Child of a Deity - Chapter 9 - DarkWolf_BlueDragon_PinkFairies (2023)

chapter text

The month after the disaster ended was filled with laughter in the imperfect family. Link and Zelda went to each region to restore alliances, though Zelda wasn't going to rule any time soon. Her goal was to build a better kingdom, the castle being the last.

The end of this month brought pain. Hylia brought Twilight into her own era. They only had time to say goodbye and hug again. Link obviously had a harder time. It got worse when he realized that due to the many generations he and Twilight were, Twilight was technically dead to their era when he left.

Zelda has made the little house her home with the permission of the other two. They thought she was crazy for asking, as they were already resigned to her presence. The father-son duo worked to expand the house so that she could have her own room and Link could have a larger room next to hers. That left Dametrius with the big attic. First, he blasted a hole in the wall that had previously separated the two rooms on the second floor. You have to start somewhere when you knock down a wall. Zelda also asked for a bathroom. She didn't think the makeshift shower in the back was ladylike. They couldn't argue with that, so a bath house was built.

After the house was renovated, Link became more restless and needed to do something. He ended up talking to Bolson about a possible job. He ended up leaving Hateno with Hudson for two months. They traveled to the northern region of Akkala on horseback to found a city called Terry Town. Link cut the necessary wood from another region so as not to disturb the beauty of his childhood home.

Hudson needed a community to live in and roles to fill. Link, who was so generous, did just that: he gained a Goron father and son selling jewels from Death Mountain, a Rito who dreamed of being his own merchant, and a Gerudo seamstress, who was looking for love. The trick was that each name had to end in "son". Tradition was the only reason given when asked about the odd order.

Rhondson, the seamstress, ended up finding love in Hudson. Once again, Link was doing a favor. He went to the Zoras and found a priest to perform the ceremony. Everyone in town, Bolson, Karson, even Zelda and Dametrius were invited to the wedding.

Link had left out a few shrines and decided to finish them off in his spare time. He said there were only a few left, but some shouldn't have taken three weeks. Dametrius knew what was going on, Link was distracted. Not to shirk responsibility, but when the silence became too much. When Zelda brought this to Dametrius's attention and asked if she had done or said anything, he gently explained. "When you only know one thing, one job, and that job is over, you feel like you've lost your purpose. You just have to do something related to your job. So go out there and fight monsters and recreate shrines with combat checks." He hated seeing her ears droop like that.He placed a comforting hand on her cheek and she sighed.

The times when Link slept at home were usually monotonous. Mostly. There were nights when nightmares consumed his senses and robbed him of sleep. He woke up screaming and wouldn't let anyone touch him to comfort him. He just sat on the bed, curled up. The other two would patiently wait for him to calm down.

Zelda had similar experiences some nights. It seemed that even though teenagers had won the war, they still couldn't escape the trauma. Unlike Link, Zelda needed physical contact to calm her mind. She would either find her way to Link's room when he was home or go to Dametrius. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Link would get out of bed before Zelda's night terrors could attack him and crawl into bed so he could sleep peacefully.

It was even rarer for Dametrius to wake up with the two of them huddled on either side of him or to his left. By this point, she's basically embraced Zelda as her own and treated her as such, though she hoped that at some point she and Link would do something about their relationship. On those rare nights he would pull her close and rub her scalp, knowing it was a weakness in both of them.

Life was…going on. Things were slowly moving in the right direction and they had each other and close friends to help them. As the air shifted, bringing with it a sense of power that came only from the hero's mind, and there were so many of them, Dametrius could only worry. Apparently Zelda could sense it too and they knew whoever it was would find their way to their little house on the hill. So they waited.

Dametrius and Zelda were feeding the horses as their new company crossed the bridge. Their paths were barred by the stalls, which prevented the Eights from approaching the house. "Hey?" someone asked when they knocked on the door. Dametrius realized that he was the Skyloftian, the first chosen hero.

Before he could say anything, Zelda went to the front of the house to greet the new arrivals. Damertius swore under his breath, but agreed with what she was doing. Good thing they both knew who was coming and not some random group of men. The god would have more bodies to throw away if something happened. "May I help you gentlemen?" he asked innocently.

"We're looking for someone named Link. Is he here?"

"And what do you have to do with him?" Fire in his tone, barking more than biting at the moment.

"Affair of the goddess, ma'am."

"The goddess? Do you use that excuse a lot to get away with it?" Zelda had her hands on her hips.

"S-sorry, what? I would never use the name Hylia t-" The young Skyloftian stopped mid-sentence as Dametrius made his way with slow steps (dramatic entrance) to stand beside Zelda, arms crossed over his chest .

He raised an eyebrow and said in a deep, rumbling voice, "Did you say that?" He looked at the eight in front of him, couldn't see them all and stopped at the tallest and oldest. He blinked at her. He knew the reaction she would have and it's clear that the man he'd known since childhood didn't disappoint.

The hero of the time drew his sword and pointed it at the god. "How are you standing here?" he asked. The other heroes quickly drew their own weapons in response.

Dametrius took a good look at the older face, the markings that matched his own, including the scar. "Do you dare to take up arms in her presence with the princess?" Some of them flinched at the realization and the growl in his voice. The hero of time and the warriors stood side by side.

"For you, yes."

"Time! Wars!" one of the others whispered harshly. So they were seeking his hero title, he pointed out.

"Oh! For God's sake!" A voice called from behind the group. He knew that voice. A young man with dirty blond hair stepped forward and squeezed between the two, who were still pointing their swords at the god. Well, Warriors hesitated because the princess was in front of him. He had wolf skin and green robes, just as she remembered him. The young man looked first at Zelda. "Zelda, it's been a while."

Zelda's smile widened. "Twilight!" She almost knocked her to the ground when she jumped into his arms as he approached. "How are you? We missed you!"

"I missed you all too. You've grown up AND I love your haircut." He ducked and walked towards the person in question. Dametrio, it's always a pleasure to see you. He extended his hand to shake it.

He chuckled, "When did we start shaking hands?" Twi rolled her eyes and hugged him tightly, Zelda wrapping her arms around the hero's torso.

"Where's Cub?" asked Twi as they took off.

“Closer than you think.” Dametrius smiled.

A pink-haired boy in a long red robe cleared his throat. "Great, you guys know each other, would you mind explaining things to us?"

Twilight turned and saw clearly what Dametrius was smiling at. "Well, Legend, first things first: the old man is about to go crazy if he doesn't put down his sword."

Time narrowed its eyes. "For him?" bare teeth.

"Oh no." Twilight nodded at the blind side of time with her chin. "For him."

Link drew his sword to Time's throat. He got along well with his Sheikha. "You have three seconds to put your goddamn gun down." To make it clear he wasn't lying, he rotated the blade a few degrees upward. As Time carefully did this, Link added, "You guys are sucking off Hylia, what do you want?"

"Child, you too stink to the gods."

"At least I do it for a better reason than you." Link sheathed his sword and embraced the one he called brother, clinging to him like an octorok. "I hope you stay here for a while."

"We have a lot to recover from"

Dametruis observed how whoever he assumed was called Sky when they went through titles became angry at the way Link was talking about Hylia. The Skylotian stepped forward and said, "Hey! What do you have against Hylia? He made the mistake of grabbing Link's shoulder.

Link turned, eyes narrowed and fangs bared. He grabbed his shoulder, twisted, kicked the other in the knee, forcing him onto his back. She landed on top of him, knees to his chest, the words dripping venom. "Do not touch!"

"Did you just growl? Were you raised by damn wolves? asked the legend.


Twilight sighed dramatically, "It's been a year!"

With a huff, Dametrius informed them, "The last person to lay an unwanted hand on him was thrown off a frozen mountain and left for dead."

Link laughed. "You know, I found his body the other day."

"Did you know?" he asked in amusement.

Twilight turned to him, "And I wonder who put it there."

The god shrugged. "You shouldn't have touched my son like that."

"I never said I didn't do the same."

Link placed his hand on his chest, blinked and said, "Oh, I feel so loved."

Dametrius chuckled as Twilight plucked Link from Sky and put him in a headlock, ruffling his hair. He shook the first hero's hand to help him up. There was hesitation, he understood why. In the background, one of the younger ones in a blue robe could be heard saying, "I like her!", which elicited a small chuckle from the god's lips. “Come in, guys, so we can talk about all the things my sister has done to you now.” He held out his hand to Zelda, who walked beside her, ever the gentleman.

Twilight shouted to the others. "Welcome to the Fierce Family House!"

Dimly he heard Time whisper, "Son?"

Inside, the new heroes followed Twilight's lead, leaving their gear in the small cupboard in the kitchen. Zelda sat at the table, Twi beside her. On the other side was the youngest from before. A freckled dove with curly hair sat at the other end of the table, facing Zel. Warriors and Tempo were closer to the door, keeping an eye on everyone. The pink-haired teenager from earlier was standing at the table next to the tree. A little way off, the Skyloftian stood and flexed his fingers. Further into the house was the multicolored teenager, looking at the guns emblazoned on the walls.

Dametrius was standing against the wall behind Zelda, Link at his side. The scarred hero had his eyes narrowed and his arms crossed as he closely watched the unexpected companion as she sat next to the one he would always protect. Dametrius nudged him lightly. "Relax. They're all heroes too. You won't hurt her."

"I'm not worried about the second part... It's the first part."

"What are heroes?" He turned more towards the youngest. "Why?"

“We are all the same, but different. What if I'm the one who failed?

"You didn't fail, you just fell behind. I wouldn't deceive them." He placed a hand on Link's shoulder and looked around at the others in the house.

Zelda started the conversation. "Then why do they all exist if they have the same name?"

Twilight introduced her: "My name is still Twilight. To your left is Wind, in front of you is Hyrule, in red is Legend. Blue Scarf Warriors are standing by the door, with Time beside him. The only pup placed is Sky.” He continued to turn in his chair. "Four, don't touch them," he warned as the smaller one went to inspect the wall-mounted guns. "This is Four, our forge."

The wind whipped into her seat. "What is your hero title?"

"I never bothered to find out." Wind cocked his head, looking disappointed at the answer. Link shrugged.

"I could always figure that out." Hyrule indicated.

"Uh, maybe not…?" whispered Twi as she looked at Dametrius.

Link loosened his arms. "I eat?"

Sky looked up from where he was struggling. "The Master Sword tells you. All you have to do is hold it." Sky took the original sword.

Ah, so maybe that's why Twi didn't say so.


"Why not?" asked the other. his body language showed pain with the words.

"Because I don't have any version of the sword other than mine, unless I have no other choice. I still have it, my epochs, but I only use it against certain enemies. Those enemies have been out for almost a year."

Legend snorted slightly. "It can't be that bad."

Link growled, "I don't feel like dying right now."

The room fell silent, all eyes on Link. Dametrius measured every emotion. Some of the heroes in the room have suffered traumatic or simply magical events from the drawing of the holy sword. Those who did had facial expressions believing in the last hero.

Zelda turned in her chair. "Link, he has the strongest version. I highly doubt he'll do that again."

Sky took a step away from the table. "Yet again? what do you mean again Fi would never hurt any of us let alone kill them.”

Dametrius felt sorry for the young hero who blindly loved Hylia and Fi. The sky was in the clouds for a long time. She hadn't seen what the others had been through, so she wouldn't understand. “Fi is not as young as she used to be. Our era is the oldest era, and it petered out with the millennial generation. She needed him to make certain things right.unknownRequirements for unsheathing the sword again. He moved too soon and died, apparently it was temporary. Fairies are wonderful little things to have."

Sky looked down at the master sword he had placed in both of his hands. "She's not weak here. That could change things."

"Can you guarantee his survival if he touches you?"

"Father-" Link tried to interrupt him, but Dametrius held up a hand to stop him.

"Yes." Sky said boldly, meeting the god's stern gaze with a look of her own.

"Cum." He was reasonably pleased to burst the Skyloft bubble and see Wind smile at the language used. "I have a better way if she listens to me." Sky turned the knob for Dametrius. "Oh no, I don't want the side effect I'm having with the sword, especially if Fi is willing to kill me in her time. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried." He looked at his son, "Can you turn him over without touching him?" He waited patiently as Link searched through his weapons inventory, bolts of blue light swirled around his back, and the sword materialized.

The warriors bumped into the wall. "How did you do it?"

"Magic." Twilight said at first, knowing this would provoke a reaction from her little brother.

Link picked an apple from the slate and threw it at the hero wolf's head. Zelda laughed at her. It's been so long. "It's technology, Twi."

"So you say." He bit into the apple, rolling his eyes. "Why is everything so much prettier here?"

"What is that?" Hyrule asked.

Twilight stopped mid-bite. "This? This is an apple." He held up his hand so that Link could throw another. He handed the red fruit to the dove, which had more magic than the others.

Hyrule looked at it, sniffed it, and took a small bite. Her eyes widened as he chewed. He took a bigger bite while humming happily.

"Good right?" Twi asked.

"It's the biggest thing I've ever used on my body. Where can I buy something?

Link didn't laugh at the question like most people did. He, too, was once clueless. "You are free. They grow everywhere here. Don't you have fruit growing on trees?

“You have to have a tree to bear fruit. My world is a barren wasteland, and if anything, it will be toxic. The water is also poisonous.


Dametrius took a glass and filled it with water. He handed it to the obviously deprived hero, who now looked very thin for another reason. Hyrule looked worried, so the god took a sip from the cup first to show he was okay. He was pleased when the boy drank the entire glass and then handed it back. "You can have whatever you want."

"Thank you very much." said the boy shyly.

Zelda drummed her fingers, silently asking the god to hurry up. He rolled his eyes. "I'm not promising she'll do this for me. We recently reconciled. Fi?" He waited like the last time he spoke to her. The sword emitted a soft blue hue. "Do you want to speak through the sword or step outside for a bit?" The sword gave a small pulse before Fi exploded, successfully shocking most of the room The god laughed at her.

He looked around the room as he levitated. "Hello Master Links' of any age." He turned to Dametrius. "Hello Strong. I know what you want to ask and I can guarantee that your son will not be harmed until you return the sword to the forest of Korok."

He swayed in the air before dropping easily. All the heroes reacted quickly and wanted to help her, but it was Dametrius who reached out. She weighed nothing as she sat on his arm. "Are you sure you don't want to rest properly?" he asked in a brotherly tone.

"Not." she sighed. "Hylia is afraid something is coming and I don't want to risk anything. Let the sword rest here.

Those weren't good odds, but he decided to ease up on the words. "When didn't I listen to you?"

"Ever." She gave him a small smile and tugged on a strand of her white hair. He let out an "ouch!" while re-watching all the heroes. She inclined her head politely to them before turning back to her sword.

"So...?" Wind looked at Link, then at the sword Sky was holding.

"Good." Link hesitated in gripping the hilt as the blade rested in Sky's hand. A smile spread across her face the longer she held it. Fi spoke to the two holding the blade.

"You are nature's hero." announced the sky.

Zelda snorted, "Well, isn't it? Our world is completely wild, and so is your hero."

"I would have chosen Feral." added Twi. He chuckled as he dodged the blow to the neck. "Oh, come on, you know how it used to be."

Sky seemed to relax. "Welcome to the Savage team." The name was very appropriate.

connection stopped. "Wait, you think knowing my hero title means I'm going to date seven strangers and my best friend? No, absolutely not."

"You act like you have a choice." Time was still an open man when needed. Obviously Link didn't understand.

"I have a choice. I choose not to go.” He looked at Twilight, "I love you Twi and I've missed you more than you can imagine, but I can't do this."

Dametrius wanted to comfort his son, to tell him he could stay, but he knew his sister would have her way. "Portals?"

Four continued to stare at the weapons, "Or we'll just switch without warning.

"Listen," Legend placed a hand on his hip, "you have to come with us one way or another."

Link looked around and his eyes fell on his father. The god had a sad expression on his face and his son looked like he was crumbling inside. "Dad, he n-can't. I already gave him everything, what's left?"


"No no! I gave her everything. I gave my life, I died for her! She made Zel fight Ganon while she waited for me. One hundred years.” He pointed to himself and Zelda, "We gave him a hundred years so we could defeat Calamity Ganon."

"I know, but when we expect something betterit is?” His hatred for his sister grew with tears in his son's eyes.

When Link picked up his tablet, Zelda stood up. "Where are you going?"

"To see the Impa".

"I'm with you." He put his hand on the board and they turned blue.

Dametrius and Twilight looked at each other. "Do you think he's going to call you over the blackboard?"

"Only if he gets into a fight and that's fine." Twilight took a deep breath. "I still hate that magic."

Dametrius took the vacant seat. "So what has my sister got you into now?"

Among all the heroes, they told him how they joined one by one, starting with Sky. They encountered black-blooded monsters that were exceptionally stronger and traveled in packs. They hunted a shifting shadow through the ages, and although Dametrius never found it, he came up with the idea that it was Dark Link. He was the only one he could think of capable of infecting monsters as he'd been told outside of Ganondorf, and even then he had problems with it.

"I know Cub is used to all of this, but monsters change seasons too," Twilight reported.

"That could be worrying. Not for him, but if all of ours meet.

"I'm confused." The warriors were on the side of the wind. "What does it mean for us not for him and that he's used to all of this?"

"Have you seen our monsters?" I ask.

"Not yet."

"Our monsters are not black bloods, but they are twice as hard to kill. There is a color system for them that helps. From lowest rank to strongest are Red, Blue, Black, Silver and Gold. The green Lizalfos resemble the red of other monsters. You'll find a stray monster here and there, but they're mostly in groups of three or more. Sometimes they scatter when protecting something. We have monster camps and bokoblins that ride horses. Lizalfos can also be tricky. Those near water can shoot water, in the desert they shoot electricity, in snowy regions they use ice. Normally, all monsters can be killed with an elemental dart opposite their location: fire to ice, ice to fire, or a dart bomb. If you are near a bridge, be prepared for floating structures with monsters on them."

"You forgot Stone Talus and Lynels." Twilight added.

"What is a talus?" four asked.

"Do you have Lynels?" Legend and Hyrule asked simultaneously.

"What else could you have?" asked the wind.

Dametrius listed everything at once. "Talus, Lynels, Bokoblin, Lizalfos, Moblins, Keeses, Wizzrobes, Octos, Hinox, Chuchus, Moldugas. The Lizalfos, Moblins, Bokoblin and Hinoxes have a Stal version at night. If you see a stable horse, do itnottry to fight it. They're harmless and it's one of the quickest ways to piss off my son."

"Some of them are bosses, right? They're just in dungeons." Four asked, now standing beside Twilight.

"We don't have dungeons like the rest of you. The next thing we have are the shrines, but none of them will be able to enter unless Wild forces you to enter. You react to him and only him. Monsters roam free to do what they want. want.

"We're all going to die here..." Legend whispered. Twilight laughed. "What's so funny, farmer?"

“Cub just gets hurt more by normal animals than monsters. Dametrius left out the fact that there are wolves, bears, big-horned rhinos, moose, wild goats, bulls, wild horses, demon birds aka cuckoos, and wild boars that will happily pounce on you if you get too close. Even so, it's the spirit dragons that give him the most trouble."


"What is this place?" Sky seemed appalled at the dangers.

“Our era is the deadliest. Despite saying this, I've fought creatures beyond imagination and beyond the nightmares anyone can imagine."

“Why do you keep calling this time yours?” Time asked sharply, still in the doorway. "You are not of an era, but you claim it."

Hour.” Twilight half growled.

"No reason. As the Captain, Team and I have a much longer history together and I would expect that sooner or later he would question things about me."

"How did you get out of the mask?" Wasted time, a single eye piercing invisible holes.

"A woman named Freya set me free."

"Why did you stay here?"

"Because I fell in love with her and had a child." He pointed to the picture on the wall.


Dametrius snarled at them, fangs bared. I'm not crazy as you hope to think. If anything, I was under his spell.



“We seem to have different memories of our time together, if you think I believe you.” Time fell off the wall.

He let the man pretend to dominate the conversation for a while. "No, the same memories. I happen to know the truth behind it."

time mocked. "I didn't know there was any truth behind murder, mutilation and possession."

"I don't expect you to listen or believe me, but I do expect you to respect me in my own home. I would do the same with yours. The mask wasn't me, or it wasn't the real me. It took me away from reason. original of my creation. I'm sorry for what happened to you and what you had to do to get the mask off your face. I never wanted this for you. You were just a child in a world you didn't belong in. I wish you had kept you locked up after Termina or the war, but you needed help. Unfortunately, the mask has become too strong for you as you age. A child's innocence can overcome corruption, but once innocence wears off, was..."

He was silent for a while until time spoke again. "Does Wild know?"

"I mentioned it to him, but he wouldn't know. He said there was no need to mention it if he was after me.

"Last question, how did you get to that age?"

"Your daughter. You gave her precise instructions and she followed them."

"My what?"

"Do you have a son?" asked the wind. "You didn't say anything about her."

Dametrius chuckled at the confusion. "Not just a child, children and it didn't happen." Time apologized with silence.

Twilight slapped the one next to her. "Did you have to drop the bomb?"

It's not my fault you haven't already." He huffed, "I'll wait before I tell him your little secret, but I'll talk to him." He followed the older man who was now standing by the pond, leaning against the stable pole. "You know, I never thought you were a sentimental man. Especially for me.

"I'm very sorry."

"Your armor. You can't tell me it doesn't look like mine. I have a feeling you designed them.

Time rubbed his hands together as he looked down. “You, the mask, have been a great stepping stone on my path. Facing Majora and the moon would have been as different as the war. I probably wanted to remind you of that. A memory of my face."

"Yeah sorry. It wasn't my favorite part of my life either. I put you through hell growing up. I won't ask for forgiveness, I don't deserve it. But I will ask that you hold any grudge or hatred towards me and me alone. my son as another."

"I wouldn't blame a father's mistakes on his children. Is there anything I should know about him?

"Whatever he wants you to know, he'll tell you. Trust Twilight with him, they spent a year together and he knows how to handle it." Dametrius smiled. His son looked a lot like the man next to him.

Kids. Time snorted with a smile. "How many will I end up with?"

"Twins, a girl and a boy. Just because I don't have kids now doesn't mean there isn't a family."

"Are you implying that I have an offspring in this small group of heroes?" Time has turned to God.

"Not just one. Half of them and not all from the same timeline. Two know, but I can guarantee they'll react differently when they find you. One might know and the last one has no idea." He laughed out loud, "Does the captain realize you're the same boy from the war?"

“As far as I know, the war ended only three years ago. You are probably thinking that your younger brother must be around fourteen now, not knowing that I am from an earlier era. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm sure we'll keep it for more than just its looks." They both laughed out loud and probably tagged the others in there because that's not how they got out.

In the silence, he could feel that time was holding back questions. She owed him more, but she would settle for that. "What do you think?"

"Navigation. Malon and I tried everything we could to get her back."

"You'll see her again, but not whenever you want."

"Do you know why he disappeared and why he didn't say why?"

He wanted to ease the young man's pain, he knew the pain of loss. “Fairies, though resilient, have limitations. As you traveled back in time, it took its toll. When you returned to your time, the damage was already done. It couldn't be undone and she knew it. She was dying. She knew she would die on the way back to the forest or at her hands if she tried to explain her reasoning to you, so she flew away. He arrived in the forest and will rest there until it's time to take you to the forest too.”

"Until I die?"

"Until you die."

The smile of time sadly met his eyes. He looked up to the sky and asked, "Is she also waiting to take you to the forest?" The metaphor has not been lost. Free, I mean. I couldn't help but notice that she's not here, but the house still has her warmth in every frame."

"She is." Dametrius twisted his wedding ring around the fingers of his right hand.

"I'm sorry for your loss." A timid hand landed on her forearm.

It's been a hundred long years without her.” He was lost in thought that he had forgotten that the others didn't know Wild's age.

Time faded with his words. "Savage is immortal?"

"No. Turns out he's just like you when it comes to sleeping for long periods of time." Before shoving his big foot deeper into his mouth, he changed the subject, "Come on, it's going to get dark soon and Wild must be Zelda soon to return."

"Can we restart first?" Time extended its hand. "I am Link Lon."

"Dametrius Fierce". He took the man's hand in a single squeeze. It was a start.

It was as relaxing as it would have been with everyone crammed into the smallest house. Dametrius and Twilight told stories from Twi's time into the Wild era. They lightly explained why there were no real settlements along the roads and how the disaster devastated everything when it happened. As this Hyrule grew again, well, wildly. The name started to stick.

"I really hate magic!" Twilight clenched her teeth as strands of blue light shattered him into a million pieces.

"Ah! Where did he go?!" The wind had fallen out of his chair when this happened.

Wild found a fight. He's like a magnet for that." He was also the son of a god of war. Less than five minutes later, the door opened. Twilight stepped forward, Zelda under her arm. -Where is...? Dametrius started to ask, but his son made way for the other two to enter.

"I could really use your help."

This was not normal. "What happened?" He took a closer look at his son's clothes. Black burn marks on her tight blue top showing off her pink skin. "No possibility." the whisper.

"They're back. All of them." Wild ran to the wall holding shields and opened the chest there. He took out his tablet and traded some of his weaker weapons for his stronger Sheikah swords. He replaced his wooden shields with Sheikahs and his Hylian Shield. All bows have been converted to Lynel bows. He donned his regular Champions tunic and pants with the push of a button.

Zelda went into her room and took out her own shield and sword. "And where do you think you're going, young lady?" asked Dametrius in his fatherly tone.

“Bolson, his team and several other Hylians are rebuilding Castle Town, where the largest group was. We need as many people there to help them get out of the area safely."

"And you think it's you?" He put a hand on her shoulder.

"Try to stop me. This is my kingdom, though everyone agrees I won't rule until it's rebuilt. It's still my responsibility."

"How cheeky today! but you can gowilldo whatever I say. If I say run, run or help me, I will send a portal back here. He looked at her over his shoulder. When did you become so demanding? When did it get so soft?

"We can help too. That's what we're here for." Four looked around the room, they all nodded.

Surprisingly, it was Wild who squinted and barked the next command. "You don't know this monster. It's not dead or alive. Your task is to evacuate and protect Zelda. Everything else is up to the two of us. If you're cornered, hide. It will be your only chance to live. The Master Sword and Ancient Sheikah Blades are the only things that can deal significant damage to them.”

"What are you?" The warriors didn't look any different than the ones he had during the war.

"Guardian". Wildly looked at Dametrius, "Ready?"

"I was born smart boy." His armor, hat and sword materialized on his body. "Go." They all left the house where Dametrius opened a portal to the outskirts of Castle Town.

The newly built part of Castle Town was on fire. Several Hylians tried to put out the fires, but had to hide to prevent guards from running through the compound. Some women ran into the woods and were chased by a single mechanical spider. With all of Dametrius' strength, he hurled his sword like a spear at the machine. It crackled and collapsed, the sword embedded in the revolving head.

He called his sword back into his hands and reminded the other what to do. "Get everyone to safety, search the buildings that aren't on fire. Always keep an eye on Zelda!"

Time took Wind, Warriors and Four, just as Twilight took Zelda, Legend, Hyrule and Sky. The groups split up and did as they were told. Dametrius and Wild ran in their own direction to defeat the guards.

Normally the two could isolate the Guardians in a region or territory, but these were outdoors. They weren't in their usual places and that made everything even more dangerous. Even more so when hordes of monsters appeared. It was mostly red Bokoblins and a few blue Moblins, but the familiar roar of a Lynel stopped them all. It wasn't just a Lynel, it was gold. Far worse, Wild had already shot him with an arrow, black blood oozing from the wound.

"Everyone out of here!!" yelled Dametrius as he made sure he was the target of Lynel's wrath. He strapped the helical sword to his back and readied her stance.

"Up front, really?" Wild killed three nearby Bokoblins.

"Any better ideas?"

"Can you try holding her torso so I can climb up?"

"I have to be quick!" The Lynel lunged at him, head already lowered. He lowered his stance and grabbed the beast's horns to push its face further into the ground. His feet slid backwards with the strength the monster had behind its six limbs. He dug his feet into the ground and brought the Lynel to a stop. He quickly drove his right knee into the muzzle and broke some teeth. While stunned, he wrapped his right arm behind the beast's head and locked it in a headlock. He tried to claw the god to rip him off, but all he did was rip his clothing, his pale skin hard as diamonds. "Wild! Every day now!!" Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark figure with red eyes walking towards him. Wild changed into his Dark Armor and jumped onto Lynel's back. He cut the most vulnerable parts of the monster's back while still in an armbar.

The Lynel tried to resist, but Dametrius slipped partially under the beast, using his body to hold it with gravity. The beast only managed to kick out its hind legs a few times before Wild drove the sword between its shoulder blades. Unfortunately, it landed heavily on Dametrius, sucking the air out of him. He was grateful that he had turned into purple smoke, but not the remaining organs that ended up in his uterus. After that, he would need a shower.

The screams quickly got both of their attention. A guard arrested a woman and a child, the only red dot was on the child. "We can not do that!" Savage screamed.

"I understood!" Dametrius got up and moved at a speed the normal eye could not register, similar to Wild's ability to slow down time at certain times. Seconds before the two helpless Hylians transformed into Toast, he slammed his entire body into the Guardian. The machine dodged to the side and fired its laser at a patch of dry grass. He looked at the two people who were lying on the floor, shaking. He reached out and asked, "Where do you live?"

"Lurelin, sir."

"You have to trust me, can you?"

The woman got to her feet, looked at the guard who was still on the ground struggling, and then looked back at him. "Yes."

"So. I can give you a shortcut home. He summoned a portal to his destination. "Pass through there without stopping. will you be at home

The Hylian held the little girl in her arms, nodded and walked through the portal. She closed it behind her as the guard returned to his metal legs. She didn't face the nearest being, Dametrius, but ran ahead of him towards a small group of people.

This small group was the group of heroes of Time. They didn't know how to defend themselves against the approaching metal monster. The god was back to the rescue. He ran and slipped under one of the legs, knelt down and grabbed the underside of the machine, turning it on its side. With the stomach exposed, he tapped until the inside was visible. He reached out and ripped the gears off.

More beeps and two red dots were missing from Dametrius' chest.

"Potato!!" Wild rushed forward. "Throw me!" It was something they had used before when setting grass on fire or summoning Gale from Revali would take too long. She laced her fingers together as Wild approached. Wild took his hands away and Dametrius threw him in the air. Time slowed down as Wild drew his bow. An ancient arrow froze the first in a whirlwind of blue as Wild spun through the air and took aim at the second. The arrow hit the target, but the Guardian was not eliminated. "Serious?!" He activated Daruk's protection with an up shield, blocking Warrior and Wind while Dametrius blocked the other two. "3...2...1..." Wild whispered as he stopped the beep. The guard fired his shot, Wild returned it to the eyes. This worked as he wobbled and collapsed.

Behind the six, Twilight called, "Zel, wait!" Zelda walked towards a partially burning building. Her career caught the attention of a Moblin.

Dametrius looked at Wild. "Get her out of here!" Still dressed in his dark armor, Wild whistled and a racehorse galloped towards him. Dametrius had to look at her twice. "Is that Epona?"

"Yes!" Wild got in the horse's path, grabbed him by the neck and threw him over his back. He encouraged her and held out his arm to Zelda as she approached. She clung to his arm and jumped to swing her leg over Epona's back. They ran over some Bokoblins on their way out of Castle Town.

A red light flashed above his head and the god cursed. "For God's sake! How many times do I have to kill you?!" He jumped up to grab the Warden's eye tracker with both hands. He swung his legs back and forth to gain momentum before hitting the ground. The Dewpoint hit him, but the heel of his boot drew his attention.

When there were no more monsters left to defeat, the remaining heroes regrouped. "Everything is fine?" she asked the time while looking at everyone with her one eye. Nobody was hurt, maybe some scratches and bruises, but nothing serious.

“Wild and Zelda are already in Hateno or soon to be. Dametrius started to open a portal when he heard the captain whisper.

"By the three... What happened here?"

"Why is everything in ruins?" Added caption to question.

Dametrius stopped what he was doing, looking at the castle, the land around it, and the destruction that still terrified the heart of Hyrule. Some of the heroes looked at him to answer. He let out a deep breath. “Hell on earth happened. It was something I couldn't foresee or even avoid.

Twilight stepped to her side, a pained expression on her face. "Cub won...that's all that matters in the end."

Dametrius placed his hand on the wolf hero's neck and head with a slight smile. "He has."

Sky asked curiously, "Why the nickname 'puppy'?"

Twilight chuckled, "You saw Lynel, right? My second day with him, he knocked one out with sticks. He was a bit wild back then and I honestly think he still is. He's just better at hiding." The."

The father of this wild child rubbed his face with his hand while his head was tilted back. "Ah, it was awful to see. At least it was just a red one.

"Oh no, he did it again with a silver one in the wire region near the labyrinth." Twilight informed them. The god groaned.

The time came, he put his hand on Twilight's shoulder and said, "Puppy, the puppy is all yours."

"When is he not in?"

They had just entered the house when the door opened to reveal Wild in his dark armor with Zelda in hand. The other heroes outside of Twilight drew their weapons and pointed it at the young man. Wild slipped and landed on his ass. "Damn it?!"

Zelda cleared her throat, "Uh Wild, you're still wearing your other clothes." She smiled at him.

Wild looked at himself and then at the others. He took off the lid with the tablet and waved the tablet in his hand for others to see. "Just me. Now you can lay down your weapons.

The warriors sheathed their weapon first and reached out to Wild. "I don't know how many times I'm going to ask those two questions when it comes to you, butErajwhyCan you wear this and not be dark?

"Dark?" Wild allowed the captain to catch him.

“Dark Link, or now nicknamed Dink for Wind, was originally created to race against time. He's all of our dark half." Hyrule explained. "You didn't act against him?"

"No. Now I'm confused. Not that I needed more enemies to face, but why not?

"I can shed some light on that." Dametrius had a theory. “Since we are so far down the timeline, anything magical has been reduced to nothing more than a boost that Wild can use. There was no Ganondorf, so no Dark Link to fight. You have to have one to have the other. He even has a few pieces of clothing from each of his adventures, passed down from generation to generation.”

Twilight sat up, "Yes, but it's weird to see your face on someone else wearing those things."

"He can what?!" The wind blew at Wild and he jumped to one side.

Wild looked around the room. His dad winked at him to continue. Blue burst and I'm in a new suit, Twilights.

“Oh gods… Take it off!” Twilight shrank even further into her chair.

Sky laughed at Twi's expense. "Is there anyone else?"

"Yes." In seconds he was dressed in the clothes of the hero of the day.

Time passed before she smacked his face with the palm of her hand. "The jokes you can make…" he whispered. Still a child at heart.

"Din's breasts! Ravio's hood? The legend exclaimed between laughs.

The god who had just finished drinking quickly threw all the water from his mouth into the sink and coughed as he tried not to choke. "I forgot it was a reference." He barely left.

"What, Din boobs?" asked the legend.

"Yes, and stop saying that. I'd rather not think about my sister's boobs, thank you." Dametrius wiped his face and turned to the red-robed hero.

Sky has improved a bit. "Is she really his sister?"

"That's her. I actually have a couple of siblings. The ones I call the triplets, the ones you call the golden three, are the oldest. Hylia in the back, then Demise. The six of us are the six main gods or goddesses There's another group below us and when you walk past them they're more like cousins ​​Sky's face fell as she wrung her hands and it didn't go unnoticed "Sky, don't look down."


You did something I was supposed to do and I didn't." The Skyloftian smiled softly at him.

"What?" he asked wildly.

Zelda patted his arm. "You don't read any of the history books?"

Dametrius ended the conversation. "That's a story for another time. It's getting late, everyone should eat and then sleep."

"Hello, dad?"


"There's something about your clothes." Dametrius looked down at the nearly dried blood and guts on his blue-gray tunic and silver armor. He took the still-wet dirt in his hand with a fang-like grin. "No... Hey, no!"

Wild ran to the back of the house, but was caught in the upper body. Dametrius took her hand and rubbed all the ugly spots on Wild's face. "Oh, look, you have something on your face."

"That's disgusting!!" Wild tried to get out of the cellar he was in. The others laughed, but Wild only seemed to see Twi. The father watched as Wild wiped his face and, with a flick of his wrist, went straight to the wolf hero and popped him into his mouth.

Twilight ran to the sink and threw up. Dametrius was glad he'd heeded the warning when she'd threatened him four years ago. "Wild, it's your turn to cook tonight."

Some heroes complained. "Please tell me you can cook." Four's eyes pleaded.

"None of you?" When he was met with silence, he snorted. "Are you kidding? You know what? That alone is a good reason to join you. I was going to use the excuse that our worst monsters have come back to life to go, but I think the lack of good food is more terrible. Really cool."

Dametrius looked down from his spot in the shadow of his room. Eight heroes and a princess chatted, played and relaxed downstairs while the food boiled. The house was alive and warm. That was good. Wild was in good hands.

Then he remembered that they were all in Hylia's hands. Heaven above heaven, why did this thought have to arise?


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