22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (2023)

ChatGPT has changed the game by helping with daily digital marketing and SEO tasks.

To get the most out of this AI chatbot, Chrome extensions are worth considering.

However, with the constant emergence of new ChatGPT tools, it can be hard to keep up.

Fortunately, I've done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of the 22 best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for you to try.

Why Use ChatGPT Chrome Extensions?

The chat interface forChatGPTit's easy to use and perfect for generating ideas or brainstorming.

However, if you want to scale your work with ChatGPT, the chat interface can be restrictive and require you to copy and paste everything into the target document.

This might not be a problem for 1 or 2 articles, but it might not be the most efficient solution when dealing with tasks like rewriting meta descriptions for 1,000 pages.

So a dedicated tool developed by ChatGPT without such restrictions is useful.

As an SEO or digital marketing expert, you probably spend most of your timeworks on google chrome. Now you can enhance your experience and improve your efficiency by trying some (or all) of these ChatGPT extensions.

Let's dive!

22 Best ChatGPT SEO Extensions

Explore the 22 best Chrome extensions designed to enhance ChatGPT's features.

1. ChatGPT para Google

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (1)Screenshot of searching for [SEO Audit], Google, April 2023

GPT Chat for Googledisplays ChatGPT responses alongside search results from popular engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

You can chat with ChatGPT about the query and get an answer.

It also has features like dark mode, markup rendering, code highlighting, and custom activation mode. As a bonus, it supports ChatGPT Plus andGPT-4(manual activation required) and provides a way to provide feedback for ChatGPT improvements.

2. WebChatGPT

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (2)Screenshot of WebChatGPT, April 2023

The biggest limitation of ChatGPT is that its knowledge base is limited to 2021.

ComWebChatGPTHowever, this is no longer an issue. This Chrome extension adds relevant web results to messages to ensure conversations are more accurate and up-to-date.

It allows you to get web results for your queries and extract webpage text from any URL. Additional prompt templates and their useDuckDuckGo beatsthey are extremely useful for getting more accurate search results from thousands of websites.

(Video) 5 Incredible ChatGPT Chrome Extensions!

3. Probtheas

Probtheusturns ChatGPT into a voice assistant, allowing it to receive information through a microphone.

By simply holding the spacebar, you can speak in ChatGPT instead of typing. This allows for faster, more fluid conversations that are no longer limited by keyboard speed.

You can also adjust your language settings in the top right corner by clicking "Promptheus Settings".

Promptheus can really make your ChatGPT experience more engaging and efficient.

4. TweetGPT

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (3)Twitter screenshot, April 2023

TweetGPTintegrates ChatGPT with Twitter to help you create smart tweets or respond to others with smart replies.

Using the ChatGPT API, you can create custom tweets that resonate with your audience and start engaging conversations.

Just choose your preferred topic, language and emotional tone - and let TweetGPT take care of the rest.

This tool is great, but I still recommend that you moderate what it produces because your Twitter reputation could be at stake.

5. ChatGPT Writer

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (4)Screenshot of ChatGPT Writer, April 2023

ComEditor ChatGPT, you can take advantage of ChatGPT features to create emails and messages on any website.

This standalone extension only needs an OpenAI connection to provide high quality responses that often outperform other tools.

It works on all Chromium based browsers and supports all languages. Improved support for Gmail is especially beneficial.

6. ChatGPT para Chrome

ChatGPT para Chromeenhances your search experience by displaying ChatGPT responses alongside search engine results from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

This free and convenient extension gives you access to ChatGPT's advanced AI features directly from your Chrome browser.

Its key features include code highlights for easy understanding, dark mode for comfortable viewing, and a copy to clipboard option for pasting information elsewhere.

7. wise

The wise manis an AI-powered reading co-pilot that simplifies the online reading experience by integrating directly into your browser window and recognizing all types of text.

It automatically reads complex parts and analyzes them for easy understanding. Extension features like Discover, Cross-Check, Ask Anything, Summarize, and Suggestions can change the way you read and explore information online.

It will help you better understand complex concepts and Wiseone also fact checks using multiple sources.

8. Merlin

merlinis a great ChatGPT extension that works across your browser. By clicking Cmd+M, you can access ChatGPT on any website – from Google to Gmail and more.

(Video) I tested 11 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions and These are My Favorite!

Free and privacy-first, it helps you save time with features like summarizing YouTube videos, generating email responses, and AI-powered social engagement on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

9. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (5)Screenshot from ChatGPT Prompt Genius, April 2023

ChatGPT Prompt Geniusis a free and open source browser extension designed to provide an extensive library of prompts, customization options and additional features.

With this extension, you can easily discover, share, import and use the best messages for ChatGPT, while syncing your chat history locally for easy access and search.

You can export your chats to various formats like markdown, HTML, PDF or PNG and enhance your ChatGPT experience with custom themes like SMS, cozy fireplace and hacker.

You can also explore and tag topics, search for topics and request templates, and provide feedback or suggestions via the built-in feedback form.

10.Engage AI

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (6)LinkedIn screenshot, April 2023

Engage AIis a ChatGPT Chrome extension specifically designed to help you write insightful LinkedIn comments, build relationships, and connect with potential customers. It allows you to create memorable, authentic, insightful and relevant comments.

The extension also offers a variety of tone options to choose from – including friendly, funny, nasty, congratulatory and questioning – so you can adapt your appointments based on context.

All you have to do is open your LinkedIn post, click Comment, and let Engage AI work its magic. Of course, it is highly recommended that you correct what the tool has written.

11. ChatGenie

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (7)Screenshot of ChatGenie Chrome Extension, April 2023

ChatGenie is ChatGPTis the ultimate browser extension that brings the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT right into your browsing experience.

ChatGenie gives you access to ChatGPT with just a few clicks. You can run ChatGPT from the context menu, quickly access ChatGPT through the navigation bar (main box) and get answers directly from search results pages on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and others. .

Additionally, ChatGenie maintains longer ChatGPT sessions through periodic pings.

12. YouTube and article analysis powered by ChatGPT

YouTube and article review powered by ChatGPTis a free Chrome extension that leverages the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT to bring you fast and accurate summaries of YouTube videos and articles across the web.

Just click the preview button on the thumbnail of the video you are interested in and you will get a quick overview of its content. The extension works the same for articles.

The extension intelligently extracts key points and information from the article or video transcript so you can understand key ideas and concepts without having to watch or read the whole thing.

(Video) Top 10 Best ChatGPT based Chrome Extensions You Should Try

13. Summary with ChatGPT – Open AI

Summary with ChatGPTis a flexible Chrome extension that uses OpenAI's AI technology to provide clear and accurate summaries of YouTube videos and articles.

It has various features such as creating bookmarks for articles, customizing ChatGPT prompts, or supporting OpenAI API keys and ChatGPT connection.

It also provides sample prompts such as how to summarize an article in 3 points or 50 words, translate the text into Spanish, simplify the text for a 5 year old, and write a caption based on the content.

14. ChatSonic

ChatSonicis a powerful ChatGPT Chrome extension that lets you enjoy the convenience of AI-assisted typing on different platforms like Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Helpscout and the web in general.

It lets you compose emails, post on social media, and submit support tickets, among other things.

This extension offers a wide range of writing templates covering categories such as marketing, sales, customer support and personal productivity.

ChatSonic's intuitive user interface lets you save your drafts and access your writing history with just a few clicks. In addition, ChatSonic offers multilingual support.

15. Talk-to-ChatGPT

Talk-to-ChatGPTit's perfect when you don't want to type your queries. It allows you to speak in ChatGPT using your microphone, convert speech to text and provide AI generated audio responses.

The official extension supports all major languages ​​and is easy to use on the ChatGPT website.

It's a great way to simplify your ChatGPT experience as it uses Google Chrome's speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies.

16. Copy to GPT Chat

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (8)

Copying ChatGPT responses is now a simple taskCopy to GPT chat.

Adds a "Copy" button next to each answer, allowing for quick copying without manual tagging.

Furthermore, it provides keyboard shortcuts (CMD+K or CTRL+K) and even runs the copied text through plagiarism detectors that warn you of any problems. This ensures that the copied content is easily accessible and safe to use.

17. GPT Reader

ReaderGPTcan save your life when managing your reading online. Generate summaries of any text-based webpage using ChatGPT to help you quickly get information about long articles or blog posts.

The wide range of sample messages in the settings allows you to find the best way to summarize the content you are interested in.

With ReaderGPT, you can spend less time reading and more time focusing on the main points of any article.

18. YouTubeDigest

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (9)Screenshot of YouTube with YouTubeDigest extension, April 2023

YouTubeDigestis a great extension that leverages ChatGPT AI to generate summaries of YouTube videos using automatically generated transcripts.

You can choose from several summary formats, such as bulleted lists, paragraph summaries, or in-article summaries. You can even customize specific time intervals and translate content between languages.

(Video) Best Chat GPT SEO Chrome Extension - Shred Your Competition

It also allows you to export your summaries as PDF, DOCX or plain text for easy sharing and reference. This extension saves time and helps you preview the video content before committing to watching the entire video.

19. ChatGPT Superpower

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (10)Screenshot of SuperPower ChatGPT, April 2023

OChatGPT SuperpowerThe extension adds a lot of features to the ChatGPT app. It has a constantly updated library of hundreds of prompts that can help ChatGPT act in a variety of ways.

It offers chat management features such as folders and reordering, auto sync, search and tag, pinned messages and group deletion.

Question management includes login history, quick access, favorite prompts, search function and community prompts. The extension also covers language and style, tools like word and character count, template switching, copy function and much more.

20. ShareGPT: Share your chats on ChatGPT

For someone who likes to share exciting ChatGPT chats with friends,The GPTit can be a lifesaver. This extension lets you instantly share your conversations with the click of a button.

Once installed, a small share button will appear in every ChatGPT chat and all you have to do is click on it to create a shareable link.

It's a quick and efficient way to share engaging ChatGPT conversations without the hassle of exporting or taking screenshots.

21. IA TeamSmart

IA TeamSmartprovides a comprehensive collection of AI agents designed to help users with various needs.

Each virtual agent has their own specialty, like Marc for software engineering research or Rose as a spiritual coach.

You can access a full team of AI assistants to boost your productivity and get help in a variety of areas.

Also, it does not require ChatGPT Plus, but it does require an OpenAI API key.

22. OpenAI GPT-3 Gmail

I found this Chrome extension incredibly useful for composing emails.

OpenAI GPT-3 Gmailoffers suggestions to complete my emails using ChatGPT AI. It works seamlessly with Gmail, supports all languages, and can even correct typos.

This privacy-friendly extension is invaluable for creating complete emails and messages more efficiently.

Bonus: GPT-EZ

22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try (11)Screenshot of GPT EZ, April 2023

This is for people who love using ChatGPT's default chat interface and want to improve it a bit.

OThis is GPTThe extension adds a splash of color and style to the ChatGPT interface. It offers 15+ colors and 25 fonts to choose from. It transforms the ChatGPT UI and improves the overall experience by offering additional features like download and sharing options.

AI is here to stay

ChatGPT and AI tools are revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape and using them can help you streamline your work, increase productivity and increase efficiency.

Not doing so can give your competitors an advantage.

This will likely leave you with little choice but to adopt these cutting-edge technologies sooner rather than later.

More features:

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22 of the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Try? ›

With WebChatGPT, you can give ChatGPT the ability to search the web for more recent sources of information. Grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and just toggle it on when using ChatGPT to enjoy this handy feature.

Is there any ChatGPT extension for Chrome? ›

With WebChatGPT, you can give ChatGPT the ability to search the web for more recent sources of information. Grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and just toggle it on when using ChatGPT to enjoy this handy feature.

Are ChatGPT Chrome extensions safe? ›

ChatGPT fever has overtaken the internet, and rightly so since it's such a powerful new tool. Unfortunately, the most sought-after content is often fertile ground for hackers and scammers.

What are the most popular Google Chrome extensions? ›

List of the Best Chrome Extensions
  • Google Calendar.
  • Scribe.
  • eesel.
  • TMetric.
  • Grammarly.
  • Loom.
  • HubSpot Sales.
  • LastPass.
May 7, 2023

What is Google's version of ChatGPT? ›

Google Bard is a ChatGPT alternative. It's a conversational AI chatbot that uses PaLM 2, a large language model that Google unveiled in 2023 (upgrading its previous models which have been around longer). It basically generates responses to your queries and prompts.

What is the fastest browser in existence? ›

It has advanced security features such as sandboxing, predictive phishing protections, and a password manager. Speed: Chrome is rated as the fastest browser by benchmark tests. Extensions: Google Chrome has the most extensive library of extensions of all other browsers.

What is the number 1 browser? ›

As of February 2023, Google's Chrome is the leading internet browser in the world with a global market share of 65.74%.

How to trick browser country? ›

1. Open Google Chrome and Press Ctrl+Shift+I (for Windows) or Cmd+Option+I (for macOS) to open Chrome Developer Tools. 2. From the menu at the top right, choose Sensors, and then change the Geolocation drop-down menu to custom location.

Are there unsafe Chrome extensions? ›

Extensions can be very useful in enhancing your browsing experience, but if you're not careful, they can also steal your data, change important settings in your browser, or redirect your searches to shady websites.

Do Chrome extensions steal passwords? ›

To put it simply, no, extensions cannot steal your information by default. However, when you download an extension, it requests various permissions. Once you accept the terms, you may have given the extension access to sensitive information—including credentials.

How do I use ChatGPT in Chrome? ›

Go to 'extensions' – you'll then be able to turn certain extensions on or off. Now, you can use the Chat GPT extension. Highlight certain parts of a website to input them into the extension for any queries or commands you have. Or use the search engine with customised results.

What Chrome extensions made millions? ›

Most famously, the browser extension company Honey sold to Paypal for $4 billion. Similarly, the grammar-checking extension Grammarly raised $90 million at a $1 billion valuation. The language-learning extension startup Toucan also recently raised $3 million and then another $4.5 million from investors.

What are the best Chrome extensions for privacy? ›

Without further ado, here are the best Google Chrome privacy extensions, in no particular order.
  1. Privacy Badger. ...
  2. ExpressVPN. ...
  3. Click&Clean. ...
  4. Malwarebytes Browser Guard. ...
  5. Ghostery. ...
  6. uBlock Origin. ...
  7. Blur. ...
  8. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials.
Apr 20, 2022

Will there be a gpt4? ›

The newest version of OpenAI's language model system, GPT-4, was officially launched on March 13, 2023 with a paid subscription allowing users access to the Chat GPT-4 tool. As of this writing, full access to the model's capabilities remains limited, and the free version of ChatGPT still uses the GPT-3.5 model.

What does GPT stand for in ChatGPT? ›

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and was developed by an AI research company, Open AI. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot technology that can process our natural human language and generate a response.

Is ChatGPT free? ›

Is ChatGPT free to use? Yes, after you register on OpenAI's website. However, OpenAi also offers a premium version, ChatGPT Plus, that costs $20 a month and provides faster response speed, availability even during times of high demand, and priority access to new features.

Which AI is better than ChatGPT? ›

16 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Free and Paid)
  • Microsoft Bing.
  • Perplexity AI.
  • Google Bard AI.
  • Jasper Chat.
  • Chatsonic.
  • Pi, your personal AI.
  • GitHub Copilot X.
  • Amazon Codewhisperer.
May 23, 2023

Will ChatGPT will replace Google? ›

ChatGPT is not replacing Google. OpenAI's chatbot is not designed to act as a search engine. It functions well as a question-answering chatbot and a personal assistant for a variety of tasks. So, if you were hoping to use ChatGPT to find your local bus schedule you may want to think again.

What is the most advanced chat AI? ›

What makes Netomi one of the best AI chatbots of 2023? Netomi's AI platform helps companies automatically resolve customer service tickets on email, chat, messaging and voice. It has the highest accuracy of any customer service chatbot due to its advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine.

What is the fastest to slowest browser? ›

On Windows, Chrome tested as the fastest browser, followed by the latest Chromium version of Microsoft Edge. On macOS, Safari and Chrome shared the top spot as the fastest browser, followed by Microsoft Edge. In all tests, Firefox was the slowest browser on our list.

Which browser is best for low end PC? ›

The 7 Best Browsers for Old and Low-End Computers
  1. K-Meleon. According to the developers, K-Meleon can run on as little as 20 MB of RAM. ...
  2. Falkon. Falkon is another lightweight web browser available on both Windows and Linux platforms. ...
  3. Pale Moon. ...
  4. Lunascape Orion. ...
  5. UR Browser. ...
  6. SeaMonkey. ...
  7. Slim Browser.
Mar 30, 2022

What browser uses the least CPU? ›

Microsoft Edge consumes the least CPU resources compared to other browsers, and Opera is the most processor-intensive browser on Windows. Moreover, even though all browsers consume nearly the same amount of RAM, Edge and Firefox's RAM consumption fluctuates the least, whereas Opera and Chrome's fluctuate more.

What is the safest browser? ›

Chrome may be the most secure browser on the internet, but t's also one of the worst for user privacy. Google Chrome is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

What is the 2nd best browser? ›

Apple's Safari Again Overtakes Microsoft Edge as Second Most Popular Desktop Browser. Apple's Safari has retaken the lead over Microsoft Edge to become the world's second most popular desktop browser, based on data provided by web analytics service StatCounter.

What are the current top 3 browsers? ›

Which are the top browsers in 2023? Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge currently lead the ranking, but there are many other browsers among which users can choose. In this article we have collected the current top browsers, together with a comparison of their main features and tools.

Is there a secret browser? ›

Tor. The Tor Browser uses an anonymous network of computers to connect to the Internet. Your connection is forwarded from one computer to the next, with each step only knowing the previous one. On the plus side, this method results in a highly private connection.

Can you fake your GPS location? ›

You can spoof your GPS location with a GPS spoofing app. There's no shortage of apps like Fake GPS Location for Android and Location Faker for iOS. But these apps are not foolproof. In fact, they probably won't work with apps that are strict about their location restrictions.

What is orange monkey extension? ›

OrangeMonkey is a lightweight userscript manager. Fork of the popular Violentmonkey extension with enhanced functionality and updated design. OrangeMonkey is used to run called userscripts. Using them, you can, for example, make a dark theme for your favorite site.

Is Orange Monkey safe? ›

Orange Monkey is safe! The Orange Monkey is a great place to play pool. That was true b4 the pandemic and it's even more true now. It's very safe and friendly.

What is Fireshield? ›

Fireshield is an intumescent paint system that can be used to coat steel and timber to increase the material's resistance to fire.

Why storing passwords in Chrome is bad? ›

With most browser-based password managers, including Google Chrome, your password security is directly tied to your device security. In other words, anybody who is able to get access to your computer, tablet or phone will immediately get access to all of your passwords without having to supply an additional password.

Can AdBlock see my passwords? ›

Bottom line: AdBlock does not record your browsing history, capture any data you enter in any web forms, or change any data you submit on a web form.

Can extensions spy on you? ›

Any reasonable user would assume that if a developer wants to track usage statistics, they are only going to be tracking the usage of the extension itself — but the opposite is true. Most of these extensions are tracking everything else you do except using the extension. They are just tracking you.

What is the difference between Google and ChatGPT? ›

While both ChatGPT and Google have their own unique capabilities, they are used for different purposes. ChatGPT is a sophisticated AI chatbot that is capable of understanding and responding to natural language, while Google is a powerful search engine that is used for finding specific information on the Internet.

Who owns ChatGPT? ›

Chat GPT is owned and developed by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research and deployment company based in San Francisco that was launched in December 2015.

How to try ChatGPT 4 for free? ›

Ora is a website that lets you use GPT-4 for free. Users will need to sign up for an account to use, and one can also use their existing Google account to sign in to Ora.ai.

What is copper chrome extension? ›

The Copper Chrome Extension for Gmail gives you full management of records (leads, people, companies, opportunities, projects and tasks); email tracking (available on Professional and Business subscriptions); and email templates - just like you have in the Copper web app.

What is maximum chrome extension size? ›

In Chrome, an extension is limited to storing 5MB of data using this API unless it has the "unlimitedStorage" permission. In Firefox, the amount of data an extension can store is subjected to the same storage limits as applied to IndexedDB databases.

Is Google removing extensions? ›

Google has removed browser extensions with more than 1.4 million downloads from the Chrome Web Store after third-party researchers reported they were surreptitiously tracking users' browsing history and inserting tracking code into specific ecommerce sites they visited.

What are some Google Chrome extensions for people with ADHD? ›

ADHD Zapper. Bionify the page to create a reading environment that is more suitable for people with ADHD, Dyslexia. This extension is intended to help those who often have troubles staying focused when reading huge blocks of texts (people with ADHD, Dyslexia, etc).

How do I find hidden extensions in Chrome? ›

Hide extensions
  1. To hide individual extensions: Right-click the icon. Select Unpin.
  2. To see your hidden extensions: Click Extensions .

Can Chrome extensions be detected? ›

Yes, it is possible to detect extensions, so long as you know your extension ID (which I'm sure you do). Check this site for more information: blog.kotowicz.net/2012/02/intro-to-chrome-addons-hacking.html Skip down to the section on 'Finding your addons one by one'. Good luck!

What is private Chrome extension? ›

Open in Private Mode is an extension that enables you to open the current tab (active) in a private window. Simply click on the toolbar button to open the private (or incognito) window.

Where is ChatGPT available? ›

Here's the full list of countries where the ChatGPT is now available: Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, South Korea, the U.K. and the U.S. Once again, the app is only available on iOS for now.

Can I download ChatGPT? ›

Sadly, there is no official Chat GPT app available for Android users. However, there are many third party apps like Chat GPT available at the Google Play Store, but most of the apps are fake since the Open AI team is still working to provide the official app ASAP.

What is the extension for ChatGPT to PDF in Chrome? ›

Installing the ChatGPT to PDF Chrome Extension Step 1: Open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome Web Store. Step 2: In the search bar, type "ChatGPT to PDF" and hit enter. Step 3: Click on the "Add to Chrome" button next to the ChatGPT to PDF extension.

Why doesn t ChatGPT work on Chrome? ›

If you have tried clearing your browser data and disabling extensions but still can't get ChatGPT to work, you should try restarting your computer. Restarting your computer can help fix browser issues by closing all running programs and clearing any temporary data that may be causing problems.

Is there a free version of ChatGPT? ›

ChatGPT is free to use for anyone with an account on OpenAI's website. You can create a free account with your email address, Google account, or Microsoft account.

Is there an official ChatGPT app? ›

In a tweet, OpenAI announced that the official ChatGPT mobile app is now available in more countries. When OpenAI first announced its mobile app last week, it was only available on iOS and in the United States.

Is chat GPT-4 available? ›

It was released on March 14, 2023, and has been made publicly available in a limited form via the chatbot product ChatGPT Plus (a premium version of ChatGPT), and with access to the GPT-4 based version of OpenAI's API being provided via a waitlist.

Is ChatGPT an app or a website? ›

Is ChatGPT an app or website? ChatGPT is a chatbot application powered by the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 architecture. It is designed to provide human-like conversation experiences by processing natural language inputs and generating relevant responses. ChatGPT is a web-based platform that can be accessed via any web browser.

Can you install ChatGPT locally? ›

By hosting ChatGPT locally, you can take advantage of its powerful language processing capabilities without relying on a remote API, which can be more secure and faster. Additionally, hosting ChatGPT locally gives you more control over the model and allows you to customize it to your specific needs.

Can ChatGPT be downloaded offline? ›

Download ChatGPT on your device. You can use it without the internet connection. No limits. No monthly fees, no need to pay for token usage.

Can ChatGPT read PDF files? ›

ChatGPT uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze PDF files and extract text accurately. For instance, the language model can identify and extract text from different PDF files, including scanned and text-based PDFs.

How do I install PDF plugins on Chrome? ›

Alternatively, type chrome://extensions/ in the Chrome address bar, and press Enter. Select the Acrobat toggle button to enable the Adobe Acrobat extension. Open a web page in a new Chrome tab, or refresh a web page in a tab that is already open. The extension is enabled once the web page downloads to your local cache.

Does Chrome have a built in PDF viewer? ›

The Acrobat extension for Google Chrome will give you much more versatility when working with PDFs in your browser, but Chrome has its own PDF viewer built-in to the browser as a default.


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