Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (2023)

Working with Markdown files in Visual Studio Code is easy, simple, and fun. In addition to basic VS Code editing, there are several Markdown-specific features that can help you be more productive.

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draft document

Outline view is a separate section at the bottom of File Explorer. When expanded, shows the symbol tree for the currently active editor. For markdown files, the token structure is the markup file header hierarchy.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (1)

Outline view is a great way to review header structure and document structure.

Fragments for Markdown

Several discount snippets are included built into VS Code: press⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar)(trigger hint) and you will get a list of context specific hints.

Cima:You can add your own custom snippets for Markdown. Checkcustom fragmentsto know how

Go to file header

Use⇧⌘O(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+O)to quickly jump to a header in the current file.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (2)

You can search for all headers in the file, or start typing a header name to find the exact header you're looking for. Once you find the header pressTo enterto move the cursor to it. PressEscto cancel the jump to the header.

Go to header in workspace

Use⌘T(Windows,LinuxControl+T)Search for headers in all Markdown files in the current workspace.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (3)

Start typing a header name to filter the list and find the header you're looking for.

end of route

Path completion helps create links to files and images. These paths are automatically indicated byIntelliSensewhen typing the path of an image or link, and can also be requested manually⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar).

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (4)

Paths starting with/are resolved relative to the root of the current workspace, while paths start with./or no prefixes are resolved against the current file. Route suggestions automatically appear as you type/or it can be called manually with⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar).

Path IntelliSense can also help you link to headers in the current file or another Markdown file. Start the path with#to display the completions of all file headers (depending on your configuration, you may need to use⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar)to see these):

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (5)

You can disable route intelligence with"markdown.suggest.paths.enabled": falso.

Drag and drop to insert links and images

Quickly insert images and file links by dragging and dropping. Start by dragging and holding a VS Code explorer file over your discount codecapato add it to the file. The preview cursor shows where it will be pasted when you drop it.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (6)

Removed images insert a discounted image![](route/to/image.png). Dropped files insert a normal discount link[](path/to/file.md).

smart selection

Smart Selection lets you quickly add and subtract selections in Markdown documents. This can be used to quickly select entire block elements (eg blocks of code or tables) and to select the entire contents of a header section in the Markdown file.

SmartPick uses the following commands:

  • Extensor:⌃⇧⌘→(Windows,LinuxShift+Alt+Right)
  • Shrink:⌃⇧⌘←(Windows,LinuxShift+Alt+Left)

Selection applies to the following and follows a traditional hierarchical pattern:

  • holders
  • listening
  • block quotes
  • fenced code blocks
  • HTML code block
  • high-heeled shoes

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (7)

link validation

Link validation checks the local links in your discount code to ensure they are valid. This makes it possible to detect frequent errors, e.g. For example, link to a renamed header or a file that no longer exists on disk.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (8)

Link validation is off by default. To activate it, just configure it"markdown.validate.enabled": wahr. VS Code parses the markup links to headers, images, and other local files. Invalid links are reported as warnings or errors. All link validation is done locally and external http(s) links are not checked.

There are a few settings you can use to customize link validation:

  • markdown.validate.fileLinks.enabled-Enable/Disable link validation for local files:[link](/path/to/file.md)
  • markdown.validate.fragmentLinks.enabled-Enable/disable link validation for headers in current file:[link](#_a-header)
  • markdown.validate.fileLinks.markdownFragmentLinks-Enable/disable validation of links to headers in the other markdown file:[link](other-file.md#some-header)
  • markdown.validate.referenceLinks.enabled-Enable/Disable referral link validation:[enlace][ref].
  • markdown.validate.ignoredLinks-A list of global links that will bypass validation. This is useful when linking to files that do not exist on disk, but exist after the markdown has been published.

Find all references to titles and links

Use oFind all references(⇧⌥F12(Windows,LinuxShift+Alt+F12)) to find all locations in the current workspace where a header or markup link is referenced:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (9)

Find all referencesis compatible with:

  • Holders:# my header. Show all links to#my-header.
  • External Links:[Text](http://example.com). Show all links tohttp://beispiel.com.
  • Internal links:[text](./path/to/file.md). Show all links to./Pfad/zur/Datei.md
  • Fragment in Links:[text](./path/to/file.md#my-header). Show all links to#my-headerno./Pfad/zur/Datei.md

Rename headers and links

Tired of accidentally breaking links when changing a discount header? Testrename icon(F2) instead. After typing the new header name and pressingTo enter, VS Code will update the header and automatically update all links to that header:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (10)

you can also useF2e:

  • Holders:# my header. This will update all links to#my-header.
  • External Links:[Texto](http://example.com/page). This will update all linked locationshttp://ejemplo.com/pagina
  • Internal links:[text](./path/to/file.md). This will change the file name../Pfad/zur/Datei.mdand also update all links to it.
  • Fragment in Links:[text](./path/to/file.md#my-header). This changes the header name to./Pfad/zur/Datei.mdand also update all links to it.

reduction view

VS Code supports Markdown files by default. Just start typing the Markdown text, save the file with an .md extension, and switch the editor view between the code and the Markdown file view. Of course, you can also open and work with an existing Markdown file. To switch between views, press⇧⌘V(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+V)in notepad. You can view side by side (⌘KV(Windows,LinuxCtrl+KV)) with the file you are editing and see the changes in real time as you edit it.

Here is an example with a flat file.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (11)

Cima:You can also right-click the editor tab and selectopen view(⇧⌘V(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+V)) or use thecommand paddle(⇧⌘S(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+P)) to run theMarkdown: open page previewdomain (⌘KV(Windows,LinuxCtrl+KV)).

Live previews and view lock

By default, markdown previews automatically update to show a preview of the currently active markdown file:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (12)

You can lock a redial view withMarkdown: toggle view lockcommand to keep it linked to your current discount document. Locked views are marked with[Forward]No title:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (13)

Use:DieMarkdown: toggle view lockThe command is only available when the Markdown view is the active tab.

Editor and preview sync

VS Code automatically syncs the markdown editor and preview panes. Scroll through the markdown preview and the editor will scroll to match the preview. Scroll in the markdown editor and the preview will scroll to fit your preview window:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (14)

You can disable scroll sync withmarkdown.preview.scrollPreviewWithEditorymarkdown.preview.scrollEditorWithPreview the configuration.

The currently selected line in the editor is indicated in the markup view by a light gray bar along the left edge:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (15)

Also, double-clicking an element in the Markdown preview automatically opens the file's editor and scrolls to the line closest to the element you clicked on.

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (16)

Extending the Markdown View

Extensions can bring custom styles and scripts into the Markdown view to change its appearance and add new features. Here is a set of example extensions that customize the view:

Use your own CSS

You can also include your own CSS in the Markdown view"markdown.styles": [] Attitude. This lists the URLs of the stylesheets to load in the Markdown view. These stylesheets can behttpsURLs or relative paths to local files in the current workspace.

For example, to load a style sheet calledstyle.cssUse in the root of your current workspaceoffice hour>Definitions>Definitionsto open the desktopconfiguration.jsonArchive and run this update:

// Save your settings to this file to override default and user settings.{ "markdown.styles": ["style.css"]}

Keep trailing spaces to create line breaks

To createhard line breaks, Markdown requires two or more spaces at the end of a line. Depending on your user or workspace preferences, VS Code can be configured to remove trailing spaces. To keep trailing spaces only in markdown files, you can add these lines to yourconfiguration.json:

{ "[Discount]": { "files.trimTrailingWhitespace":INCORRECT}}

Shrink preview security

For security reasons, VS Code restricts the content displayed in the Markdown view. This includes disabling script execution and resource overloading only.https.

If the Markdown preview is blocking content on a page, a warning pop-up will appear in the upper-right corner of the preview window:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (17)

You can change what content is allowed in the Markdown view by clicking or running this popupMarkdown: Change view security settingsCommand in any Markdown file:

Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code (18)

Markdown view security settings apply to all files in the workspace.

Here are the details of each of these security levels:


This is the default value. Only load trusted content and disable script execution. blockshttpPhotos.

It is highly recommended that you keep it.StrictlySecurity enabled unless you have a good reason to change it AND trust all markdown files in the workspace.

Allow insecure content

Keep scripts disabled but allow content to loadhttp.


Disables additional security in the preview window. This allows scripts to run and also allows for content overload.http.

discount extensions

In addition to the features that VS Code provides by default, you can install an extension to get more features.

Tip: Select an extension block above to read the description and comments to help you decide which extension is best for you. See more atmercado.

Next steps

Read on to learn more about:

  • CSS, SCSS e menos- Do you want to edit your CSS? VS Code has excellent support for CSS, SCSS and Less editing.

Common questions

Is there a spell checker?

It doesn't install with VS Code, but there are spell checker extensions. Check theMarket VS Codeto find useful extensions to help you with your workflow.

¿Unterstützt VS Code GitHub Flavored Markdown?

No, VS Code targets thosecommon brandSpecifying discounts with theMarkdown-itLibrary. GitHub is moving towards the CommonMark specification, which you can read about hereTo update.



Is VS Code a good markdown editor? ›

There are plenty of Markdown apps that cater to web writers. But free code editors like Microsoft's Visual Studio Code (VSCode) can be even more powerful. VSCode understands Markdown and has built-in tools for previewing it in HTML. However, you can add word processor functionality like word count and a spell checker.

How do I edit an md file in Visual Studio? ›

If you're using an extension to edit markdown files today, you may need to bring up the context menu on any file with the . md extension in the solution explorer and choose “Open With…”. In the Open With dialog, the “Visual Studio Markdown Editor” is the new, built-in editor.

How do I edit a markdown file? ›

Open the project editor and make sure that the README.md file is selected in the file view on the left. At the top of the editing pane, click the EDIT MARKDOWN button to reveal edit mode for the file. Now you can start typing directly in the file.

How do I open a md file in VS Code? ›

md files. To open a file with this mode, I have to right-click the file in VS Code document tree, and click "Open Preview". One can also use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V .

Which VS Code theme is best for markdown? ›

It's totally up to your personal preference, but I would recommend using Atom one light or One Dark Pro for markdown editing. I personally prefer using light theme for writing, and dark theme for coding. Having to switch from theme to theme quickly become boring.

Why VS Code is the best editor? ›

Visual Studio Code or VS Code is a text editor that offers multiple customisable features in the form of plugins for developers to curate a pretty selective development environment. VS Code is lightweight and powerful and can be easily installed on any platform. VS Code has built-in support for Node.

How to convert md to HTML in VS Code? ›

Open the Command Palette ('Ctrl+Shift+P'/'Cmd+Shift+P') and search for the command "Markdown: Copy as HTML". This will convert the selected markdown text to HTML and copy it to the clipboard. If no text is selected, the entire contents of the current document will be copied as HTML.

Can we edit readme Md file? ›

Click the README.md link from the list of files. Click the Edit button. Delete the following text: Delete this line to make a change to the README from Bitbucket. After making your change, click Commit and then Commit again in the dialog.

How to convert md to HTML? ›

First, open the Command Palette by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P . Then, start typing in “Markdown” and click on the Markdown All in One: Print current document to HTML command. The image below shows how the HTML formatting looks like after exporting the Markdown document.

How do I change from Markdown to code? ›

The default cell type is Code. To use the Keyboard Shortcuts, hit the esc key. After that, you can change a cell to Markdown by hitting the m key, or you can change a cell to Code by hitting the y key.

What is markup or Markdown editor? ›

What is the difference between markup and Markdown? Markup is a notation that is used to annotate text in a document to provide details on the text's structure or instructions for how it should be displayed. Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax that converts the plain text formatting to HTML."

How to install Markdown in Visual Studio Code? ›

Let's walk through compiling a simple Markdown document.
  1. Step 1: Install a Markdown compiler. For this walkthrough, we will use the popular Node. ...
  2. Step 2: Create a simple MD file. Open VS Code on an empty folder and create a sample.md file. ...
  3. Step 3: Create tasks. json. ...
  4. Step 4: Run the Build Task.

How to install Markdown in VS Code? ›

Install from VS Code (Recommended)

Open vscode editor, then search markdown-preview-enhanced in Extensions , then click Install button.

How do I unpack an MD file? ›

Since these MD files are just plain text documents, you can open one with any text editor, like Notepad or WordPad in Windows.

Is Markdown still relevant? ›

Markdown is widely used, and because it's just ASCII text after all, it is future-proof. When our descendants are trying to figure out how to read a PDF file, Markdown will still be sitting there out in the open like a Rosetta stone. By the way, since it's just text, it's easy to manage with any source control tool.

Is Markdown worth learning? ›

Markdown Is Easy to Read

Reading through a bunch of HTML while trying to focus on the content of the writing is a difficult task. Markdown's minimal formatting means that you can still focus on the words without the formatting getting in the way.

Should I learn LaTeX or Markdown? ›

Any markdown flavor is indeed a better option than LaTeX to focus on contents and format a document easily with a decent format, no doubt. But the paradise vanishes when you need more than standards sections and bulleted list. Simple formatting options such as centering an image or making two columns are not available.

What is the disadvantage of Visual Studio Code? ›

Cons: Visual Studio Code has a large number of extensions can make it difficult to find the right one for a specific task or it can slow down the performance of the software. Some users may find the interface to be overwhelming or cluttered, especially with many extensions installed.

Why do so many people use VS Code? ›

Robust and extensible architecture. Architecturally, Visual Studio Code combines the best of web, native, and language-specific technologies. Using Electron, VS Code combines web technologies such as JavaScript and Node. js with the speed and flexibility of native apps.

Why is everyone using VS Code? ›

It's Free (open source). It's written in Typescript, meaning bugs in the program are less weird than other Electron things are, usually. (Not everyone uses strong types when writing JavaScript apps, and that's terrible.)

Can Visual Studio edit HTML? ›

Visual Studio Code provides basic support for HTML programming out of the box. There is syntax highlighting, smart completions with IntelliSense, and customizable formatting.

How do I update a README.md file? ›

To update your README file:
  1. In a text editor, update the contents of the README.md file.
  2. Save the README.md file.
  3. On the command line, in the package root directory, run the following commands: npm version patch. npm publish.

How do I edit an MD file in GitHub? ›

Open up your browser, log into your Github account, navigate to the desired repository and click on the Readme.md file (or basically any file). Click on the pencil icon on the top-right of the file-viewer and you could edit the file in your browser.

Can I mix HTML and Markdown? ›

In short, you can't use HTML to wrap Markdown. Markdown is not processed inside HTML. But you can use a Markdown extension to assign attributes to the generated HTML.

Can I write Markdown in HTML? ›

Note that Markdown formatting syntax is not processed within block-level HTML tags. E.g., you can't use Markdown-style emphasis inside an HTML block. But it is explicitly allowed for span-level tags: Unlike block-level HTML tags, Markdown syntax is processed within span-level tags.

Can Markdown be converted to HTML? ›

Output. A Markdown to HTML converter is a tool that takes Markdown formatted text and converts it into HTML. This can be useful for people who want to write in a more readable and lightweight markup language, but need to display their text on the web.

Do technical writers use Markdown? ›

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that many technical professionals use to create and edit technical documents. With Markdown, you write text in a plain text editor (such as vi or Emacs), inserting special characters to create headers, boldface, bullets, and so on.

Why is Markdown so popular? ›

You can write rich formatted content extremely quickly (compared to writing directly in HTML tags) You can read Markdown easily in plain text before rendered by HTML. It doesn't interrupt your workflow with the need to click buttons. It's platform-agnostic so your content is not tied to the format of your editor.

Is Markdown better than HTML? ›

Markdown is easier to write than HTML, and it's easier for most humans to read and write Markdown than HTML. Writing HTML by hand is more painstaking and laborious due to its semantic tags for each element.

What is Markdown file in Vscode? ›

Markdown is a formatting language used when the resulting document will be rendered or converted into html documents for web-viewable material. The format is commonly used to generate documents like readme's in GitHub or blog posts and even this website.

Why do developers use Markdown? ›

Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, that can then be converted into structurally valid HTML. So, to be entirely precise, Markdown is really two things: A plain text formatting syntax.

Is Notepad ++ a Markdown editor? ›

MarkdownViewer++ is a Notepad++ plugin that lets you type a file using Markdown and see the preview in real time, in a preview panel.

What program opens MD files? ›

The basic text editor, Notepad, creates plain documents. It is also useful in viewing and editing MD files and other . txt files. Since it can create Web pages, it may support basic formatting in HTML documents.

Can Windows read MD files? ›

View markdown (. md) files in a human-readable form. Markdown View integrates with Windows to open . md files and supports multiple themes, printing and more.

What program reads MD files? ›

You can open and edit an MD file in any text editor, including:
  • Microsoft Notepad (Windows)
  • Apple TextEdit (Mac)
  • Vim (Linux, Mac)
  • GitHub Atom (cross-platform)
  • Google Chrome Text (Chrome OS)

Should I use Markdown or LaTeX? ›

LaTeX / TeX markup works great for producing high-quality typesetting for articles, research papers, manuals, books, etc. Markdown works great for distraction-free focus-on-what-you-want-to-say writing. Using tools such as pandoc or kramdown you can (auto-)convert plain text in markdown to LaTeX for further processing.

How long does it take to learn Markdown? ›

Markdown is easy to learn. Super easy. You can learn the basics in five minutes and it will quickly become second nature. And – just like the relationship between CSS and CSS preprocessors – you can use as little or as much as you like.

How hard is Markdown? ›

Markdown is an easy, frictionless way of writing content for the Web and the perfect way for developers to create documentation. It lets you structure and format documents easily using simple, text-based markup, which then gets converted into HTML for you — all from within your favorite text editor.

Do people still use LaTeX? ›

LaTeX is used most of the time in math, physics, or computer science fields but it is not limited to them. Your collaborators and peers probably will use it and they will appreciate you for using it too since it is common to submit scientific papers and articles to journals in LaTeX.

Why is it recommended to use Markdown? ›

Markdown was designed to make it easier for web writers to work with articles in an age where web publishing required writing HTML. So, the intent was to make it simpler to interface with text formatting in HTML.

Is Markdown just HTML? ›

Markdown is not a replacement for HTML, or even close to it. Its syntax is very small, corresponding only to a very small subset of HTML tags. The idea is not to create a syntax that makes it easier to insert HTML tags. In my opinion, HTML tags are already easy to insert.

Should I learn Markdown or HTML? ›

Markdown is easier to write than HTML, and it's easier for most humans to read Markdown source than HTML source. However, HTML is more expressive (particularly regarding semantic tagging) and can achieve some specific effects that might be difficult or impossible in Markdown.

Can I write math in Markdown? ›

We are pleased to announce that math expressions can now be rendered natively in Markdown on GitHub. Support for displaying math expressions has been a highly requested feature for over 8 years.


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