Embroidery Tools and Supplies (40+) You May Need - Sewing Guide (2023)

The embroidery is beautiful. The embroidery process is even more: it is calming, therapeutic and a medicine for the grieving soul.

I think everyone should start embroidering. Turn anyone into a designer with just a few tools: a small piece of cloth (for example,an embroidered handkerchief) and some colorful floss and embroidery needles are basically all you need to create these incredible designs that, with a little passion and careful stitching, will literally come to life before your eyes.

But it's still nice to have some additional tools.

If you are a beginner in embroidery, do not forget to check the posts."What is embroidery”;Frequently asked questions about embroidery for beginners

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The best list of tools, supplies and equipment for embroidery

What embroidery tools do you need to get started: the basics

knitting needle

Basic hand embroidery needles come in a kit with everything you need to get started. Check this post onDifferent types of sewing needles.accessible.

tailor scissors

These are the basic fabric-cutting scissors you probably already own.

small sharp scissors

A small, sharp pair of scissors is an indispensable tool. check the other12 types of cutting tools you need to sew.


This is for jotting down design ideas, layouts, and other creative stuff.

Embroidery Tools and Supplies (40+) You May Need - Sewing Guide (2)


Wool, linen, silk, cotton threads: machine embroidery rolls and hand embroidery kits; Whatever thread we use, make sure it is strong and durable.

visit a12 types of threads for hand embroideryaccessible.

drawing materials

Water soluble pens/crayons/pencils. You can even use soap bubbles to draw embroidery patterns.

Transparent paper

check the other8 Ways to Transfer Embroidery Designs to Your Work


You can embroider on any fabric - see publication on page 10the best fabric for your embroidery projectsfor more details.

(Video) 10 Essential Hand Embroidery Supplies: hoops, thread & floss, scissors, needles, fabric(BASIC)

embroidery hoop

The hoop stretches the fabric accordingly, which is essential for very clean embroidery stitches. It is available in various sizes. In hand embroidery, we use a circular frame, while in machine embroidery it is mainly a rectangular frame.

Embroidery Tools and Supplies (40+) You May Need - Sewing Guide (3)

For large hand embroidery projects, you may want a separate hoop so you can use both hands, or you may need to stretch a large fabric; You can buy all kinds of hoops to suit your needs.

Check the post ondifferent types of borders and frames used in embroidery


I have a clear plastic 18 inch ruler and a small one that fits in my hoop.


A thimble is used to protect the hands from the piercing needles and to prevent blood stains on the embroidery.

What additional embroidery supplies and tools are good to have?

Embroidery Tools and Supplies (40+) You May Need - Sewing Guide (4)

chenille needles

They are pointed needles with long and fine eyes that can be used to do all kinds of embroidery in general.

drawing materials

Drawing boards, thumbtacks, assorted cards and paper, and supplies for drawing and painting.

tailor's needles

Make sure you have the finest and sharpest (no rust) or your fabric will be damaged; Safety pins are also useful.


This handy little tool with a wire loop is a must for those who have difficulty threading needles. visit thedifferent ways to easily thread the needle.

crewel knitting needle

Circular needles are pointed needles with a round eye and are used for French knots and other knot stitches. The round eyelet makes it easy to slip the coiled line on.

measuring tape

Check this post if you want to know more about it.Read the tape measure correctly

Bee wax

This is used to coat the yarn to protect it from tangling and breaking.

Iron and ironing board

upholstery needles

These needles are blunt and used for cross stitch, buttonhole embroidery, wool embroidery, etc.


(Video) sewing supplies you need to start | WITHWENDY

Drills or stilettos formake eyelet holes, useful for embroidery English embroidery.


This is particularly useful for securing work on delicate fabrics.

thread scissors

Pinking shears for a zigzag edge are useful to prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying.

Departure on the 15thWays to fix fabric edges while sewing

wooden frame

A shutter frame and a slate frame with the pegs, rope, tape, etc. necessary.

fabric adhesive

For attaching beads, sequins and more.

pearl section

This small, fine needle is especially suitable for beading, even for small beads.

ball nose scissors

These scissors are ideal for lace and mesh applications and embroidery.

embroidery transfer materials

Black and white heels, a heel cup, paints and a fine brush; A light table; Charcoal boards in different colors.

visit adifferent methods you can use for club transfers


Metal, wood or paper patterns for patchwork and quilting.


Purchasable patterns can be transferred to fabric. There are even pre-printed fabrics on the market for those who want to continue embroidering.

line clippings

These little scissors help to cut the extra hairs.

(Video) The best way to SORT AND ORGANIZE YOUR SEWING supplies! Get Sew Organized Phase 2!

Measurement equipment

Measuring instruments: set square, protractor, compass, ruler, etc.


Reference books for embroidery techniques and designs.

thread organizers

Tangled and messy threads are a nightmare every embroidery enthusiast is familiar with. It's nice to have little cardboard organizers to wrap up the extra thread and boxes to keep the thread tidy. FurtherTips for Organizing ThemesHere.

a magnifying glass

When you have trouble seeing small dots or just want a closer look at fine work, these are useful tools.

application scissors

Duckbill shaped, these scissors help you cut appliqués without damaging nearby fabric.


Towels keep your hands clean so your work is perfect. Have towels or tissues ready.


This is an alternative to clouding the edges of the fabric. You can also use this on the ends of your hair.

micro tip scissors

These little scissors have a very sharp point at the tip and large loops for the hands.

needle besando

Keeps needles close at hand and safe.

night coaches

Hopefully you won't be using it, but if you make a mistake you'll need the tool to open the points.

keep readingUse the house opener correctly.


These have angled tips and help with precise stitch selection. It also helps to select small pearls, crystals and sequins.

placement tool

This is a long needle-like tool that helps you thread easily.

Special embroidery techniques require special types of tools and equipment. If you are interested in a specific type of sewing, try getting these tools for a successful attempt.

gold work

Metal threads, velvet lined box to cut, mulore to straighten and bend the thread, and shellac to dye the thread after finishing the embroidery. For zardosi work, you can buy a special zardosi needle (drum needle).

Property Tag

Aari Needle: A needle with a hook at one end.

(Video) Embroidery & Sewing supplies you need

applique work

freezer paper, stencils.

canvas work

Paste, pot and brush.

ribbon embroidery

Silk and cotton ribbons, chinelle needle with an eye large enough to pass the ribbon through, hole punch.


A special rule - stitch count rule. You get it by aida, linen and canvas. Use this ruler to count the threads or squares in one inch in the material you are working with.

perforated embroidery

Punching needle.




It is good to have a pleating machine for professional pleating; visit thePost auf A Beginner's Guide to Smocking

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