188 inspiring Arab name for girls with meanings MISISERIA (2023)

Discover the roots of some of the most popularArab names for girlsIn addition to some unique favorites, perfect for your childNiño.

188 inspiring Arab name for girls with meanings MISISERIA (1)

Most of the names of Arab girls have their roots in Islam.


This tradition gives many names a powerful meaning and is also recognizable and respectable.

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If you are looking for names of Arab girls rich in history and meaning, they are no longer looking for more.

So what are some female Arab names?

In this article:📝

  • What is a popular Arab name?
  • What is the most beautiful name of single Arabian?
  • What are the names of strong Arab girls?
  • What are the traditional Arab names for girls?
  • What is the best Arab name for the girl?
  • What is the most exclusive Arab single one?

What is a popular Arab name?

Although many names remain faithful to their original Arab spelling, some have been changed to make reading in western languages more easily.

However, they maintain their powerful meanings and hundreds.

As is common worldwide, traditional names tend to celebrate personal characteristics.

The names of Arab girls are no different.

This shows how Arab female names are charming!

  1. Aaliyah:This name can be the most used Arab single name in the world, and it is easy to see why it is a pleasure to read the name before the name.
  2. Aisha:Another very popular name around the world means Aisha "Lively and Good" and would be a great option for your beautiful girl.
  3. Amina:Meaning in Arabic: "honest and loyal".
  4. Asma:Meaning "Edel".
  5. Zuma:Meaning "peaceful".

What is the most beautiful name of single Arabian?

But what are some beautiful Arab names for girls?

Well, this is open to debates and there would be a long list of participants.

Here are some popular Arab names that mean "beautiful":

  1. ANZ:What "beautiful meansLuna".
  2. Aliyna:It means "good as the moon".
  3. AllWhat "beautiful" means.
  4. Athena:What "beautiful" means.
  5. To lickWhat "beautiful" means.
  6. Fenal:What "beautiful" means.
  7. Schön:What "beautiful" means.
  8. Nisan:What "beautiful" means.
  9. Hosneara:It means "good as the world."
  10. Also out:What "beautiful" means.
  11. Number:Which means "beautiful eyes".
  12. Your porridge:What "beautiful" means.
  13. @O:What "beautiful" means.
  14. Neha:Which means "beautiful eyes".
  15. Noya:What "beautiful" means.
  16. Rana:What "beautiful" means.
  17. Risha:What "beautiful" means.
  18. Ru and that:Which means "beautiful fragrance".
  19. We hear:What "beautiful" means.
  20. Shamira:What is beautifulgoddess".
  21. Which:What "beautiful" means.
  22. Zumuma:What "beautiful" means.

What is the Arab name "beauty"?

Let's take a look at the name of another Arab girl who reflects the beauty of her little one inside and out.

So here there are some Arab names for girls that mean "beauty":

  1. Marzo:What does it do "beauty ofFuego".
  2. ANSA:Which means "Queen of Beauty".
  3. Kampf:Which means "grace and beauty".
  4. Fasha:Which means "beauty".
  5. Fiza:Which means "beauty of nature".
  6. To hire:Which means "perfect beauty".
  7. Kasra:Which means "loyal beauty".
  8. Laia:Which means "dark beauty".
  9. LELA:Which means "black beauty".
  10. Absent:Which means "beauty".
  11. Nisa:What does it do "beauty ofTHE MIND".
  12. Urfi:Which means "beauty".
  13. Zayn:Which means "beauty".

What are the beautiful Arab names for girls?

If you examine the ultrasound of your little thought of how you are adorable, you will love the names of these beautiful Arab girls:

  1. Amani:What "desires" means.
  2. Aya:Meaning "Wunder".
  3. Press:What "smile" means.
  4. Em:Which means "day".
  5. This way:What "halo around the moon" means.
  6. Halima:Which means "kind".
  7. Ibtisam:What "smile" means.
  8. Khadija:Which means "early baby" or "reliable".
  9. Latifa:Which means "kind".
  10. Lina:Which means "sensitive".
  11. Marya:What "purity" means.
  12. To contain:Which means "assistant".
  13. Rabia:Meaning "Primavera".
  14. Safe:Which means "treasure".
  15. Sherine:Meaning "Dulce".
  16. Tara:Meaning "Estrella".
  17. WITNESS:What "loyalty" means.

What is the "princess" in the name of the Arabic?

As your son was practically born with a crown in his head, we have the best names of the Arab princesses to choose from:

  1. Amira:Meaning "princesa".
  2. AYMA:Which means "princess".
  3. Baile:Which means "warrior princess".
  4. But:What "Princess Reich" means.
  5. Do not like:Which means "Heart Princess".
  6. Kyra:What "Princess of the Sun" means.
  7. Lazy:Which means "princess".
  8. Pari:Which means "non -profit princess".
  9. Rani:What "Princess" means "reigns".
  10. Reference:Which means "great princess".
  11. Sarah:Which means "princess".
  12. Soha:Which means "Star Princess".
  13. Tia:What "Princess Corona" means.

What is the "gift of God" in Arabic?

If you prayed that your child looks like his great look, you will find some names of Arab girls here that mean "God's Gift":

  1. AIFA:Meaning "A gift from God".
  2. EM A:It means "gift from God".
  3. Neve:What "Allah Gift" means.
  4. Falla:It means "gift from God".
  5. Jana:It means "gift from God".
  6. Ruba:It means "gift from God".
  7. SYDA:It means "gift from God".

What name of Arabic means "love"?

Here are some names of Arab girls who show the little one how interested they are:

  1. Azah:What "beloved" means.
  2. Cala:What "beautiful" means.
  3. Habiba:What love means ".
  4. ISHQ:What love means ".
  5. Iyka:What love means ".
  6. Jamilah:Meaning "Schön".
  7. Lira:What love means ".
  8. Ria:What love means ".
  9. Here:What love means ".

What is the name of the Arabic for "hope"?

Perfect for a baby arc baby, these Arab names for girls will fill their little ones with an hopeful heart:

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  1. Amal:Meaning in Arabic "Esperanza".
  2. Demand:What "hope" means.
  3. Dusya:What "hope" means.
  4. EY:What "hope" means.
  5. First:What "hope" means.
  6. Nadia:What "hope" means.
  7. Raja:What "hope" means.
  8. TICA:Which means "hopeful".
  9. Demand:What "hope" means.
  10. Handel:Which means "great hopes".

What is the Arab name for "Lucky"?

Because we all need a little luck, here are some names of Arab girls who think "happy":

  1. AFJA:Meaning "feliz".
  2. Happiness:What "happiness" means.
  3. SHAMMA:What "happiness" means.
  4. Hiza:What "happiness" means.
  5. Lazina:What "happiness" means.
  6. Suda:What "happiness" means.
  7. Yazrin:What "happiness" means.
  8. About something:What "happiness" means.
  9. From you in Monda:What does "luckEngel".

What are the names of strong Arab girls?

After some names of the modern Arab girls who give the daughter and confidence in their lives?

Here are our best decisions for the names of strong, important Arab girls and how they seem:

  1. Dalal:What "Passion" means.
  2. Farah:Meaning "Sort".
  3. Khalida:Which means "immortal".
  4. Malika:Which means "queen".
  5. Wille:Which means "brilliant".
  6. Nabila:Meaning "Edel".
  7. Nahla:Which means "water in a desert".
  8. Known:Which means "winner".
  9. Najat:Which means "Salvador".
  10. Non -green:What is "wildRosa".
  11. Now:Which means "spirit".
  12. Ter:Which means "command".
  13. Qamar:What does "moon" mean?
  14. Qadira:Which means "capable".
  15. Qistina:Meaning "justice".
  16. Rashida:What "fair" means.
  17. Rihanna:Which means "queen".
  18. Missetat:What "climb" means.
  19. Search for resultsWhat "hunter" means "happiness".
  20. Salma:Which means "integrity".
  21. Taj:Which means "crown".
  22. Yumna:Which means "success".
  23. Yusra:Which means "success".

What are the traditional Arab names for girls?

These names are very popular and modern, but what if they wanted to become more traditional?

Here are some Arab names for Quran Girls:

  1. Back:Which means "well -failed".
  2. Bushra:Which means "good news".
  3. Dalia:Which means "vid".
  4. Dalila:Which means "model".
  5. Dana:Meaning "Perla".
  6. Dania:What "close" means.
  7. To feel:Meaning "wisdom".
  8. Until:It means "prayer for God".
  9. Turquoise:Which means "gemstone".
  10. Hanifa:Which means "true believer".
  11. Hawa:Meaning "Life".
  12. Heba:Which means "gift".
  13. IMAN:Which means "faith".
  14. Jude:Which means "praise".
  15. I keep.What "Silver Pearl" means.
  16. Honig:Which means "generous".
  17. Khawla:Which means "deer".
  18. Lana:Which means "attractive".
  19. Lara:Which means "mare".
  20. Leen:Which means "sensitive".
  21. Loulia:What "Pearl" means.
  22. Malak:Which means "angel".
  23. Marwa:Which means "quartz".
  24. Maya:Which means "friendly".
  25. Mona:What "desired" means.
  26. Munya:Which means "desire".
  27. Nadine:It means "bringing blessing".
  28. Something:Which means "generosity".
  29. Naima:Which means "calm".
  30. Nawal:Which means "gift".
  31. No moment:What "honesty" means.
  32. Nihal:Which means "happy".
  33. Nora:Meaning "Luz".
  34. Nura:What "light" means.
  35. Raisa:Which means "merciful".
  36. Rania:What "beautiful" means.
  37. Neu:Which means "gazelle".
  38. Sabah:What "tomorrow" means.
  39. Safiyah:Meaning "Puro".
  40. Sahar:Which means "before dawn".
  41. Sajida:What "in worship" means.
  42. SAKINA:Which means "serenity".
  43. Samar:Which means "night conversations".
  44. Samira:Significa "Night Companion".
  45. Shakira:Which means "grateful".
  46. Shams:Meaning "Sol".
  47. It fell:Which means "victim".
  48. Tahira:What "pure" means.
  49. History:It means "heavenly palm tree".
  50. Tamara:What "Palm" means.
  51. I am:Which means "source of paradise".
  52. Umm Kulthum:It means "mother's worship".
  53. Kinder:What does Yara mean in Arabic? "butterfly".
  54. Yasmin:What does Jasmine mean?Flor".
  55. Zainab:Which means "fragrant flower".

What is the best Arab name for the girl?

They certainly have many options for the names of classic Arab girls:

  1. Fatima:This name has its roots in Islam and was the name of the favorite daughter of the prophet Muhammad. That would be a good option for a traditionalist with the name that "who does without."
  2. Thor Asi:This name is very popular in the Arab world and means "night." You will find many variations of spelling, including Leila and Leyla.
  3. Maryam:Another name of Islam, Maryam, was the mother of the prophet Isaa. The name are maternal feelings for care and dedication, and today is very popular.
  4. Zara:This means "sublime" in Arabic. Another classic and beautiful name, Zara can be a great option for your little princess.

What is the most exclusive Arab single one?

You may not have heard of this Arab name yet to girls, but it is certainly unique in your type!

  1. Farida:Which means "unique".

With a mixture of classic and modern selection, the perfect Arab name for girls depends on your personal taste.

For more ideas about the best baby names for your child, don't ask thatBreasts of Mani?


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