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Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (1)

Does your parquet floor need a thorough cleaning after last night's party? One of the best options for this task is the Fabulous All-Purpose Cleaner. By now you're probably thinking, "Really? Can you use Fabulous on hardwood floors?"

If you clean your house yourself, you know the importance of using the right products for the job. Parquet cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks on your to-do list. If you get it wrong, you'll see those stripes glow and ruin your work.

There's nothing more annoying than having to redo the service because of those white spots. Using the right floor cleaner will alleviate this problem and ensure a beautiful, scratch-free floor. You just need to make sure the cleaner is safe for hardwood floors.

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors?

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (2)

Yes, you can use Fabulous on hardwood floors, butonly on sealed wooden floors. This means that the wood has been coated with a finish such as polyurethane or professionally laminated veneer. The seal penetrates the wood and protects it from external moisture. Although the stain penetrates the wood, it does not provide the same level of protection against liquids.

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Fabulous is one of the best options for cleaning hardwood, solid wood and wood veneer floors. You get a scratch-free finish that keeps the surface looking great. Fabulous is an all-purpose cleaner made up of powerful ingredients that remove sand, dirt and grease.

Its neutral pH makes it an ideal choice for cleaning hardwood floors. The cleaner does not harm floors and does not remove layers of treatment that protect the wood. You'll get a clean hardwood floor without the headache of those streaks showing as they dry.

When applying Fabulous to your floors you will need to dilute it. Using concentrated cleaner is a waste as you get more by diluting it. We recommend adding 1/4 cup of Fabulous to a bucket of water for best results when cleaning hardwood floors.

What are the steps to use Fabulous?

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (3)

Fabulous "Sparkling Citrus" Cleaner contains Water, Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, Sodium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Pareth-8 C9-11, Fragrance and Color. The formulation does not contain harmful caustic ingredients that could damage your parquet floor. It is safe to use anywhereTypes of laminate flooring, same tile.

Cleaning the floor is easy. Take a quart bucket of warm water and add ¼ cup of Fabulous All Purpose Cleaner. Grab your mop and start cleaning the floor as you would any surface cleaner.

If you have a stubborn stain on your floor, use a sponge or brush to wash it out. Fabulous's powerful cleaning action makes it easy to remove any stain on your hardwood floors, even stubborn dirt that's been there for a few days and has dried into a rock-hard mass.

How effective is Fabulous for cleaning hardwood floors?

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (4)

With Fabulous you will achieve fantastic results on your wooden floors. However, one of the biggest problems with cleaning wood surfaces is that once the water dries, you see scratches. You won't notice it until it's dry, but the dark color of the wood makes the grain stand out like a sore thumb. Even if you have lighter wood, the white lines will contrast with the wood and look awful.

Fabulous Cleaner's neutral pH ensures a streak-free finish. Once you're done, the cleaner dries quickly, leaving your floors and house smelling clean and fresh. Is Fabulous safe for hardwood floors? Yes, those same qualities make it a safe choice for sealed hardwood floors.

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You have options for scents such as "Lavender", "Passion Fruit", "Ocean Paradise" and "Citrus with Biking Soda". Choose the perfume that tickles your nose and start mopping the floor.You can use Pine-Sol on hardwood floors.if you prefer a similar alternative.

Think of Fabulous as a cleaning helper. It can remove dirt, grime, bacteria, spilled food and drinks, etc. what you can't do isGet wood hair colorhas been opened and protected from stains. It's great, but it can't work miracles.

Does Fabulous Cleaner leave residue on hardwood floors?

The Fabulous All-Purpose Cleaner leaves no residue on the floor. There are so many other cleaners that leave a sticky residue when you're done. Walking barefoot on the floor won't make you feel like you're stepping on tape.

Fabulous comes in an easy-to-pour container, so you can add a precise amount of water for the perfect dilution to clean your hardwood floors. Maintains an excellent cleaning effect and antibacterial protection against all pathogens that are on the surface.

Considerations before using Fabulous on hardwood floors

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (5)

We have a few tips for you to read before you fill the bucket and start cleaning your hardwood floors with Fabulous. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the floor and remove any debris before you start mopping the floor.

Fabulous is only suitable for use on sealed wooden floors. If you have unsealed floors, do not use this cleaner. The wood will absorb it and may cause it to swell or stain. It is important to seal the floor before applying any cleaner to the surface.

Once you're sure the bottom is sealed and ready to go, you can mix your Fabulous and start tackling dirty wood. If the floor is not waterproofed, you should treat it with linseed oil once a month before cleaning with multipurpose cleaning products such as Fabuloso.

Precautions when using Fabulous

While Fabulous is a non-caustic pH-neutral all-purpose cleaner, there are a few precautions you should take when working with this product. Be careful not to let it get in your eyes. If the cleaner gets in your eyes, your eyes will sting and you will need to rinse them with cold water.

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Use kitchen gloves when handling and diluting the product. It does not harm the skin, but you will find that it dries it out on contact with the skin. Also, keep the vacuum cleaner out of the reach of children. Fabulous can cause digestive and stomach problems that require immediate medical attention if ingested.

Fabulous FAQ

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (6)

Similar questions are always asked whenever the topic of Fabulous comes up, except "Can you use Fabulous on hardwood floors?" Let's answer these questions now.

Can I use Fabulous on hardwood floors?

Yes, Fabuloso's All-Purpose Cleaner removes dirt and grime from hardwood, solid wood, and laminate floors. Simply dilute 1/4 cup of Fabulous with a gallon of warm or room temperature water and start scrubbing for a streak-free finish that leaves your home smelling great.

Does Fabulous All-Purpose Cleaner have antimicrobial properties?

Yes, Fabulous has strong antibacterial and antiviral cleansing power. Prevents the growth of microbes on all surfaces, from floors to appliances and garbage cans. Use it in the bathroom and Fabulous will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Keep pathogens away and make your home safe and clean for your family.

Can I use Fabulous in the washing machine to wash my clothes?

Surprisingly, you can use Fabulous in your wash cycle. Add some Fabulous to the bleach cup in your washing machine's detergent compartment and wash your clothes as usual with detergent and fabric softener. You get a powerful cleaning action that won't damage your clothes while removing stains and leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

Can I clean my sofa with Fabulous?

Fabulous cleans every surface in the house, including the sofa. Dilute in 1/2 cup per gallon of water, place in a spray bottle, and spray onto problem areas on the couch. Cleans up food and drink stains in seconds without damaging sofa materials.

What else can be cleaned at home with Fabulous?

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? Yes, but... - The worst room (7)

Is Fabulous safe for hardwood floors? Yes, and it is also an effective general cleaner. Use in any room in the house to remove dirt and grime from any surface. Follow these guidelines to clean all areas of the house.


Fabulous is an excellent choice for bathroom cleaning. It is a powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses around the sink, bathtub, shower and toilet. Dilute ¼ cup of Fabulous with a liter of water and start scrubbing.

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Fabulous is a great choice for cleaning your devices. Dilute ¼ cup of Fabulous in a liter of water and place in a spray bottle. Spray the surface and wipe with an old cloth or sponge. This all-purpose cleaner is ideal for cleaning dirt and residue from stoves, ovens, tiles, microwaves and countertops and leaves a pleasant scent in the room after cleaning.

Trash can

Fabuloso's strong cleaning action and pleasant aroma make it ideal for cleaning your kitchen wastebasket. Use a 1/2 cup dilution of Fabulous to a gallon of water and clean your trash can in minutes. The antibacterial cleaning action kills any pathogens in the waste and leaves it smelling fresh.


Fabulous Cleaner is a great choice for cleaning your cabinets. Dilute to 1/8 cup per gallon of water and clean stains and grime from cabinets. Pour the diluted solution into a spray bottle, spray on surfaces and wipe off dirt with a sponge.

Can Fabulous be used on hardwood floors? yes with caution

Fabulous is a great multipurpose cleaner, ideal for cleaning all types of wooden floors. As long as the floor is sealed, you can clean it with Fabulous without hesitation. A popular choice with North American homeowners, this all-purpose cleaner is extremely effective at removing grease, dirt and grime.

It's a powerful solution that removes dirt and leaves floors clean without using large amounts of cleaner. Dilute 1/4 cup of Fabulous in a liter of water and you're done.

The cleaner's neutral pH ensures a streak-free finish on the floor without the need to reapply. Dirt is easily removed and you can use Fabulous for many other uses around the house. So can you use Fabulous on hardwood floors? Yes, as long as they are sealed.

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