50 Rick Sanchez quotes about life, love and the universe (2023)

If you're a Rick and Morty fan, these Rick Sanchez quotes will give you an even deeper understanding of one of the show's main characters!

Rick Sanchez is Morty's iconic grandfather in the Rick and Morty animated series. He's the man with the smarts - a brilliant scientist who embarks on otherworldly adventures. As an experienced person, he has a lot to say about the meaning of life and the vastness of the universe, which will certainly make you think!

The best gangster quotes

The best gangster quotes

Want a glimpse into his life? Browse our gallery below to learn more about their opinions and beliefs. You might also find out a few things about your role in the world!

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Best Rick Sanchez

1. "Because I'm a scientist. Because I invent, transform, create and destroy for a living, and when I don't like something in the world, I change it."

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2. "Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call 'love' is just a chemical reaction that causes animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, and then slowly fades away, leaving you stuck in a dud. Married."

3. "If I let you piss me off, we can't fight."

4. "Listen to me, Morty. I know new situations can be scary. You look around and everything is scary and different, but you know - meet them head on, meet them like a bull - this is how we grow like humans."

5. "I wasn't born into God's business, I deserved it."

6. "There's a lesson here and I don't want to be the one to find out."

7. "Look, I'm not the nicest guy in the universe, because I'm the smartest, and being nice is something stupid people do to protect themselves."

8. “Sometimes science is more art than science. A lot of people don't understand that."

9. “Have fun with empowerment. Seems to make everyone who takes it very happy."

10. “The universe is basically an animal. He grazes in the common areas. He creates infinite idiots just to eat them."

Rick Sanchez Quotes About Love

11. "Roses are dead, love is fake. Weddings are basically cake funerals."

12. "I'm not sure you want to take this guy's romantic advice, Morty. His marriage is on the line."

13. "I don't know, maybe you mean as little as I like you. Or maybe it means something to you. Maybe I love you. Maybe something about your mother. Don't put a shark in your mouth."

Rick Sanchez Quotes About Life

14. "I think you have to think about the future and live in the moment."

15. “To live is to risk everything. Otherwise, you're just an inert piece of randomly assembled molecules, drifting wherever the universe takes you.”

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16. “The universe is a little too big to worry about something so small.”

17. "Well, I don't like your idle discussions with my grandchildren, Jerry, but life is all about making small concessions."

18. "Reuben has had a hard time, Morty. You don't allow yourself to build an amusement park if your life is going well."

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Rick Sanchez short quotes to know more about his personality

19. "I'm sorry, but your opinion means very little to me."

20. "I can't wait to see your adventure be one big fart."

21. "We have too many friends and family to destroy."

22. “I have an emo streak. That's part of what makes me so mad."

23. "I don't discuss problems, I burn them."

24. "It's your choice to take this personally."

Rick Sanchez Quotes That Will Change Your Worldview

25. “Put a saddle on your universe. Let it out."

26. "Don't worry and study, Morty. It's a free-form anthology. It bothers me that you don't listen to it."

27. "Don't get carried away by the culture, Morty. Stealing is about things, not stealing."

28. “Worse, you're smart. When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours. And I've never known a universe that was in it. The universe is basically an animal, it grazes on the commons. He creates endless idiots just to eat them, not unlike his friend Timmy."

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29. “Does evil exist, and if so, can it be detected and measured? Rhetorical questions. The answer is yes, you just need to be a genius."

30. "You don't understand, Morty. Why would he drive a smaller toaster on wheels? I mean, does your car look like a smaller version of your house? Nobody."

31. "Don't do that, people! The victims would be in Brazil. Why are you Brazilians? It's a threat and a pun! Nobody understands me."

32. “Don't pay for good things with your soul. Pay with cash. Do you know how all the stores in the world work?

33. "That's planning to fail, Morty. Even more stupid than normal planning."

34. “It's society! They work for each other, Morty. They pay each other off, buy houses, marry and have children who take their place when they are too old to rule."

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Hilarious Rick Sanchez quotes for anyone who needs a laugh

35. "You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you, and your nail socket is still firm but flexible."

36. "What about the reality that Hitler cured cancer, Morty? The answer is, don't think about it."

37. “What, so everyone has to sleep every night now? Do you realize that the night is half the time?

38. "Because I waited until I was sure this was what I wanted to do, Morty! That's the difference between you and me: I'm sure and you're a walking sack of peat."

39. "Let me check my list of strengths and weaknesses: ability to do anything, but only when I want to."

40. “Don't move. Gonorrhea can't see us if we don't move. Hang on! I was wrong! I thought of a T. Rex."

41. "There are pros and cons to every alternate timeline. Fun facts about this one: it's got giant telepathic spiders, 9/11 eleven, and the best ice cream in the multiverse!"

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42. “Morty, you have to turn them off. I told them it means "peace between worlds". What FUN!

43. "Can someone let me out of here? If I die in a cage, I lose a bet."

44. "Yeah sure, I mean if you spend all day mixing words you can make anything look bad Morty."

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More Rick Sanchez quotes that are out of this world

45. "Hey Muchacho, does your planet still have cleaning fluid or are you going to freak out and start worshiping us?"

46. ​​"I don't like it, Morty. I can't stand bureaucracy. I don't like being told where to go and what to do. I consider it a violation. Did they give you all the way up your ass?"

47. "Why do you think we'll never go back to a place we've already been? Do you know how many adventures we could get out of Purge Planet? Gear World? I won't continue. That's called integrity."

48. "I'm not some beaver who believes in Jesus Christ, Morty. But yeah, it's practically a Narnian thing."

49. "You're going to do this for Grandpa, Morty. You're going to put those seeds in your ass."

50. "Come on, make a pickle, Morty. You won't regret it. The reward is huge. I turned into a pickle, Morty! Boom! Big reveal! I'm a pickle! What do you think? I even turned into a pickle! And I?" look, bro? I'm a pickle, Morty."

How has your perception of life and reality changed after reading our list?

Rick Sanchezhe is portrayed as a highly intelligent character. He seems to know everything in the universe, making life a meaningless experience. But even though he's the smartest man in the world, he's still human and he's made mistakes before.

That didn't stop him from getting more. For Rick Sanchez, every moment is critical and the meaning of life can be found in everything you experience – big or small. Therefore, he is always ready for an adventure and to face whatever life throws at him.

He puts his own cynicism into every piece of life advice he gives. But true to the character and personality of Rick Sanchez, his cynical opinions somehow teach us to be more positive. It's ironic, but that's the beauty of Rick and Morty.

We hope this collection has taught you that when you approach something with a negative mindset, you will always have negative results. Remember, even if you plan your life so carefully, if the universe wants to take you somewhere else, there's nothing you can do about it. So don't stress and just enjoy life!

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What do you find most attractive about the character of Rick Sanchez? Got more quotes from him you'd like to share? Please write a comment below.

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