of Final Fantasy and Maxima? ›

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is an enhanced version of World of Final Fantasy, with a few quality of life improvements and many post-game additions, like bonus super bosses and a new secret ending. The story is still the same as the base game.

How many endings are in World of Final Fantasy Maxima? ›

There are two endings, considered a "bad ending" and a "good ending." Playing through and beating the game normally actually unlocks the bad ending, which is an essential condition for continuing to unlock the game's good ending.

Can you get Sora in World of Final Fantasy Maxima? ›

Sora is unavailable in the standalone Maxima versions, however. In the Japanese version, Miyu Irino voiced Sora for his summon sequence. However, the English version doesn't have any dialogue.

What is the strongest job Final Fantasy? ›

8 Most Overpowered Jobs In Final Fantasy History
  • 8 Mime.
  • 7 Dragoon.
  • 6 Freelancer.
  • 5 Monk.
  • 4 Ninja.
  • 3 Samurai.
  • 2 Time Mage.
  • 1 Onion Knight.
Aug 4, 2022

Are there multiple endings to World of Final Fantasy? ›

World of Final Fantasy

There are two endings, considered a "bad ending" and a "good ending." Playing through and beating the game normally actually unlocks the bad ending, which is an essential condition for continuing to unlock the game's good ending.

Does World of Final Fantasy Maxima include Sephiroth? ›

Behind the scenes information

He is a Grymoirian incarnation of Sephiroth originating from Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth is one of the five character representatives of the Final Fantasy VII series, the other four being Cloud, Tifa, Shelke, and Zack (the latter appearing only in the Maxima version).

How many chapters are in World of Final Fantasy Maxima? ›

There are 21 Chapters and some post-game action that you'll need to do in order to unlock all of the achievements. There will be all the relevant information for each chapter in regards to capturing all the monsters, along with their stats etc, as well as where all the chests are.

Is World of Final Fantasy Maxima turn based? ›

It also features an Active Time Battle system for fans of the series (if you're unfamiliar, it's basically turn-based).

What is the hardest Final Fantasy? ›

Final Fantasy: The Franchise's 15 Hardest Games, Ranked By Difficulty (& How Long They Take To Beat)
  1. 1 Final Fantasy 11 (93 Hours)
  2. 2 Final Fantasy 3 (30 Hours) ...
  3. 3 Final Fantasy 4 (23 Hours) ...
  4. 4 Final Fantasy 2 (25 Hours) ...
  5. 5 Final Fantasy Tactics (54 Hours) ...
  6. 6 Final Fantasy (17.5 Hours) ...
  7. 7 Final Fantasy 13(48.5 Hours) ...
Jul 5, 2022

What is the best version of every Final Fantasy game? ›

Final Fantasy: The Best Version Of Every Main Game And How To Play Them
  1. 1 Final Fantasy 15. WINNER: PS5 or high-end PC.
  2. 2 Final Fantasy 14. WINNER: High-end PC or PS5. ...
  3. 3 Final Fantasy 13. WINNER: Xbox Series. ...
  4. 4 Final Fantasy 12. WINNER: PC or Switch. ...
  5. 5 Final Fantasy 11. ...
  6. 6 Final Fantasy 10. ...
  7. 7 Final Fantasy 9. ...
  8. 8 Final Fantasy 8. ...
May 14, 2023

Does World of Final Fantasy Maxima include all DLC? ›

It includes extra Mirages and Champions. The content is purchasable through the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. All downloadable content, with the exception of Sora, is included in the PC release for free.

Is ff9 harder than FF7? ›

FFIX is marginally more challenging because it was supposed to be a return to source after VII and VIII divided the fanbase a bit. "Source" meaning, more like FFIV through VI wich were a fair bit harder than VII and VIII.

Are all Final Fantasy games connected? ›

Final Fantasy is mostly an anthology series with primary installments being stand-alone role-playing games, each with different settings, plots and main characters, but the franchise is linked by several recurring elements, including game mechanics and recurring character names.

Can Lady Lunafreya be saved? ›

After Noctis and Ardyn cooperate to destroy Bahamut, magic is lost and the Astrals and the Crystal vanish. Before shattering, the Crystal absorbs all remnants of the Scourge, cleansing Eos. As her final act Shiva heals Lunafreya so she can live a happy life with Noctis.

Which Final Fantasy has the best ending? ›

The 10 Best Final Fantasy Endings, Ranked
  • 8 Final Fantasy IV.
  • 7 Final Fantasy IX.
  • 6 Final Fantasy X.
  • 5 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.
  • 4 Final Fantasy VI.
  • 3 Final Fantasy VIII.
  • 2 Final Fantasy VII.
  • 1 Final Fantasy Tactics.
Jul 2, 2019

Does World of Final Fantasy Maxima include Sora? ›

Sora is unavailable in the standalone Maxima versions, however. In the Japanese version, Miyu Irino voiced Sora for his summon sequence. However, the English version doesn't have any dialogue.

How many mirages can you have in World of Final Fantasy? ›

Obtining 100% completion for Mirage Manual unlocks the "Mirage Master" achievement. There are 210 entries in the core version of World of Final Fantasy, with the DLC bringing the total up to 230. The Maxima version includes seventeen new Mirages and thus brings the current total up to 247.

How do you get the good ending in Final Fantasy World? ›

In order to unlock the true ending you need to revive Tama and talk to Serafie to begin the final battles. In order to unlock the EX dungeons and bonus scene you need to complete all intervention quests then talk to Serafie to begin the final battles.

Is Tifa Virgin Final Fantasy? ›

Yes, she's a virgin. She was 13 when Cloud left and spent all that time pining for him. Then after the Nibelheim incident her focus was on revenge. The point of Barret's line in his resolution about Al is to show that nobody could get with Tifa and that Cloud is the only guy she'll accept.

Which Sephiroth is real? ›

Sephiroth, like Cloud for most of the story, has no real agency– instead a puppet controlled by Jenova. As far as the original Final Fantasy VII is concerned, the only Sephiroth who's actually alive is the one in Cloud's flashbacks.

Is Tifa in every Final Fantasy? ›

She is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake, the main protagonist of the novel Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of Two Pasts, and also plays a supportive role in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

What level should Sora be at the end of the world? ›

Talking numbers just for a moment, it's best to hit End of the World around Level 50, or just a bit more. If the party needs some toughening up, go fight in Traverse Town or the Coliseum, where the Hades Cup is now underway.

Which Final Fantasy has the most playable characters? ›

Square's role-playing video game Final Fantasy VI (released as Final Fantasy III in North America) features fourteen permanent player characters, the largest number of any game in the main Final Fantasy series, as well as a number of characters who are only briefly controlled by the player.

What class would Sora be? ›

Sora=Red Mage (Wields Black and White Magic, and can use swords, armor, etc.)

Who is the protagonist in World of Final Fantasy Maxima? ›

Set in the land of Grymoire, World of Final Fantasy chronicles the adventures of Lann and Reynn, twin siblings who must tame monsters and befriend characters from other Final Fantasy games to reclaim their lost memories.

Are all Final Fantasy canon? ›

Any Final Fantasy game published by Square Enix is canon immediately. However most of the games take place in entirely separate universes, so the canoncity of FFII versus FFVII is really an irrelevant question. The is not a single grand Final Fantasy canon as in Star Wars or whatever.

Do mirages evolve in World of Final Fantasy? ›

By fighting enough in battle, your Mirages can transform and evolve. This is called “Henshinka” in the game.


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